1. W

    D-Link DSL-2640U PPPoE & Bridged

    Here's my scenario...I have a D-Link DSL-2640U set up to use PPPoE to connect to an ADSL account. My network consists of 3 PCs and a server which are all connected to the router directly. I want to configure this setup so that the server is on a seperate ADSL account. I've played around...
  2. H

    Alternative to Joyent

    I tried to sign up for a joyent facebook accelerator, but was placed on a waiting list. Does anyone know: A) ... how long the average waiting time is? B) ... of any alternative sites to host facebook apps? C) ... of similar South African servers to host facebook apps for free...
  3. D

    Adsl capped :( need info

    Hi guys, Its halfway through the month and I have already capped my account, I was wondering whether anyone knows of any proxy servers that will allow one to surf the internet. Thanks in advance.
  4. M

    Company Server Advice - R50 000 budget

    Good day One of our associate companies is looking for a new server. Their budget is around the R50 000 mark, and we can of course get everything at cost. We'll be charging around 15% profit on cost as well though, since they can easily afford it and it'll cover our time spent on setting up...
  5. Koosie

    Flight simulator - Saix server

    Here's a little Christmas gift to you all. It gives me great pleasure to announce, that after a bit of arm bending I have managed to get SGS SAIX Game servers to offer ALL Flight Simmers a local South African based FSHost server to fly on. We tested the server on 21 November, all works...
  6. P

    How to set up a Server using Linux Server 8.10

    Hi Guys this is my first little attempt at a server hope i can help someone in some way. I adapted this tutorial from this webpage: Introduction: First I want to say anything made in “” are to be changed to whatever name you want it...
  7. S

    Need Direction for linux server

    Greetings I want to setup a server that will interface between my lan and my router. Ive looked at windows options but they dont seem to meet what i need. So, looking at linux, i'm swamped with too much info and require some direction. The core of what i need is that i can have...
  8. rpm

    Microsoft SQL Server 2008 goes live

    Microsoft SQL Server 2008 goes live
  9. C

    Apple Pro Sessions - Final Cut Server.

    Core have gotten some experts out from Apple UK to give a presentation on Final Cut server. Core are hosting the Presentation's at various resellers. Here is a link so you can book online: At Digicape we will be hosting Drinks and Snacks afterwards...