1. G

    Cell C - R50 contract

    A few years back (I think in 2012) I got a R50 contract from Cell C (50min + 50 SMSs + 50mb data). I took the contract due to my limited funds. I specifically ask the Cell C guy at the shop if there are no hidden costs and that I would ONLY pay R50 a month. He replied that I would never pay more...
  2. O

    Cell C Lies To Customers To Convince Them To Extend Contracts

    Hi Forum, My accusations in this subject line should not be taken lightly. I received a phone call from a Cell C sales person on the fourth of August 2015 regarding my Giga20 data contract. It expired and was due for an upgrade. So this sales person weaved together a nice lie in order to...
  3. L

    Delphi Developers needed: Cape Town

    Delphi developers needed. The company has offices in Cape Town. To offer yourself the strongest chance of being considered for this role, submit your CV to, please include a brief description of some of the projects you have worked on, the role you played in each and...
  4. R

    New contract with Vodacom is not that easy......

    Hi, I am switching jobs and having a corporate contract for years I now need to apply for my own contract and expense with the new employer. Nothing special you would think but here it comes. So I went to a Vodacom shop (in Green Point CPT) and handed in all my papers (the usual, bank...
  5. C

    Cell C Contract Cancellation Issues

    Cell C contracts can only be cancelled by dialing 084143. Problem is after waiting about 5 for a consultant to answer, the call cuts. I've tried multiple times. How else can one cancel a Cell C contract?
  6. C

    Telkom Mobile debited my account for a contract I didn't take out

    Hi all, This past month Telkom mobile debited my account with 5k for a contract cancellation that was never mine :(:cry: We called the call centre and they gave us a reference number for an investigation. But obviously I am pretty impatient about getting my 5k back ASAP! Any advice on how...
  7. S

    Will using an MTN phone on the Vodacom network void the warranty?

    As the title states, Will using an MTN phone on the Vodacom network void the warranty? So you have a phone that is MTN stock, either purchased on prepaid, or from an MTN contract. Instead of using an MTN sim card in the phone, you use a Vodacom/Cell C/Telkom Mobile sim card instead. Will this...
  8. riverdusty

    MTN Employee takes day off, leaves me hanging.

    Dear MTN I recently attempted to sign a contract with MTN on Friday the 27th of February. I was told by the MTN Employee I delt that my contract may be approved within hours or at least by the end of the day. It is now Monday the 2nd of March and I had not heard anything. I phoned the MTN...
  9. M

    What to do with R1200 Airtime?

    Hi I am legible to get an upgrade on my TopUp but I am choosing to go prepaid instead. Problem is that I have R1200 airtime which will be lost once I switch. I already tried transferring it, but one can only transfer prepaid airtime. Any ideas how I can transfer the airtime or any good...
  10. J

    Upgrade: Previous handset settlement

    When I inquired about a premature upgrade, I was recently told that my previous handset fee would have to be added on top of the new contract fee for the remainder of the initial contract period?! Since when is this the case? In the ten years that I have had contracts with the Big Three...
  11. R

    New Contract - Advice?

    Hey guys, So I am in the market for an upgrade and i am wanting to move from Vodacom to Cell C as Cell C's data prices are really great. I am an android fan and am looking for a new phone to go with this contact. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and would like something that...
  12. Jan

    Cellphone contract rankings for South Africa: Tarifica August 2014 index

    Tarifica has provided us with their August 2014 index for cellphone contracts in South Africa. It's tricky to include all the data in a single article, so I thought I'd post the charts in a thread so long (attached as PDFs), with the article to follow a bit later.
  13. D

    Asking for more

    Hi, I was wondering if somebody can advise me? I have a S4 on contract from MTN. The contract is quite old and I am paying a high premium as the S4 had recently been released when I signed the contract. I've been with MTN since 2010. What I would like is free data with my contract...
  14. A

    "" SMS'

    Could somebody please tell me what the heck "" is?? I keep getting SMS' with a link I already have all subscriptions blocked on *133*1# and have even emailed WASPA in respect of this, who have informe that there are no subscriptions on my cell number.. This is a new...
  15. J

    Lease Agreement South Africa: should the witness initial a contract?

    Lease Agreement South Africa: should the witness initial a contract? Or just the people who enter into the agreement?
  16. S

    Red Bull Mobile vs CellC

    Hi All, I have tried trying to locate the differences between CellC and Red Bull Mobile in terms of a contract to help me decide whether there is some gimmick with the lower price of the Red Bull Mobile contract. Theres 2 contracts in particular that I am comparing(Not deciding between...
  17. L

    Flat-rated 4c/call MTN Contract Offer by Mobiles Plus

    So Avi from Mobiles Plus gave me a call today and offered me a R118pm contract with R100 airtime, 50 SMS, 100MB + some random phone... and a flat-rate tariff of R0.04 per call to any network! :wtf: You can eg. make over 2000 calls in a month to any network and talk for as long as you like! I...
  18. F

    Fraudulently signed contract Vodacom

    I need some advice. I recently took out a contract with Vodacom after porting from MTN. The day after I took out my contract, I noticed the subscription fee dropped by R40 per month. I went into the same store the next day and requested my contract to be cancelled or the subscription...
  19. SmellyCelly

    Vodacom Smart S plan VS UChoose - Sony Xperia Z2

    Hello I just bought the Sony Xperia Z2 phone from Cellucity. I walked in wanting the phone on the Smart S plan + 250MB extra data + smartband for R469pm. I signed everything and then we got chatting. Apparently once your 200MB data + 250MB data runs out... you cannot buy another data...
  20. T

    Upgrade time!! XD

    Hey all, It's that time of year when I get to upgrade again. Currently I have a GS4 i9500 (was a GS3 then I got mugged) on a Vodacom TopUp 315s with R315 airtime and 250MB data @ R499pm inc phone. So I considered carrying on down the Samsung path but am becoming slightly disillusioned with...