1. K

    Huawei store

    I recently read an article on Mybroadband, promoting A link to the article can be found below: link to article here Given the reputation of Mybroadband, I went ahead and bought a huawei b618 router on the store on Nov 30, 2019 (9 days ago). I have not received any...
  2. R

    Shopping APIs

    Do you guys and girls know of any API's from retailers such as Woolworths, Pick 'n Pay, Checkers, etc? Do these API's even exist or will we have to scrap the pricing from the websites of these retailers ourselves?
  3. G

    Best and worst online shops in South Africa

    Re: Your report posted to us today headed Best and worst online shops in South Africa As interesting as this is, I wish it was up-to-date. The report is dated January 12 2015! At that time we were receiving EXCELLENT customer support and feedback from Takealot. They were on the ball then...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    New South African shopping app launched

    New South African shopping app launched Offline shopping in South Africa is set to receive a boost with a new application designed to drive shoppers to local stores.
  5. S

    Travel Allowance & Tax Help...

    Hey, so I've taken a load of advice from this website so finally decided to jump in and register. Hopefully I can give something back somewhere along the line. Also, I need more advice! :p There are a load of threads about car and travel allowances and I can't really make sense of it. I am...
  6. R

    Which freight forwarding company should I use? bongo, Myus, shipito or viabox???

    Hey Everyone, I'm a NewB here:) I want to buy from online stores in the US like Amazon etc and I'm not sure which freight forwarding company is best and can be trusted. I've looked at some reviews of the above mentioned freight forwarding companies and I'm really confused on which one can...
  7. JoziElectronics

    New Online Store for Gauteng, Jozi Electronics and Computers

    We are new to the e-commerce business and based in Vanderbijlpark, we would like to focus on the Vaal area (Vereeniging,Vanderbijlpark,Sasolburg) including Johannesburg and the surrounding areas, as there is a serious shortage on reliable online stores in the area. We offer anything from gaming...
  8. U

    Buying SD cards

    I am originally from the UK and used to buy a lot of stuff from eBay and Amazon sellers (both individuals and business sellers). Having relocated to Cape Town I cannot do this due to international sellers not wanting to ship to South Africa. :cry: I still get the odd thing on eBay that family...
  9. W

    buying from itunes without installing itunes

    there seems to be a lot of decent music on itunes, however to to buy it you must have itunes installed. fair enough. however, the last time I had itunes on my pc, it converted all my music to the i format. (not the actual format, but hopefully you will understand) my question, is it...
  10. LazyLion

    New Mall in Newtown Johannesburg

    The big hole being dug in Newtown is the start of a R1.2 billion retail and office development incorporating some of Johannesburg's most historic buildings, it was reported on Monday. The hole was one of the biggest dug in the inner city since the construction of the Carlton Centre, The Star...
  11. LazyLion

    The Cash Register Rings its Last Sale

    Ka-ching! The cash register may be on its final sale. Stores across the U.S. are ditching the old-fashioned, clunky machines and having salespeople - and even shoppers themselves - ring up sales on smartphones and tablet computers. Barneys New York, a luxury retailer, this year plans to...
  12. C

    Any opinions/advice for new ecommerce technology website?

    Hi all Ive created an ecommerce website that is almost finished. Has anyone got any opinions/advice for the website? I know I still need to redo/add graphics and add the rest of the products. Anything would be appreciated. Here it is Thanks
  13. T

    Nexus 7 prices

    I want to buy the 16gb nexus 7. Where would I find the cheapest reputable retailer (webantics had it for R3090, but shot up to R3449 un just one week) for how much does esquire stock them at the moment? I am not willing to pay much more than the MSRP of R2999. Thanks
  14. M

    3 Live Shop: Augmented Reality Shopping

    Tabasco Sauce
  15. J

    Your Favorite Online PC Shopping sites

    Post about your favourite online / e-commerce shopping sites that are selling computer related products. Only comment if you have purchased from them before & if they are e-commerce enabled. Tell us what you purchased and if you will use their services again. Below is the list compiled...
  16. N

    Awesome service from!!!!

    I've been shopping around for an AMD Phenom II 955 and an Asus M4N78 Mobo and I got a great deal here! I have shopped at Landmark PC and Digital Addiction which both had great service though Crowntech was by far my best online shopping experience. Check out the...
  17. rpm

    Online retail heats up

    Online retail heats up