1. antowan

    Mozilla Thunderbird blank print preview error and one way to fix it

    If you use Mozilla Thunderbird and you get blank print previews for emails and obviously blank printout of sometimes many pages with nothing at all on them, here is how I fixed a client computer via the Thunderbird CONFIG EDITOR Click on TOOLS >> OPTIONS >> ADVANCED >> GENERAL >> CONFIG...
  2. M

    Afrihost Mnemo Notes App Sync

    My domain is hosted by Afrihost and they use Horde webmail with Imp, Turba, Kronolith and Mnemo. I had an iPhone 5 which could use the Notes 'account' in my mydomain email account. The Apple was unreliable and I sold it. My newer phone is a Huawei Ascend Y300 running Android 4.1.1 Jelly...
  3. M

    Mozilla in Trouble - No Outlook for Linux?

    Few people realise that most users around the globe have either little or no Internet access. Having limited nconnectivity at GPRS/Edge level or with a jurassic dial-up modem, together with exorbitant pricing and also intermittent connections, calls...
  4. M

    A Capable Notes Application?

    Lotus Organizer and, subsequently Outlook, are what I have been using in Windows for years. The most important feature being a Notes app that can also sync with my smartphone. Not to mention MS OneNote............... Currently, I run ZorinOS 7 32-bit and I have Thunderbird 17.0.6...
  5. F

    An error occurred sending mail: The mail server sent an incorrect greeting: .

    Hi, I have set up my mail ( dsl) a few weeks ago on my new pc and everything worked fine using Thunderbird. Now i cant send mail anymore, keeps coming up with error "An error occurred sending mail: The mail server sent an incorrect greeting: ." each time I try to send a mail. I...
  6. J

    Thunderbird offers unique e-mail domains

    Mozilla Thunderbird now offers unique e-mail domains Personalised emails added with new Thunderbird feature.
  7. C

    Apple and Imap connection

    I am trying to connect via imap to my email account held by SAI. On my iphone and ipad I cannot connect to the server, but on my macbook it connects with no problem. If I try to connect via thunderbird on a PC (forgive me) it also does not connect... SAI don't seem to have any...
  8. NomNom

    Mozilla Thunderbird 5.0 is now avaliable!

    Like the title says, get it while it's hot yo! yes and I know it's available not avaliable :D just posted too quickly with excitement.
  9. jes

    Thunderbird 5 leapfrogs 4, enters beta

    Thunderbird 5 leapfrogs 4, enters beta Mozilla is best known for it’s Firefox browser but its Thunderbird e-mail client is getting better all the time.
  10. T

    MWeb SMTP and Thunderbird to Outlook 2010 questions

    Morning folks Not sure where to have posted this but hope you can help. Have a friend who is using a Tiscali email account (MWeb) and Thunderbird as an email client. Sending emails are an absolute nightmare! It takes forever to send an email. I have tried changing the SMTP to...
  11. N

    Thunderbird Settings (Sending Mail)

    Hi. I can receive email, but I cannot send. I have set up the outgoing server. These are the settings I have under Outgoing Server (SMTP): Description: <not specified> Server Name: Port: 465 User Name: Authentication Method: Normal Password...
  12. M

    Gmail tasks - sync with mail client

    I'm using thunderbird as a mail client. Which has its shortcomings. Anybody know how to sync tasks / todo from tb to gmail... or any other mail client for that matter?
  13. A

    Thunderbird sync

    :o Any ideas on how to get seemless sync with Mozilla Thunderbird?
  14. LazyLion

    Thunderbird 3.0 released! Local link to follow....
  15. A

    Thunderbird is go! Well, not quite...

    And so I turn to you for help :) I need to import all mail (ie folders and many many subfolders) from the Vista standard Windows Mail (Version 6.0.6000.16386, if you need to know that), as is, into Thunderbird. I have not seen any obvious way of doing that. Before you suggest it, Google has...
  16. medicnick83

    Thunderbird/Imap E-mail problem

    Hi guys, I need help with a e-mail problem we are having. We run a e-mail server here, all our e-mails go via a Imap server which is running Centos 5 and the e-mail client we use is Thunderbird. Here is the problem; On the 1 PC (a supervisors), whenever he opens his e-mail, all his...