1. Jan

    Shoprite Group using machine learning to automatically manage store food stocks

    Checkers using artificial intelligence — here's what it does Shoprite Group has revealed that it uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict sales at its stores. Replenishment orders are placed automatically to manage stock levels, simultaneously reducing food waste.
  2. Jan

    We tested Checkers' claim that it's cheaper to use Sixty60 than shop in-store

    Checkers' "cheaper to use Sixty60" claim tested Testing by MyBroadband revealed that it is cheaper to use Checkers' Sixty60 eCommerce service than driving to the shop yourself to buy groceries. Checkers claimed that the petrol price hike means it is cheaper to have groceries delivered than...
  3. Jan

    Spar is launching its online delivery service Spar2U

    Spar launching online delivery service — and it will face stiff competition Spar South Africa has announced that it will be launching an online shopping and delivery platform in selected Johannesburg stores towards the end of March 2022. Dubbed Spar2U, Spar Group Limited has said that the new...
  4. Jan

    Government starts gearing up for Vooma Vaccination Weekend

    Big Covid–19 vaccination weekend push — with R100 grocery vouchers The South African government has announced another “Vooma Vaccination Weekend” for 12–14 November and intends to vaccinate 500,000 people. “Help avoid the dull December we had in 2020. Join the 500,000 people who will be...
  5. Jan

    Elon Musk has enough wealth to buy several of South Africa's biggest companies and get change

    Elon Musk is worth more than MTN, Vodacom, Checkers, and Absa — put together Elon Musk has so much money that he can buy MTN, Vodacom, Standard Bank, Capitec, Sasol, Absa, Checkers, Nedbank, and Woolworths — and have over R2 trillion left.
  6. Jan

    Massmart selling food stores to Shoprite Checkers to invest in ecommerce

    Massmart selling food stores to Shoprite Checkers for R1.36 billion Retail group Massmart has announced it will sell some of its food-focused retailers and cash and carry stores to Shoprite Checkers for R1.36 billion. The transaction, which is subject to regulatory approvals, will see...
  7. Hanno Labuschagne

    Big online battle between Checkers and Woolworths

    Big online battle between Checkers and Woolworths South Africa’s high-end food retail market has traditionally been dominated by Woolworths, but Checkers is now grabbing a bigger slice of the pie thanks to various initiatives. Checkers has traditionally targeted most market segments through...
  8. J

    Checkers vs Uber Eats - Lockdown food price comparison

    Checkers vs Uber Eats - Lockdown food price comparison Uber Eats recently announced it will continue to deliver food and other essential items during the national lockdown. Pharmacies are listed on the Uber Eats app, alongside butcheries, convenience stores, and food stores.
  9. J

    We tested Checkers' 1-hour free delivery app

    We tested Checkers' 1-hour free delivery app Checkers recently launched a one-hour grocery delivery service named Sixty60, which is available in certain locations in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Sixty60 allows you to order groceries from your nearest Checkers store and have them delivered in 60...
  10. R

    Shopping APIs

    Do you guys and girls know of any API's from retailers such as Woolworths, Pick 'n Pay, Checkers, etc? Do these API's even exist or will we have to scrap the pricing from the websites of these retailers ourselves?
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    The best Xmas deals in town

    The best Christmas deals in town Guzzle has released its top Christmas gifts and catalogue promotions for 2014, providing an overview of the best deals available to consumers this festive season
  12. jes

    Axxess cuts pre-paid ADSL prices

    Axxess cuts pre-paid ADSL prices Axxess reduced its prepaid ADSL prices with its new 4-for-1 promotion, offering savings of 69%
  13. J

    Any coffee connoisseurs here? What you think of Checkers Coffee Collection &Home Brew

    This is aimed at people who have frequented artisan coffee roaster shops, who knows of the difference that roasting makes, and who is looking for a great bean at a good price. "We've teamed up with South Africa's Coffee...