1. Soulware Technology

    Cheap prepaid courier with insurance up to R10000?

    Hey guys are there any cheap prepaid courier services that don't charge an arm and a leg for insurance? Shippler quoted R800 just for the insurance on a value of R 10 000 while PostNet quoted R450 (5%) for insurance. 5% is a steep price to pay that is maybe the profit made on the sale of the...
  2. N

    Courier documents from overseas?

    Hi Team I'm trying to courier important documents from India. DHL's quote on the online system is R3300 (their smallest document box). Is there a better option?
  3. ControlAltDelete

    Courier for Shipping PC hardware to UK

    Hi there, I have a GPU that has to be sent to the UK for repairs. It's roughly 1.4kg. Our general DHL, Aramex and other big names are charging roughly R3 800 to send my GPU to UK. Does anyone know of a courier company that has a more reasonable fee for consumers shipping internationally?
  4. R

    Best reliable/cheap forwarding service or courier from the US?

    Good day, I'm looking to import a second hand phone from the US. I know somebody in the US who is willing to carry out and collect the purchase on my behalf, and then ship it here for me. The problem is that I'm having trouble finding a well priced and reliable courier or forwarding service to...
  5. squirrel

    WooCommerce Major & Outlying Areas?

    Hello everyone. A client of mine has requested to charge R100 for major areas and R120 for outlying areas. The website is build with WooCommerce. What's the easiest method for determining major/outlying area?
  6. A

    Export transport - "oversize charges"

    Hi, Let me start with a *long post disclaimer* (just want to set the scene properly not to waste others' time) :-) I'm helping out a one man company that designs, fabricates & sells a range of steel 4x4 vehicle accessories primarily to local brand enthusiasts - sold online and delivered using...
  7. D

    Vodacom Online Upgrade Nightmare - Escalation Process

    Good Day Everyone, I am currently at my wit's end with Vodacom and RAM Couriers. I ordered a Galaxy Note 9 on Vodacom Online on Thursday 29 November. On Friday when RAM attempted delivery of the device I could not take delivery as I am not the main account holder. I was told by RAM to submit a...
  8. S

    Cheapest courier to send international parcels?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum so hope I'm posting in the right category :) I'm busy launching my own little online store and would like to market to international clients too. My problem is delivering the items there without the courier charges being more than the actual item and still...
  9. Zoomzoom

    Notice to All BidorBuy Sellers

    I have to get this off my chest and if it is in the wrong part of the forum, I apologise but I can't find a better place to put this. So after buying on BidorBuy for a while, I have no complaints about the process or products - buyer beware and know your prices will cover you from most...
  10. IanM

    Courier company for dropshipping in SA?

    Hi all I'm starting an online shop soon and currently considering options for couriers. The business will be making use of dropshipping, so I'll never actually handle any inventory. I'll basically order the delivery, and the courier will go directly to the manufacturer to pick up. Ideally...
  11. S

    Courier for low-volume international shipments?

    Hi From time to time (5 to 10 times a year) I need to send stuff to Europe and the USA. Each time has been a dreaded experience: DHL: The first time I used them, I actually went to the local branch. There they told me I had to unpack my parcel for a security inspection! So, needless to...
  12. L

    TNT Courier Services Admin Fee for Customs Clearance

    Hi I recently ordered a cellphone from which was successfully sent to the courier i selected, being TNT. I was charged an additional R200 for using this shipping instead of the China standard delivery. It is the first time i ordered an item which I was charged customs...
  13. G

    Returning product to online supplier?

    Hi, So my 2 month old GPU is acting up and I need to return it to Evetech, but they have been fairly vague as to the process. I was wondering if anybody have gone through the process of returning to an online retailer? What retailer? What courier did you use? How much did it cost? Do they...
  14. carstensdj

    New Refrigertated Transport Co.

    Hey fellow forumites, My father retired from Telkom after 32years and decided to start his own business. If anyone knows of someone (or you yourself) looking for refrigerated transport, won't you please let me know! My dad has bought a bakkie with a refrigerated canopy and will be...
  15. J

    MTN Sim slinging

    Okay, so today, out of the blue, with no prior warning via email or sms (as far as I can tell) I get a call by a gentleman from a delivery company contracted by MTN to distribute a free 3G LTE upgraded simcard to me. All they need is my initials and address. I declined, but apparently this...
  16. M

    Post Office Speed Services

    Does the Post Office strike affect Speed Services? I need to courier a small package. Is it still a safe bet to use Speed Services? Any other good courier services around that's not too costly?
  17. SWB

    Importing and shipping assistance [Startup]

    I'm in the process of importing niche motorcycle accessories and replacement parts from South America and China. The products are all priced within R300 to R800 and are the size of a shoebox and smaller, weighing anything from 1kg to under 5kg. I've done all my market research and have...
  18. I

    Suggestion on Courier service

    Hi all I need to submit a visa application (few docs and passport) to an embassy in Joburg. Since I live in Cape Town, I'll need to use a courier company (both for delivery and then later pickup). Quotes I've got so far seem too expensive :wtf: DHL - R276 one way Fed Ex - R528 one way...
  19. Q

    Packaging and Transport of Rackmount Servers

    Hi all I need to safely package and transport a few rackmount servers from Johannesburg to Cape Town. I do not have the old boxes and packaging material anymore. Does anyone know of a IT-specific company who can assist me in this regard, rather than seek out boxes and package myself...
  20. Z

    postfix virtual domains

    I've decided to implement a system on my home network where by I use fetchmail to retrieve mail from numerous pop servers and then store the mail locally. I've set up postfix as my network's MTA and have added and as virtual mail domains, and then have a couple virtual...