1. V

    Where to stream sport?

    Hello Where can I stream the following sports, except for DSTV: Tennis F1 Soccer (including the UEFA champions league) Cricket Rugby (optional) I'm looking at ESPN+, however, it doesn't cover soccer that well. Any suggestions?
  2. A

    Decent streaming service to watch sports. (Paid / Free)

    Hi guys I am looking for a streaming service to use to stream sports from. I am primarily looking to watch the football, Premier League and Champions League are the main ones. Does anyone know any good websites or apps that I can use to watch the games? I have a VPN so I can use that to change...
  3. TribbleZA

    Severe: Twitch Stream

    Just a plug for my daughter. She has started a Twitch stream and is hoping to gather a following. She plays CSGO, PUBG, Fortnite (though the admits she sucks at that one). Her IGN is Severe and her boyfriend uses the name Crucial (you may have heard of him in CSGO circles). They will be...
  4. K

    Facebook Live Streaming Lag

    Hi all, Anyone here stream there online gaming through Facebook Live? The quality of the video comming through to Facebook has poor quality... Its as if the video is lagging. It cannot be internet My OBS settings are the exact same as Facebook recommended Anyone know what the...
  5. mercurial

    Clown accused of murdering ex livestreams police standoff

    Clown accused of murdering ex livestreams police standoff
  6. J

    DSTV streaming and smart tv

    Hi I recently got a Samsung Smart TV. Is there any way to watch DSTV via streaming on the TV ? I can stream DSTV via the app on my phone but when I want to mirror the screen on the TV, there is no video (only audio). Is there any apps I can try ? Please help if you know. Thanks
  7. K

    Telkom LIT Experiences?

    I wanna get Telkom's LIT streaming service soon :), and I wanted to know if anyone can share their experiences with it? It's a great deal for me personally. But I don't really trust Telkom. :D (I know all the "Fair Usage" and video quality limit stuff btw)
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Which would you rather have - sports, movies, or series?

    If you had to choose between three streaming services, and could only select one, would you pick a sports, TV series, or movie service?
  9. shooter69

    Free TV story

    I want to share how I got some free tv. I used to stream everything from my pc using kodi via HDMI cable(I am stuck with a dumb tv). It worked pretty well when my pc was close to my tv. So a week ago I moved into a loft apartment and my pc is now upstairs. So the HDMI cable did not reach...
  10. B

    Netflix and Roku 3 combination

    Hi all. I am considering increasing the speed of my ADSL line and setting up a streaming service soon and, while not requiring a setup guide just yet, wanted to get some suggestions. In my mind, the best combination would be a Netflix account, running on a 2015 model year Roku 3 (which can...
  11. S

    SS3 Streaming Offline?

    Hey guys, I wanted to watch the Utd friendly on SS3, but I can't because the entire channel doesn't seem to be streaming at the moment. SS3 doesn't even show up as an option on the website (see below), SS app for Android and err... via other ways (those that know will know). Is this planned...
  12. S

    Kodi/XBMC: How to increase buffer length for live video?

    Hi guys, need some of your infinite wisdom. So Telkom exchange congestion in my area is quite bad, makes streaming impossible from 7pm-11pm. If I'm streaming from an addon, for example a live Sky Sports stream, is it possible to increase the buffer so that I'm, say 1min behind the "live"...
  13. R

    Vidi the Streaming Service with a twist

    Just as a warning to the people out there trying out Vidi's Streaming service on the bases that its a 30 day trial. When I registered I distinctly chose to not subscribe to the unlimited plan and that I would only be interested in the Rentals, due to the fact that they stated that you would...
  14. NeonNinja

    Play media from PC on Android device

    How to? I wan to operate via PC / stream via PC. Not phone to PC (I know of ES File Explorer and the like) Help appreciated!
  15. A

    Local streaming music site

    Hey Guys I know some get upset when advertising... Im sorry :D I've started a website where you can listen to music for free. It mostly contains at this point EDM stuff so if you guys like H20, Ultra and tomorrowland etc... you will enjoy the content for now its just this content till we can...
  16. valiente

    [C#] How to check if Website contains Google Ads

    Hi guys. Hope someone can give me some guidance. I have a list of websites, now I load these websites in C# via WebResponse and then read HTML with a Stream Reader. Now that I have the Full HTML, how do I check if the site contains any Google Ads? Here is the HTML I got from...
  17. T

    Offical Anime Debate!!

  18. T

    How to stream your desktop audio to your devices (including XBOX 360)

    So I had this problem a while ago where I wanted to stream some audio to my XBOX 360 where my sound system is - which is in another room. Sure, there are lots of ways to stream your music library (some of which are explained in this forum), but I recently discovered Spotify, and the radio...
  19. D

    My Home Network Setup For Streaming

    Hi Guys Please help me!! So at home I have a network which works well, doesn't give any issues when connecting to to internet or browsing another PC on my network. Setup: A. 1 X Netgear Wireless Access Point (N802T - I think) B. 1 x Netgear Wirless Range Extender (WN2000RPT)...
  20. J

    RAZER FIFA12 XBOX360 'HomeCup' Finals

    Hi For those of you that missed the LIVE streaming event from the GamerNET Gaming House in Bellville, Cape Town for the RAZER FIFA12 XBOX360 'HomeCup' Tournament. Here is the link. It was really close... check the end. Great event, with Red...