1. Kevin Lancaster

    Helen Zille may face probe over son’s tablet learning business – Report

    Helen Zille may face probe over son’s tablet learning business – Report The DA’s Helen Zille faces the threat of an investigation by the Public Protector for her involvement in her son’s business, according to a report by the Sunday Times.
  2. A

    How Zille Was Pushed

    http://www.citypress.co.za/politics/how-zille-was-pushed/ :whistle:
  3. LazyLion

    Zuma Needs to move beyond Politics: Zille

    President Jacob Zuma must move beyond party politics and protect citizens from police brutality and abuse of power, DA leader Helen Zille said on Thursday. "I can only hope that while commemorating the events that took place over 50 years ago... President Zuma will recognise the importance of...
  4. L

    Men who don't use condoms - charge with att. murder: ZILLE

    Has DA leader Helen Zille crossed a line? At a recent summit and in a series of tweets she has called for men who have multiple sexual partners and refuse to use condoms to be charged with attempted murder. We track the latest storm in a Twitter cup...
  5. LazyLion

    'Terrified' Juju bails on debate with 'Zille's tea girl'

    http://mg.co.za/article/2011-05-20-terrified-juju-bails-on-debate-with-zilles-tea-girl This guy is an utter moron. A class 1 loon. When Mazibuko was later interviewed on 702 she called Malema a "coward" and a "kid playing in the gutter". Good for her!
  6. R13...

    MECs declare their wealth

    Wow! Helen... Rest of story here
  7. DreamKing

    Zille prioritises jobs, growth for Cape


    Malema blames Zille

    People, this is for real now. Julius Malema now blames Helen Zille and the DA for the breaking up of his crazy party the other night. Standing outside the Jhb High Court, he told his supporters that they "don't need a permit to gather on the pavement"...
  9. N

    Helen Zille's rage to be tapped as clean energy source

  10. L

    COSATU Sends Zille Flowers

    Source: The Times Aaaaarrrrgh!!!!! :mad:
  11. L

    Zille Names Shadow Team

    Source: News24 Well, I'm quite proud of Zille :)
  12. L

    Return of the White Men

    Source: Mail & Guardian I must confess that I'm looking forward to seeing how all of this pans out. It's exciting :)
  13. L

    Zille a "witch"

    Source: Daily Dispatch Online Dear Mr Mdladlana, A dumbass will always remain a dumbass.
  14. L

    WC - Coallition Likely

    Source: News24 Personally, I'm happy about the stance the DA will take in regards to Boesak. Keep him out of government, especially in our province.
  15. J

    Opposition parties turn on DA

    link Well,well,well...:)
  16. D

    ANC lied

  17. T

    If You alone had the Power... who would You put in charge ?

    If You alone had the Power... who would You put in charge ? (Humorous) You do you the power to change things every 5 years... but it will take lifetimes, rather than decades, to achieve it !!!! It was a sad day when power sharing broke down in the new SA era. I still think that it would be...
  18. Flanders

    ANC wants army deployed in KZN - double standards.

    Full article - http://www.news24.com/News24/Elections/News/0,,2-2478-2479_2491056,00.html So when Zille does it, it's "apartheid era mentality" but not so when it's the ANC? Here's a follow-up letter to news24.com asking the same thing :-...
  19. L

    Your Thoughts, Please

    Can anyone with the time (and patience) please tell me what they think of this discussion. It's a discussion in the ANC's Facebook group regarding well... Read it and let me know... Thank you.
  20. T

    DA on course to win Western Cape