1. J

    Purchased BIS but BBM and Emails do not work!

    Hi there guys, I recently moved from 8ta's R30 Social Plan to the normal R59 BIS plan and I have not been able to connect to BBM or Emails! However, Whatsapp and all other applications work. I have tried many things such as taking my battery out, going to host section in options and pressing...
  2. S

    Cell C BIS sim in iPhone & out of bundle rates - TERRIFIED :(

    Guys, thank you in advance. Super worried about this one. Any help you are able to give me will be ENORMOUSLY appreciated. My girlfriend has a Cell C Blackberry contract. She was given an old iphone 4S by her brother in mid March, and she excitedly put her BB sim into the iPhone (who wouldnt...
  3. L

    Can you use BIS on Android?

    Hi My daughter had a Blackberry but has switched to Android. She now uses the Blackberry app on Android. I checked that she is still paying for the BIS service (R59pm - MTN) on her contract. Should she cancel this service or can she use it on the Android app? If possible how? Thanks.
  4. seedat77

    Help: 9860 Torch Not Connecting to BIS

    I bought a 9860 Torch, knowing that it's imported but hoping it would work with BIS as there are a lot been sold on Bidorbuy and obviously there are prople using it. It is not network locked as calls, sms and browsing using the "internet" apn works. However, I've been trying for the last 2 days...
  5. L

    Slow BIS a few days after activation

    Evening guys of the BB forum , I've had a constant problem with my Cell C BIS , when I activate it the speed is normal , but after a few days its suddenly gows down to a maximum of 10kbs download speed , if anyone could suggest options I can look to using it would be a great help
  6. jes

    BlackBerry shifts emphasis from smartphones to services

    BlackBerry shifts emphasis from smartphones to services BlackBerry no longer owns the fast-paced, innovative smartphone world but the company now aims to run it.
  7. QuintonB

    BlackBerry and unlimited BIS: the truth

    The truth about BlackBerry and ‘unlimited’ BIS There’s no such thing as a free lunch
  8. Darksoul

    8ta bis is crap

    My bb become useless after 10am Since Friday. Is 8ta throttling Bis or what?
  9. J

    BB using my Airtime NOT BIS

    I've figured out that my BlackBerry is using my airtime, NOT my BIS. I spoke to a Vodacom consultant, they told me to check the Advanced Settings > TCP IP and check if APN Settings were enabled (they're not). He can't give me any explanation for why it's eating my airtime, he's activated Service...
  10. K

    Open Letter to Vodacom, Again...

    According to the, the definition for a bully is “a person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people”. I am a firm believer that Vodacom has a sadistic approach towards their clients, otherwise known as bullying. There is a simple...
  11. K

    I'm at that point with BIS

    If I had to type out my full rant, MyBB's servers would crash so I'm going to give you the summarized version: I LOVE BLACKBERRY, But... Tried: Vodacom Bis (worst of them all!), Cell C BIS (medium, still not good enough) and Now MTN (I though I had found the light but now its lost again)...
  12. D

    MTN BBM Problem?

    Hi, Seems like my BBM (on MTN-BIS) hasn't been working since about 14h00 today (Sunday 21/10/12). Can't send PIN messages either. However, other internet related applications like Facebook working. Anyone else having problems on MTN-BIS this afternoon (my friends BBM also on MTN is not...
  13. jes

    Vodacom or RIM: who is to blame for BIS problems?

    Vodacom or RIM: who is to blame for BIS problems? Research in Motion said that only Vodacom customers were affected by BlackBerry problems, but Vodacom argues that RIM is to blame
  14. M

    Italian BBM?

    Hi all I'm going to Italy later this year and I'm taking a BB and my trusty Nokia as backup. I will be activating international roaming as a failsafe but I would like to ideally not be killed with roaming charges and want to purchase a local italian SIM. My question is for my Blackberry, I'd...
  15. jes

    Flat-rated mobile data packages for streaming music

    Flat-rated mobile data packages for streaming music Simfy is working with cellular networks to offer flat-rated data packages for music streaming
  16. QuintonB

    Nashua reveals R139pm Xtreme Data Premium package

    R139/month Xtreme Data package revealed Nashua Mobile has announced new Xtreme Data Premium flat-rated package for Nokia Lumia smartphones
  17. jes

    Cheap BlackBerry plans comparison

    Cheap BlackBerry plans comparison Mobile network operators have launched BlackBerry services with reduced feature-sets. How do they compare?
  18. jes

    Cheaper BlackBerry Internet Service from Vodacom incoming

    Cheaper BlackBerry Internet Service from Vodacom incoming Low-cost BlackBerry Internet Service packages are on their way for Vodacom subscribers
  19. jes

    Cheaper BlackBerry Service plans revelaed by MTN

    Cheaper BlackBerry Service plans revelaed by MTN MTN has launched new BIS plans at reduced prices, but with data caps
  20. E

    Vodacom Data Sim for Blackberry (different than other data sims?)

    Does anybody know if you need another "kind" of Data Sim for a Blackberry to work? My scenario is as follows: * I have an iPhone contract * I have 2 datasims already - one for my iPad and one for my 3G stick * I have an old BlackBerry which I want to use while travelling abroad for basic...