Good thing got my Netflix setup recently so don't really care anymore :)
This is bad news for people using torrents, but would not be too worried as government also has to eventually have to prove if it was the actual person who used that account in a household. This is just enticing unnecessary paranoia. :p
Big ups to our ISPs for not sending our info to these okes. I have a feeling it's only a matter of time though. But compared to the US for an example, we are just a small number of 'pirates'
Big ups to WebAfrica on employing vagrants.

Openweb, Vox Telecom and MWEB have all said that they have not received requests for the personal information of their subscribers on alleged copyright infringement grounds.
eh maybe they didn't understand the question? No way in hell that they are getting zero requests.
WISP's reselling ADSL accounts are going to have some explaining to do... Soon.
What was new to us is that there are requests for personal information. We know about the not been reported on before (that I know of).

They not allowed to hand it out. ISP's going to have a lawsuit on their hands if they are caught.
I never download torrents :erm:

But if I did, I wouldn't be concerned. South Africa has no means, resources or interest in enforcing international corporate agendas.
I pay DSTV Premium tax, that surely entitles me to download all the movies and TV shows I want. No?
If I go to jail it better be for some badass "Linux distro" - I mean can you imagine going to jail for the "Linux distro" you downloaded for your mom?? :eek:
id13 said:
Part of what group? Telkom ignores all of these types of requests in any case the last I heard...
I also heard something along these lines, some time ago.

Either way it would be up to the ISPs discretion as to whether they do anything with the letters... they all have "copyright infringement" clauses in their AUP and T&C's, but I've rarely heard of them ever acting on it.

As to VOX Telecom saying they've not received any requests.... during which timeline?
I distinctly remember someone getting whacked with a letter from them (it was on MyBB a year or three ago).