1. shinji

    Order 1 Contract - End up with 2...

    ** UPDATE 20/07/2022 *** Been contacted by Telkom to arrange a collection of the duplicate items. Contract to be voided once collection and state of goods are confirmed. After multiple calls, emails and a visit to a Telkom shop it seems we have a success! (Fingers crossed the billing will be...
  2. PrimeSteak

    Office of the Chief Justice officials implicated in R225m IT contract: report
  3. Hanno Labuschagne

    Mobile data prices in SA — prepaid versus contract

    Mobile data prices in SA — prepaid versus contract If you are buying the same amount of prepaid data on a regular price plan every month, you are paying much more than you would on contract or specialised price plans, a MyBroadband comparison shows. For users whose needs vary significantly...
  4. P

    Managing rental contracts and tenants

    Hi, I currently have 2 units which I am renting out and I am currently use Rentmaster to handle the contracts and deducting the rent from the tenants. I just want to find out from you, which companies are you guys using and what services are they providing you? I would like to do a comparison...
  5. Ϲ

    Contract Ownership Transfer

    I spoke to an MTN call centre consultant and it seems that the only way to transfer ownership of an MTN contract is for both parties to visit a store. Has anyone done this recently? Would it be possible for the current and new owner to visit different stores to complete the paperwork required...
  6. B

    Looking for a lawyer to assist with setting up a Wifi Contract Template between WISP and Customers

    HI, We are a small WISP that is looking for a reliable Lawyer who can create a Contract Template that we can use to cover the agreement between US and our Customers. Any recommendations? Respectfully, Wilfred
  7. G

    MTN failure to activate contract but charging for it

    After applying for a new contract with MTN online and receiving the handset I was never sent a SIM card, my number was never ported as requested and access to a contract never received. However I am still getting charged every month. After going to 3 different MTN stores whereby I was told by...
  8. Hackson

    Should have read the terms

    So I upgraded my MTN contract on the 30th of April. First bill yesterday and I paid R924 more than I expected. Lol and behold I was charged R924 to migrate from one plan to another. Damn. I regret it. My GF wants a new phone. Safe to say she won't be upgrading on MTN.
  9. H

    mobile contract

    Hi there, i have been trying for over a year to get a mobile contract no network will give me one! please help me!
  10. J

    Roaming on LTE

    Was hoping someone discovered a magic trick or knows someone that knows someone that knows someone to click a magic tickbox at Telkom to allow my LTE package to work on Telkom-R. (By default the pakage only allows native Telkom-SA network which was fine when we were living in CPT, but since...
  11. homeless_sapien

    Agent Wants To Terminate Contract

    Hallo, Long Story: My family has been renting through an Agent since last year around this time. They were desperate for a roof over their heads and moved into the property without having any other options. After moving in, the house was in poor condition as the previous rentees didn't clean...
  12. N

    Cannot cancel MTN contract - help!!

    I hope someone can point me in the right direction here. Background - my father in law has Alzheimers and is no longer able to use his phone. We need to cancel the contract as MTN is still debiting R600 a month for his contract. We went to an MTN store, was told he needs to come into the...
  13. KrispyRen

    Cannot receive calls. Vodacom Contract

    Since 20 October 2020 I cannot receive any calls. Whenever someone phones me it goes straight to voicemail. I called the helpdesk (082 135) more than twenty times over the last 7 days but no one seems to know whats going on. I've even tried cancelling my contract but that was also unsuccessful...
  14. D

    Vodacom Contract Return Advice

    Hi myBB's I am about to give up on this matter and figured I would post here for advice as a last resort. In March I pre-ordered the Samsung S20 Ultra from Vodacom Waterfront and a couple of days after receiving it I was unhappy with the size of the phone. I have tried many avenues to return...
  15. J

    The difference between contract and prepaid data prices

    The difference between contract and prepaid data prices Mobile data prices for high-end bundles in South Africa have plummeted, with Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, and Telkom offering subscribers affordable big data packages. Vodacom’s latest big data package, for example, offer subscribers 50GB...
  16. J

    MTN contract limit question

    My contract is due for an upgrade. The problem is my current limit is R246p/m and the phone I want is R300p/m. How likely are they to increase my limit in order for me to upgrade to a new handset? And is upgrading a same day deal? Will I need to bring extra documents?
  17. J

    What to do when Cell-C Doesn't deliver your phone

    HI All I upgraded my contract last week thursday via the CellC Call center, they assured me that my P30 Lite would come by friday (yes, I didnt really expect that to be true). When it didn't come I called the 135 number 5 times, each time my call was dropped while waiting in the queue for...
  18. Lebogang95

    Qualifying For A Contract Phone - Vodacom, Telkom, MTN

    Hello everyone. So long story short I want to sign up for a contract with preferably Vodacom, but any other network provider will do really. What I'm most worried about is qualifying for the contract phone I specifically want which is the Galaxy Note 9. It costs R800pm on Vodacom & Telkom and...
  19. A

    MTN failed me

    Hi so I recently noticed I can upgrade my account, went to the online shop portal and decided to build my own deal. I ended up applying for the small package with an optional extra minutes and when it came to select the phone, I noticed the Huawei P10 plus didn't have any additional fees...
  20. X

    Fixed-term contract: How to deal with contract renewal and salary.

    In November 2017 I was hired at my current job on a one-year contract that expires in November 2018. I am not an independent contractor -- my company pays my PAYE and offers some benefits, time off, etc. About six months into my contract my employer indicated they were happy with my work and...