1. G

    1mb running @ 26kbps :(

  2. S

    Can we pull the wool over Telkom's arrogant eyes?

    So I went to check out the telkom website and saw that their 2mbps line is already R199! But existing DSL customers have to wait up until next year for their upgrade?! So basically the 'new' people that sign up and pay R199 get 2mbps but those who are already with Telkom and pay the same...
  3. F

    Axxess or Web Africa for 1mbps?

    Hi guys I need some advice regarding both Axxess and WA in terms of the better ISP for a 1mbps line. I use about 50-60gb's a month on a 1 mbps line. Which would be the better ISP to move to and that won't throttle me for such usage? Or do they both throttle anyways following such usage?
  4. S

    ADSL losing Sync and static present.

    So I've recently got ADSL at my house and its been fine until now................. The ADSL light on my Billion 400G router blinks most of the time making browsing impossible. The line drops every 5-10 minutes sometimes and other times it can stay for hours. As I'm typing this it dropped twice...
  5. T

    Best ADSL at the moment

    Hi all. First off, I'm new here so please don't bite my head off :confused: I'm currently on Telkom Mobile at home (that 10GB deal they had a while back) but want to switch to ADSL soon. I'll probably only need 1Mbps speed but I'd like upcapped. But I want to go WIFI at home too. So I have a...
  6. R

    Uncapped ADSL recommendations for CPT please...

    Hey Guys & Gals of MyBB, Currently I'm sharing an MWEB/Telkom Uncapped 1MB adsl connection with my neighbour. He informed me today that they will be moving out by the end of September so I now need to get my own connection. I'm here to ask for your help. I would like to know which...
  7. NomNom

    Correct Procedure for moving line and account?

    Delete me Please delete this thread.
  8. D

    MWEB download @ 1MB Line

    Hi guys, Id like to hear from people that's currently on 1Mb uncap adsl... I'm looking at getting the 1meg uncap from mweb, I know its entry level. Would it be good enough to play battlefield online? If I download series and some music would it be fine? How much data can you download per...
  9. A

    MWeb 1mbps ADSL

    Test conducted on 2/15/2013 9:46:54 AM Download Speed: 866 kbps (108.3 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 420 kbps (52.5 KB/sec transfer rate) Latency: 42 ms
  10. K

    SPEEDS: Telkom 384 kpbs to 1 Mbps upgrade

    Hi, After nearly 1/2 month I thought it would be great to get some response on folk out there regarding their upgrade experience. Whilst I am getting better speeds, and appreciate this :), I thought it would be more :confused:. The criteria would be : - that you have already been upgraded...
  11. NomNom

    384kbps and 1Mbps ADSL getting upgraded?

    So apparently according to this: http://mybroadband.co.za/news/adsl/47660-telkom-adsl-speed-upgrades-planned-source.html 384kbps and 1Mbps ADSL should be getting upgraded by early next month. 384kbps will become 1Mbps 1Mbps will become 2Mbps But thus far Telkom have not officially...
  12. M

    Downgrade 4Mbps -> 1Mbps

    Is there a fee/penalty if one downgrades from Telkom 4Mbps to 1Mbps? I'm referring to just the ADSL line rental.
  13. S

    Free 3 month ADSL trial on 1mbps uncapped line!

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but I just bumped into the following promotion on the Telkom website: https://secureapp.telkom.co.za/campaign/uncapped/index.do?utm_source=telkom_coza&utm_medium=banner&utm_content=home_banner&utm_campaign=telkom_uncapped Basically, you get free 3...
  14. LazyLion

    Get a Free 1Mbps Usenet Account on XS Usenet

    http://lifehacker.com/5843914/get-a-free-1mbps-usenet-account-on-xs-usenet http://www.xsusenet.com/en/#2 Can anyone access the sign up page and get it to work?
  15. jes

    Can you expect a discount from ISPs on 1Mbps ADSL prices?

    Can you expect a discount from ISPs on 1Mbps ADSL prices? Telkom recently dropped the price of their 1Mbps ADSL access service, but will you see lower prices from your ISP?
  16. jes

    1Mbps uncapped ADSL pricing: will ISPs compete with MWEB?

    1Mbps uncapped ADSL pricing: will ISPs compete with MWEB? MWEB recently announced that they will upgrade their 512Kbps uncapped ADSL subscribers to 1Mbps free of charge. Will other ISPs follow?
  17. jes

    Telkom 512Kbps ADSL speed upgrades begin

    Telkom 512Kbps ADSL speed upgrades begin ADSL subscribers begin to report that their DSL512 lines have been upgraded to 1Mbps
  18. jes

    Uncapped ADSL and ADSL speed upgrades - what to expect

    Uncapped ADSL and ADSL speed upgrades - what to expect Telkom looks set to bump up DSL512 speeds to 1Mbps in the near future – here is what you can expect with uncapped ADSL on the new service
  19. jes

    MWEB is ready to offer 1Mbps ADSL

    MWEB is ready to offer 1Mbps ADSL Telkom looks set to bump up DSL512 speeds to 1Mbps, and MWEB customers will be ready to benefit from the higher speeds
  20. jes

    Vodacom envisions 1Mbps broadband for all South Africans

    Vodacom envisions 1Mbps broadband for all South Africans Peak mobile broadband speeds are reaching tens of Mbps, but Vodacom CEO says that they will focus on giving everyone at least 1Mbps