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  1. Kevin Lancaster

    Criminals use credit card slips to steal your money: security expert

    Criminals use credit card slips to steal your money: security expert Professor Basie Von Solms warns that criminals use printed point-of-sales slips to steal your credit card details, and use them for fraudulent transactions.
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Scratching out your CVV number can leave your credit card void: bank warning

    Scratching out your CVV number can leave your credit card void: bank warning Security expert Professor Basie Von Solms has said people must scratch out their credit card’s CVV number – local banks warn this could leave your card void.
  3. S

    Will cancelling a credit card hurt your credit score?

    Hello all, I'm coming here because I can't seem to find good South African information on my question. I know that in the United States, for example, cancelling a credit card can actually hurt your credit score in two ways: 1. It lowers your credit to debit ratio by creating a smaller...
  4. K

    Cloning of unused sealed credit card

    Does anyone know how this is possible? A week ago we received a new credit card and a secondary card linked to the same account from ABSA via courier. The envelope was still sealed as it should have been and no evidence of tampering was present. The primary card was only used once at an ATM...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    South African online shopping payment problems

    South African online shopping payment problems Nedbank and FNB customers are experiencing issues with credit and debit card payments through 3-D Secure.
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Watch out for these credit card scams

    Watch out for these credit card scams South Africa has seen a decline in card fraud in 2015, but people still fall victim to scammers every year.
  7. T

    Settle credit card debt vs fixed saving

    Hi all, Plea: Please don't bash my financial decisions up to this point. I know some of the things I did wrong, especially the amount of credit card debt I currently have. This came through unforeseen spending while planning a wedding and honeymoon. I'm looking for suggestions and if you're...
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    How criminals steal credit card information

    How criminals steal your credit card information Credit card fraud is a major problem in South Africa, costing the country hundreds of millions each year.
  9. QuintonB

    The credit card of the future is here

    The credit card of the future No longer do you need to carry multiple credit and debit cards in your wallet
  10. Z

    Payment Gateways, 3D Secure, Mastercard and Visa

    Hi all, I'm investigating a phenomenon that we are seeing with our MyGate payment gateway. Every time a MasterCard is put to 3D secure, the payment fails. Front end experience by customers who fail into this narrow category is sketchy, but it sounds like they can't get passed the screen that...
  11. F

    Recurring payment processor needed

    Hi all, I need to set up a simple recurring billing scheme (credit card most likely, I think that'll be the easiest for the consumer to give consent) for a subscription service. Billing to be done bi-annually. Something like the PayPal buttons (
  12. L

    Credit Card Machines And ADSL

    I have a restuarant in Scottburgh, and want to run my credit card machines (5 of them) through my ADSL connection (through a network switch or router), i was told by standard bank that i need a POS filter??!!! what is that? :wtf: Can anyone please help me here, how can i use my credit card...
  13. K

    How to buy things online without a credit card!

    Hi guys! I needed an app in the Google Play Store, however, unlike most apps I download, it cost money. And unlike Windows Phone's Store, Carrier Billing isn't an option in SA. So I posted here in MyBroadband, and the awesome people gave me multiple helpful answers. So here are three easy...
  14. B

    Best option for a student cheque/credit card??

    Hi guys, I need help. I want to make online purchase such as from ebay, amazon etc. but I understand I require a card which has the MasterCard/visa logo and embedded card number + CVV. I currently have a student achiever debit card that does have a MasterCard logo, CVV but no embedded card...
  15. R

    FNB Credit Card

    I have a gold credit card with FNB. They advertised the product as 55 days interest free. Does this mean that when I pay the entire amount each month I wont pay any interest? Thanks in advance
  16. C

    Absa Chip Credit Card Issues

    My previous Visa credit card (chipless) expired, but Absa sent me a new chip credit card recently. When I tried to add the new card to PayPal today it kept stating: "the card has been denied by the card issuer." Apparently it is because a chip credit card has to be activated in-branch to get...
  17. L

    Cheque card vs Credit Card??

    Is there really any difference (once you take the credit out of the equation) ?? Does the credit card offer more protection in terms of refunds for non-delivery,etc.?? or do they offer the same protection?? I am considering getting rid of the credit card for the cheque card, but would like to...
  18. T

    I love my virgin money card, but would like to change.. any suggestions?

    My Virgin Credit Card is great as far as free transactions, no monthly fees and low interest rates go but I personally cant handle the fact that I don't receive SMS notifications on my transactions, also there are no real reward programs. I use my credit card for everything and pretty much pump...
  19. R

    8ta credit card facility on Website not working

    Why is the 8ta credit card facility to buy prepaid airtime never working on the Website? Asked them about it two weeks ago, got the response via Twitter: "Hi, we do have a problem with the credit card. We are busy working on it. Thank you." It is however still coming back with this...
  20. tsume

    Banking card/account queries

    From the savings/cheque thread which was started some days ago I learnt something new. Cheque account: It's a transaction account, no interest but cheaper charges on transactions, can overdraft. Savings account: Account to keep money in, interest accumulates but transactions are more costly...