1. S

    PLEASE HELP ME with my LTE Package

    A few days ago I applied for an LTE package for my home. Today the sim was activated and I'm trying the service out but my download speed is stuck at 3.8Mbps and Upload 2.17Mbps. My brother who stays next door also has the same package but he's getting 20Mbps download and 8Mbps Upload. I took...
  2. T

    LG G4 Motherboard Failure and Vodacom Contract

    Hi Guys 2 weeks ago my LG G4 went into reboot cycles and eventually bricked to mobile heaven. Thankfully I am on contract with Vodacom, the phone still under warranty. The motherboard was replaced but here's where I need your input; I asked the assistant at Vodacom how long the replacement part...
  3. T

    Telkom Mobile Online Order - No one has contacted me to finalise order

    I've place an online order with Telkom Mobile for one of their FreeMe deals, received the email to say that my order is confirmed and a Telkom agent will be in contact with you soon to finalise my order. It's been 3 days and no one has contacted me regardless of me contacting them on twitter...
  4. T

    Fraudulent Vodacom Upgrade (from 3G to Voice)

    So I decide to call Vodacom to cancel my 24 month 3G contract (as I'm in my 23rd month). The call centre lady tells me that I cannot cancel this contract as it was just upgraded about a week ago and the new expiry date is March 2019. They refer me to the Vodacom Store in the East Rand (name...
  5. B

    Cellphone Contract Management

    Good day All! Does someone know of a solution (free if possible) to manage approximately 150 cellphone contracts and devices? I'm currently depending on an Excel Spreadsheet, which can get very cluttered very quickly. All I want to do, is to list the Contracts, list the devices...
  6. A

    Creche contract

    I was hoping to get advice on the following issue. So I want to take my kids out of their current creche, unfortunately i knowingly signed a contract which included a 3 month notice period before they can leave. As with with everything, the creche was great at first but then started going...
  7. V

    No escape from Vodacom contract

    I want to cancel my Vodacom contract and switch to prepaid so that I can get international roaming without having to pay the ridiculous R5000 deposit (I've had a paid-up contract for years, having to pay a deposit is an insult). Vodashop tells me I have to phone 0821958 to do so; but after...
  8. N

    Telkom Contract Application approval times

    Hi all, I applied for a Telkom mobile contract in store on Thursday last week and am currently still waiting for a response from them as to whether or not I've been approved/rejected. Last bit of information I received was that they were "building a business profile" of me. They've got all...
  9. K

    Vodacom Contract Change of Ownership on CD3 type account???

    My number is on my fathers name, I went with my father to a vodashop at Greenstone Mall to do a change of ownership more than 2 weeks ago. The account type apparently is CD3 or something like that. I provided all documents and signed papers for the transfer. I phoned the store 1 week later to...
  10. X

    Which phone/Deal is worth looking at now?

    Hi. Time for me to get a new phone as my old trusty Samsung note 3 is becoming temperamental. I am on vodacom prepaid and bought he phone new. At that stage prepaid just was more cost effective in the long run. But I am lost at what is best value now. Contract with bundled phone? I like...
  11. S

    How to buy MTN Data Bundles with airtime?

    After 18 years of staying off contracts, I bit the bullet and went down this road again. They had a reasonable deal, with the Xiaomi Mi4 for R199 with some data, on net calls and sms. I just needed a replacement phone without the cash layout for my Huawei Mediapad. Anyway, I buy airtime...
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    Gordhan did not order me to cancel IT: Justice Minister

    Gordhan did not order me to cancel IT contract: Justice Minister Justice Minister Michael Masutha has noted with great concern the inaccurate reporting stating that he has been ordered by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan to cancel a R378m IT contract.
  13. ToniO

    Appalling service from CellC

    (Incident 160226-000596) I have a number of unresolved issues, including an unauthorised charge of over R2000, a mysterious apparition entering a store and posing as me to change my data limit, as well as a number of other customer service horrors. 1. Initial Customer Service Issues I...
  14. J

    Sim Serial request

    Hi I have applied for a new contract, and the lady assisting me says I've been approved, I was contract, then pay as you go, now back. Now she is asking for the "engraved" number for the sim card that is engraved on the gold part of the sim. Is this a legitimate request? Kind Regards...
  15. M

    Cancellation of gym contract after 6 days due to injury

    Hi guys I would really appreciate some of your input or feedback with the following. I joined a local gym last week Tuesday (08 February 2016). Today (Monday, 08 February 2016), I was using one of the weight lifting machines when it's handle bar fell on my head, got a cut and it bled, and...
  16. I

    Cellular Contract - Looking for pretty decent phone Android, Camera, Space, Quick

    Hi, I currently have a Blackberry 9900. There seem to have been so many good and bad batches of this phone. I am looking for a decent new phone now on a decent pricing margin. R200-250 bucks. I cant stand these phones that start flaking away and their bezel doesnt hold out. Fading of...
  17. S

    Help/Tips: Interview With Deloitte For Articles

    Hi guys and girls, So I have an interview with Deloitte for a training contract on Friday (completed CTA this year). It's gonna be over Skype, never done that before. Hope the internet connection is decent. This is my first serious interview in a few years, possibly ever. Any tips on how to...
  18. J

    SP of choice

    Hi Guys Basically, which SP's do you prefer, especially on contract (open ended or top up) and your experience with these SP's, why you like or dislike them? I am with MTN, I'm looking towards either Vodacom, Cell C or Telkom. Though I think Cell C just dropped out of the race, and...
  19. S

    Telkom Mobile Canal Walk can't supply devices

    I now understand why Telkom is so widely hated. 12 days ago I applied to upgrade my contract from one costing R180/month to one costing R200 a month. It took them a few days to approve that. I guess that's understandable although retarded. Since then I have been waiting for them to actually...
  20. Chevron

    Prepid vs Post Paid by Country

    Came across this while doing some research and thought it was quite interesting. Surprised by Japan.