1. NeonNinja

    Who bought a Takealot rugby world cup TV? How do you feel that you're going to be essentially getting a free TV?
  2. S

    Streaming Websites

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a website or websites where I can find content to stream, proper history channel, nat geo like and movies type of stuff. Not Netflix or Showmax. I dont mind even if its a subscription that I can view in South Africa without any hiccups.
  3. S

    Morning all, Sunday TV Talk, best TV for around R10k?

    Hi and good morning to all Been looking around the market for a while now, wanted to get some opinions. I am visiting Durban today and for a few days wanted to grab a tv for around 10k ish. Whats your guys best recommendations? I have a Mibox so android connectivity aint too big an issue, but...
  4. B

    Samsung 55" FHD 3D TV UA55H6400

    Item name (be very descriptive):Samsung 55" FHD 3D TV UA55H6400 with wall bracket and stand. Lost the glasses in storage. Specs Age and condition: Not Sure. Still in great condition. Has been on the wall for years. Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Upgraded...
  5. M

    AIM CZ1542 Television Picture Flipped

    Hi everyone My AIM television did not have audio on certain channels as a result of someone fiddling with the settings. To solve this I reset the TV's settings to factory. To complete the process I had to turn the TV off and when I turned it back on the entire display picture on the TV was...
  6. Aqua_lung

    WinTV-HVR-900 - Watch & record TV on your PC or laptop

    Item: WinTV-HVR-900 hybrid TV Age: ? Warranty: None Packaging: None Condition: Good Location: Cape Town Reason: Not needed anymore Shipping: No, only accept cash Collection: yes Price: ? URL:
  7. M

    Thieves carry 50-inch TV on motorcycle in Texas

    Thieves carry 50-inch TV on motorcycle in Texas
  8. Koosie

    Skyworth Binge Android TV box

    Any thoughts on this new box? Price seems great for official Android TV + Chromecast functionality
  9. M

    Which UHD TV to buy (Samsung 50" - 50MU7000)

    Hi all, I am looking at buying a new TV, preferably an Samsung UHD 50" / 55". I currently own a 40" FHD Samsung 5 series. I recently bought the Samsung 55" - 55MU7000 (see link below *1) from Game on special and had to exchange it three times due to edge bleeding. It was really bad, see...
  10. C

    Ellies Amplified Set Antenna Really Work?

    So,I purchased a Sinotec 32 inch TV. I connected a regular Top set Antenna and didn't get signal but that works very well with a box TV. I went online to search for antennas (in my area, Lakefield Benoni I see a lot of antennas mounted outside). I really don't want an outdoor antenna,I just want...
  11. C

    Smart TV or not?

    Looking at a big screen TV 55". Should I choose a smart TV? Any recommendations / great deals? Is the make very important for quality and after sales service? Thanks
  12. S

    Buying a Tv from Wish

    So wish has some seriously cheap electronics!! I don't mind buying the items but I suspect I'll have a few issues with a 70" tv at customs (and the post office). any idea what kind of issues I would face?
  13. K

    Samsung TV and DLNA media server

    Hi all, my first post here and hope someone has some advice. I have a Samsung 49" K6500 Curved Smart TV (model UA49K6500AK) that I want to view content on from my media server (HDD connected to Huawei B618 router). I see the share on the tv's sources, but when I go in to view the content in...
  14. Sumen

    CES 2018

    This is the Thread for CES 2018 which starts from January 9 - 12 2018. Some manufacturers also have Press Conferences or Announcements before CES opens to the public, this is called "Media Day" and will start from January 7 -8, so early announcements and launches can be expected. We can expect...
  15. Stillie

    LG 32" Full HD LCD TV

    [SALE] LG 32" Full HD LCD TV Item: LG 32" Full HD TV Warranty: No Packaging: None Condition: Good Location: Roodepoort, Jhb Shipping: No Collection: Yes Price: R2 000 Perfectly working TV for sale, ideally I wanted to trade for 2 x 8gigs of DDR 3 RAM chips but no one wants to do that...
  16. M

    Pastor demands footage of him reviving parishioner’s erection aired on TV

    Celebrity pastor demands footage of him reviving parishioner’s erection be aired on TV
  17. S

    JVC tv not supporting Netflix

    Hi, I just bought a 55’ JVC UHD LED smart tv, I have resubscribed to my netflix account last night I tried watching from my tv, but an error popped up saying that “Netflix needs google play services to work” should I just download google play in order for the app to work? I am able to watching...
  18. Jamie McKane

    What is the perfect size for a TV?

    If you could purchase any TV you wanted, which screen size would you choose?
  19. J

    HIfi Corp won't honour advert if they match competitor's price

    • Hifi Corp advertised a Hisense 55” TV at R14999 which includes a Free 32” TV (KZN Sales paper for 17 to 20 August 2017). • I called the Springfield store in Durban, KZN on 17 August 2017 and asked if they could match Dion Wired who sell the 55M7000 Hisense TV (normal price) at R12999 •...
  20. Q

    New TV - KU7350 any good?

    Hi all, We're looking to buy a new TV, it must however be through Makro since I converted my e-bucks into vouchers :-\ I can't find any reviews of this exact model, is it any good? KU7350 I'm only find review for the KU7500 range. Makro got it on special for R12999 Most of the time...