1. NightCrawlerNic

    Discovery Vitality Drive 2020

    Has anyone ever had their score drop by a large margin over a day while all their trips were rated 5 stars? Saturday morning my score was 535. Did 4 small trips on Sunday. Monday morning my score is at 515, the only explanation from discovery is that my coverage ratio was low. 4 trips of less...
  2. D

    Discovery Health gear stealing money

    I bought shoes and socks from Sportsman’s warehouse in September, I bought it there as it is part of the “Healthy gear” and I get 25% cash back as I am on vitality diamond status and the cash back is more or less R600. I phoned discovery in September asking where my cash back is and they told me...
  3. J

    Vitality Active Rewards - Team Invites

    Hi, Anyone looking to join an existing team to earn that extra reward on Vitality Active Rewards, reply below or send a PM and I will be in contact. To earn rewards, you will need to meet your own weekly goal. To join the team, you are not expected to achieve your goal every week and can...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Discovery Vitality reducing activity goals after backlash

    Discovery Vitality reducing activity goals after backlash Discovery members on the Vitality Active Rewards programme will have their activity goals adjusted downwards in April when its new rules kick in.
  5. D

    Uploading your Polar workout to Vitality?

    Hi, I recently bought a Polar Loop + H7 HRM band. Excited to get going and sync my Vitality account to earn points I tried to link my account. However it seems that Vitality doesn't integrate with the new Polar Flow system yet? To try use what I have, I just left off the Loop and used the...
  6. B

    Cell C will never beat MTN, Vodacom or 8ta with this attitude!!

    I am trying to port 3 numbers (On contracts that have been running for more than 10 years each) over to Cell C because I like the Vitality plan. Without explanation 2 of the three applications just get rejected. They do not even offer alternatives or anything. I earn a good salary, have a...
  7. E

    Need help understanding Discovery's Life/Medical/Vitality/Invest system

    I've just sat with a Discovery Broker to discuss adding more to a retirement policy. I currently have a Liberty RA but should adjust it slightly due to change in income. So I suggested that I take out a Discovery Invest plan to cover the difference. He responded that because I am on Diamond...
  8. QuintonB

    Cell C and Discovery Vitality team up for free calls

    Free mobile calls for a healthy lifestyle Discovery and Cell C partner to give Vitality members access to free calls
  9. M

    Discovery and Vitality questions

    I'm joining a new company next month and will need to take out compulsory medical aid. Discovery Health is their prefered provider with no waiting periods when I join. Momentum and BEPMeds can also be joined but waiting periods will apply. I am just going to take out a hospital cover for now...
  10. C

    SK vitality card.

    So today I discovered that Vitality SK card won't let you watch the same movie again. WTF. You can only use to watch the movie once. What if I really like it? It still worked and I watched Angels and Demons twice.
  11. P

    McNab's Energy Tabs

    Has anyone tried these? I bought some gonna try tomorrow see if they make a difference.
  12. LazyLion

    Vitality ADSL - R44 for 1 GB! Standard ADSL = From R44 for 1 GB Bonus Bandwidth ADSL 1 Gig + 9 Gig Local = R65 Monthly
  13. H


    I think my girlfriends mom might have gallstones so I thought I would ask around, Anyone here ever had gallstones before? And if so how did they treat it? Last question, how much did the sugery cost?