1. M

    900MHz or 2.4Ghz?

    Hey dudes and dudettes I need some help from the all knowing WUG or WISP folks. I want to create a wireless bridge between myself and my brother's apartment which is 3.5km away. He lives in a complex that has no adsl or fibre infrastructure so they all rely on 3G/4G. I want to share my...
  2. K

    What to know when starting WUG? legal and icasa?

    Hi there. At the moment we are preparing to create a wug in Oudtshoorn which will be called odnwug. This time it will be for real, we are already buying equipment and putting up antennas. Anybody interested with helping / being apart of this wug can contact me. Will other wuggers from...
  3. W

    East Rand WUG

    Is this active? What coverage does it have? Any views on how this could be used for local community security? Eg adding IP cameras to a backbone?
  4. J

    PTAWUG now provides free bandwidth and online radio

    Free 100Mbps bandwidth and free online radio The PTAWUG, which covers over 2500 square kilometers, provides users with free bandwidth and now free online radio
  5. MyDraadloos

    Setting up a hybrid network WUG/WISP combo .... WUSP

    I own and operate a number of small businesses in the coastal town of Struisbaai / Cape Agulhas at the southern tip of Africa and it has come to my attention that there is a need for a community network, but it needs to be something more than just a WUG. I am now stuck in the idea of setting...
  6. jes

    No speed limits or caps: Wireless User Groups are growing

    No speed limits or caps: Wireless User Groups are growing Wireless user groups continue to grow despite more affordable broadband services in South Africa
  7. NeonNinja


    Just moved places. I see this as an SSID. I'm sitting with decent signal. Any info on it?
  8. Went_For_Milk

    West Coast WiFi Mesh/WUG

    Hi all Is there anybody out here in the wild west (Langebaan, Saldanha, Vredenburg etc) that would be interested in something like this. I am keen but its kinda pointless spending cash and setting the equipment up if no one is interested.
  9. Rouxenator

    Got : MikroTik R52 NIC - Need : 5ghz outdoor aerial (for CTWUG)

    I was wondering if anyone can help me. My neighborhood has quite a few CTWUG nodes and I am pretty sure I have coverage at my house. I manged to get a couple of MikroTik (Atheros) R52-350 miniPCI network cards with full size PCI adapter boards. There work very well and I use them to connect to...
  10. M

    Pietermaritzburg WUG (Wireless User Group)

    Hi, a couple years ago there was talk of starting a WUG in PMB but it collapsed before it even began. I'd like to get this up and running but by taking a slightly different approach. I think for this to work it can't be one person doing all the work and everyone who's interested needs to get...
  11. jes

    Tunnel home through free wireless user groups?

    Tunnel home through free wireless user groups? We are paying for data access at home, why shouldn’t we be able to take that on the road for the same cost?
  12. jes

    Free wireless user group under fire from ICASA

    Free wireless user group under fire from ICASA A high site which is part of South Africa’s biggest Wireless User Group, PTAWUG, investigated by ICASA
  13. rpm

    Free wireless network shows strong growth

    Free wireless network: Thousand and counting PTAWUG, promising free, high speed and unlimited network access, is growing at a rapid rate
  14. P

    VPN and/or WiFi configurations suitable for high packet loss?

    Hi, I'm currently running a MikroTik RB750 to manage my VPN connection to a friend of mine via a 5.8GHz WUG. Currently we are having high packet loss and PPTP VPN doesn't like it. Are there specific VPN's (like IPSec / L2TP / OpenVPN) or advanced Wireless settings that someone would...
  15. S

    Is there a mobile phone that can connect to a WUG?

    Don't know why this question popped in my head just now. But thought it deserves asking and google is not answering :p Any takers?
  16. B

    Xbox gaming on WUG?

    I know the wuggers regularly host PC games, but is anyone playing Xbox games on the wug's? If so, what games are being played? And how often? I'm thinking of joining the PTA wug...
  17. S

    DWC WUGMeet, Thursday 12th November 2009

    Venue: Glenwood Library (Ground Floor, Buxton's Spar Centre, Corner Hunt and Moore Road, Durban) Date: Thursday 12th November 2009 Time: 6pm - 8pm See http://www.dwc.za.net/wiki/index.php/Meetings for more details

    My time has come

    Finally. After months of waiting and deliberating I will be joining the PTAWUG this week. Going to install the kit today or tomorrow. Let's hope for the best... signal.
  19. J

    Hottentots-Holland WUG (Strand, S-West, Gbay, etc)

    Hi I'm busy with a site for the WUG, it will be http://www.hhwug.co.za . Would be nice if we can get a few people to get together and have a little meeting to discuss it. I can be mailed at info [at] hhwug.co.za or IRC irc.jawug.za.net #hhwug <- will add a page to the website soon...
  20. J

    Interesting idea to "share" uncapped accounts...

    Just thought of something, would like to hear your inputs on this. I don't know much about the implementation of something like this, so please advise accordingly if you spot a mistake. Uncapped accounts usually only support 1 connection at a time. Suppose the following: 5 or 10 people got...