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Thread: TelkomZA

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    Default TelkomZA

    We would like to connect with you, our customer, and make it easier for you to communicate and do business with us on the platforms you are present on.
    If you have any Telkom line related problems or Telkom account related queries, please feel free to post them here or PM us.
    We will still keep an eye on other threads to see where we can assist.
    We endeavour to make your customer experience a memorable one.
    Queries will be attended to from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 17:00
    Remember, you can also reach us on:
    Twitter: @TelkomZA

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    At last!!!!!!
    Only one of these adds to your value as a human being: Consuming things other people have made or making your own.

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    Wow. I hope I am not dreaming. Is this for real?
    "Is it a crime, to fight, for what is mine?" Tupac

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    I am always fearful when somebody says that they "endeavour to make [my] customer experience a memorable one", Vodacom and Standard Bank have both given me memorable customer experience but of a very different kind to Telkom and Afrihost.

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    Welcome TelkomZA. Thanks for joining the lions den
    Quote Originally Posted by Zolani99 View Post
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    Hi TelkomZA.

    I have sent you a pm yesterday. Please also see my thread about your "customer care helpline" in this same sub forum yesterday about my problem.

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    Welcome TelkomZA, word of advice please have a thick skin as we have a lot of unhappy Telkom people out here

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    Good day TelkomZA, can you help with exchange congestion?

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    Yes! A Telkom Rep in the house finally!

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    Would you be able to assist us with MSAN rollout ETAs for our specific areas? Even if in PM and a rough estimate?

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    Hi Telkom Rep

    Please see this thread regarding congestion issues in Durbanville:

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    @ TelkomZA ...

    First of all, welcome here, and make sure you wear your flame-proof clothing.

    I hope that forumites here at least give you a chance to show that your input & assistance is a genuine Telkom attempt at bridging the huge divide that currently exists between you as the supplier, and us as your customers.

    My first suggestion ... currently it is a real pain using your 10210 fault reporting system. as by the time we actually get to speak to a technically-competent person, we (1) are already hugely frustrated, and (2) have probably forgotten why we called you.

    As an example, the last time I wanted to request a port-reset on my DSL line, it took me about 20 minutes to get through to a 'real' person. I would guess that you get many port-reset requests, so why not make it an automated process where we can dial a given number, and one of the numer options would be "perform a port reset" ?? And then the port is auto-reset for the Telkom number the customer dialed from.

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    @ Telkom ZA ... Currently my local exchange (028 514 ****) only supports a max DSL speed of 4mbps ... when will this be upgraded to at least 10 mbps?
    Last edited by atomcrusher; 15-07-2013 at 02:55 PM.

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    have a look at parow dslam having congestion issues.

    ranges are 021 939 xxxx and 021 930 xxxx , 2 different exchanges but same dslam , it is 10mbs enabled.
    For all your graphics card requirements!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hereticangel View Post
    have a look at parow dslam having congestion issues.

    ranges are 021 939 xxxx and 021 930 xxxx , 2 different exchanges but same dslam , it is 10mbs enabled.

    mine is sommer dead since dial tone.

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