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  1. N

    Emotional Intelligence of Software Developers

    Hi all, I am currently in the last stages of completing my Comp Sci Honours. If anyone has some time (and is willing to support a person who’s 5 mins away from a mental breakdown) please can you assist me by completing my research survey. The topic is on "the emotional intelligence of...
  2. PrimeSteak

    Need guidance in studying IT/CS at UNISA

    Hey guys, could you give me some tips/answers to the worries I have about studying at UNISA for an undergrad IT qualification (I'm going to study for a Diploma in IT, starting in 2022). The worries: 1. How many subjects should I take in my first year? While yes, I'm going to study full-time...
  3. R


    I'm in matric and need to make a choice between Wits, Uj, NWU and NMU for BSc Computer Sciences. Which would you recommend and why? Hope you could please help me in making this choice in which uni you think would be best.
  4. R

    UNISA BS in Computer science

    Hey!!! I would love to study computer science at Unisa next year, but I'm struggling to figure out which one. I saw there's a BS in computing which seams like computer science when I look at the modules, but i really don't know. Can anybody help or give me advice on what to study? I want to...
  5. M

    When transferring credits to UNISA, do I first register for first year modules?

    I’ve done 2 years of a 3 year BSc Computer Science degree at another foreign institute (there are reasons I can’t finish it there). Do I register for first year/level modules first and when I’ve successfully applied for credit transfer, will I deregister the first level modules and move up to...
  6. M

    Are Unisa Bsc Computing face to face tutorials mandatory?

  7. M

    How does university credit transfer work?

    I want to transfer from a foreign university to UNISA with a half complete bsc computer Science degree. I want to transfer credits for passes modules to unisa. Is this possible if I didn’t finish my qualification?
  8. J

    The marks you need to study Computer Science

    The marks you need to study Computer Science Computer Science is an attractive career path for those who are interested in technology and computers, but it is also a challenging qualification that requires strong mathematical skills and a willingness to work hard. Professor George Wells of...
  9. S

    UCT vs Stellenbosch

    Hello All I have been accepted to study at UCT (BSc Computer Science and Applied Mathematics) and at Stellenbosch University (BSc Computer Science) for undergraduate studies next year. But, I am unsure of which institution to chose. The degree at UCT is recognised by the British Computer...
  10. R

    BScIT (Computer Science & Bus. management) actually a computer science degree?

    Hi, I'm studying BScIT majoring in Computer Science & Business management at the University of the Free State and I recently started getting paranoid. Will it actually be seen a computer science degree or just as IT? Anyone here that have completed their studies at UFS in one of these...
  11. psradebe

    From BTech in Electrical Engineering to BSc in Computing

    I finally finished my BTech Degree with UNISA in Electrical Engineering. I have had a decent career from a Technician to being a Production Engineer over the years, but my love for Electrical Engineering has faded. Looking back, I have always loved Computers/Programming and I think I would have...
  12. EventHorizon

    Advice for computer science student? :(

    My degree is almost over so I'm not sure what to do after. Should I stay in South Africa and look for work or try look abroad? How would I go about doing this?
  13. T

    Grad program vs Honours

    Hey guys, long-term lurker here that decided to make a new account. I recently graduated with a BSc CS and have been offered a place in a graduate program at a pretty big company. On the other hand, I have the option to study further and get my honours. I didn't do amazingly well in my Bsc, so...
  14. N

    Difficulty of BSc IT at NWU

    Hello guys just wanted to know the difficulty of obtaining bsc it degree at north west university because i read somewhere that only less than 10% of people who enrol for bsc it at nwu make it to honours level, so im just curious since i also wanna go there.
  15. D

    Distance learning - Computer Science Degree

    Hey guys I have been a software developer for the past 6 odd years and only have a couple certificates to my name. I'm thinking about doing a CS degree through Unisa or similar and am just seeking some advice from other developers who have done the same. - Is Unisa a reputable university...
  16. N

    UNISA Computing vs Computer Science and Mathematics

    Who has completed either BSC Computing or BSC Computer Science and Mathematics, and can advise which is better for a software development career?
  17. S

    Bsc IT or bsc computer science

    I've been accepted for bsc IT at UP for next year but now I'm thinking of doing computer science. So I'd like to ask is bsc of it equivalent to computer science or maybe there's a margin between them?
  18. J

    Computer Science degree at Unisa

    Hi guys! I would like to study a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science with UNISA in 2018. My problem is, I didn't do Maths and Science in matric. I only did them till Grade 10. It wasn't because I hated them or they were difficult. Eish, I got kicked out by a class teacher cause I was very...
  19. E

    Is it worth it to continue CS Honours?

    I have completed my undergrad degree last year and started working this year. I thought that I would try and do honours part time and only took one module the first semester along with the compulsory research module, just to see if I would be able to manage doing both work and study. Now the...
  20. P

    Odd UNISA qualification suggesiton

    So I'm currently registering for my first year at UNISA (Computer Science), but in the Computer Science degree, there are two options: Computing Computing (specialisation) Both have the same course code, but different prefixes. Computing uses COS (I think) while the specialisation option uses...