1. PrimeSteak

    Protester to appear in court over exam disruptions at UCT

  2. S

    UCT application help

    How do I know I have been accepted to UCT? My current application status is "We have your acceptance of our conditional offer". Does this mean that I am in or do I have to do submit something else, besides final results? Thanks in advance
  3. V

    CS Honours + Part time work?

    Hi all, I have just been accepted for doing honours in Computer Science at UCT next year, but have already started working this year. I can carry on working throughout next year, and have been really enjoying my job. My question, is it a good idea to study and work part time? I do not want to...
  4. S

    UCT vs Stellenbosch

    Hello All I have been accepted to study at UCT (BSc Computer Science and Applied Mathematics) and at Stellenbosch University (BSc Computer Science) for undergraduate studies next year. But, I am unsure of which institution to chose. The degree at UCT is recognised by the British Computer...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Brutal attacks by UCT students on security guards caught on video

    Brutal attacks by UCT students on security guards caught on video A new video posted to social media shows protesting students violently attacking security guards at the University of Cape Town.
  6. C

    Business Science or Bcom? (UCT)

    Hi all, really struggling on making my mind up on what to study... I was told that Business Science is a good degree but cannot find much information on it ? I have heard people say it is a glorified BCom but there must be some advantages to it ? The mathematical factor of it over Bcom is...
  7. M

    eLearning Video producer / Project Coordinator

    PROJECT COORDINATOR eLearning & software quality assurance Centre for Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Research (CIDER) DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH & FAMILY MEDICINE FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCES The Centre for Infectious Diseases Epidemiology & Research (CIDER) in the School of Public Health...
  8. M

    UCT vs Stellenbosch

    UCT vs Stellenbosch in Accounting The title is pretty self explanatory. Torn between studying a Bachelor of Business Science in Finance with Accounting at UCT or a BAcc at Stellenbosch. So which university is the better choice for studying accounting and doing your qualifying exams with SAICA...
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    University of Cape Town d.school programmes here soon

    University of Cape Town d.school programmes here soon The University of Cape Town will offer Hasso Plattner School of Design Thinking programmes in 2016.
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    University of Cape Town smashes world altitude record for water rocket

    University of Cape Town smashes world altitude record for water rocket A team from the University of Cape has broken the water rocket world altitude record by 33%, achieving a height of 830m.
  11. Johnatan56

    Studying at University

    Hello everyone, I have been having doubts about my study choice, not about the field but where and exactly what I am studying. I am currently studying my first year at CPUT ICT. This is a three year diploma (assuming technical). What is actually the difference if I would study a Bsc at UCT...
  12. Jan

    Stop vandalising statues - there is a proper process: Arts and Culture

    The Department of Arts and Culture says it has not received a formal request to remove any of the statues in the country. “It must be emphasised that the National Heritage Resources Act of 1999 stipulates particular technical as well as consultative processes that should be followed in the case...
  13. W

    Studying Software Development

    What is the best place to study software development at? Currently looking at: UCT (applying, might get in but not sure, they say it's heavily contested) CPUT CTU Any others you would recommend in Cape Town? Would like to study C# and Java mostly, so far I have done beginners courses in...
  14. K

    Universities for a Computer Science Degree

    Hi, last time I saw a discussion about this was back in 2011. I thought I'd get one going again - what are your thoughts on the various universities in this country for getting a software development degree? I'm currently indecisive between Rhodes and UCT
  15. A

    Varsity application

    Hi I think my future is down the drain and its out of my control...uh my problem is that next year i will be in matric and i should apply to varsity but my grade 11 results arent what i had expected especially for mathematics....now the main problem is that i want to apply for theoretical...
  16. jes

    Two SA universities join ISPA

    Two SA universities join ISPA University of Cape Town and Rhodes University become affiliate members of Internet Service Providers Association
  17. E

    UCT DC++ Password for friend.

    Hi guys. Can anyone who attends UCT please pm the password to the DC++ server hub? I have a friend who keeps asking me this question and it's starting to bug me. (like how the hell should I know??! lol). Ai, maybe I look like a geek or something lol. I clearly don't know the password and I...
  18. D

    Which route should i take to get into programming after UCT rejection

    Ive had my application for a Bsc IT at UCT declined for dodgy matric results and im looking for a way forward so that i don't make this year a waste. My intention is to try and do a few diplomas/short courses this year and start looking for work in the industry so that when i go the UNISA...
  19. T

    Does anybody know the UCT hub address?

    Does anybody know the UCT Apex dc++ hub address?
  20. C

    Research Help

    Hey Guys and Gals Doing a research project for my IS course at UCT and wondering if anyone could help me with any leads. How does Neotel prevent unauthorised access of data transmitted wirelessly? Also the prevention of people accessing other's accounts and using their cap? Secondly...