1. X

    Drivers for Konica Minolta Fax 2900

    Good day As stated I am looking for any drivers or software, or any one that can assist me to get the printer working and functioning with Windows 10. Konica Minolta's website is completely trash and only offer drivers for newer printers. I also contacted their support, which promises a reply...
  2. Z

    Windows 10 and a Crazy Laptop Fan

    Since Monday (2017/06/26) every time when I plug my Display port cable into my laptop for my secondary screen my Laptops Fan starts up and runs at full speed continuously. As Soon as I unplug the cable the Fan spins down and runs quietly. I have closed all apps running and checked the task...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Drivers who have cars with a built-in GPS still use their phone for directions

    Drivers who have cars with a built-in GPS still use their phone for directions Market research firm J.D. Power and Associates has found that many drivers use their smartphones for directions.
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Best drivers in South Africa revealed

    Best drivers in South Africa revealed These are the results of Discovery Insure’s analysis of driving behaviour in the 10 largest metropolitan areas in South Africa.
  5. J

    My experience renewing my drivers licence

    Yesterday I had my turn at the dreaded licensing department, not to renew my cars licence, but my own card, the one needed to operate a vehicle legally on the road, the one who gives you permission to drive like a lunatic and nearly kill everyone while on your way to buy some milk and...
  6. S

    Car Accident with a driver who doesnt have a Drivers licence nor Insurance

    So yesterday got in an accident with a lady who doesn't have a licence and i highly doubt a learners. I am driving on the highway, she is on my right. Next thing i know, Bump. Damage is on my driver door and her passenger headlight. We get out the car to exchange details and assess the damage...
  7. G

    Confusion with drivers codes

    Hi, I have booked my Drivers license for code B and A, however I asked if I was able to tow a off road caravan(which is heavier than a normal caravan)I was told that I should come with the caravan to do my test and then I would automatically get the EB code. How do I go about getting the right...
  8. droplet

    geforce gtx285 issues - thoughts/suggestions?

    i recently purchased a second-hand gtx285 to match my existing one for SLI purposes. i have an asus p6t motherboard (x58 chipset) with an i7 920, 3x2GB DDR 1033. i have an antec signature 850w PSU, so power is not an issue. i have always been running my GPU in the second pci-3 16x slot...
  9. C

    [Hoax] The Demerit Point System for drivers is one month old, ...?

    Just a general discussion about the point system for drivers in South Africa and do you think is going to work. Also, how many points have you racked up this month? EDIT: I now understand that it hasn't been implemented yet as I was mistaken for 1 April 2012, but same discussion for sheesh and...
  10. D


    Whats that special dvd called that has like 8 gigs of drivers for ms os's:confused:
  11. QuintonB

    Keeping your drivers up to date

    Keep your drivers up to date We look at the reasons why keeping your drivers up to date is a good thing
  12. LazyLion

    May take 4 years to get driver's licence Hmmm, this may actually be a good thing for South Africa!
  13. I

    CellC - ZTE Modems Now Available

    Looks like Cell C is now selling the ZTE modems. Catch is that the ZTE modems does not work on the Hauwei router. Got two sticks one router. One sticky work on router other one not? Any solutions Cell C? EDIT: Updated Drivers:
  14. S

    How exactly are these 'drivers' for the new speed sticks?

    The downloads listed here: Specifically: Cell C Speed Stick drivers - Windows Windows XP Driver (308KB) - for use with Windows XP Service Pack 3 or higher I want to know how exactly Cell C calls these files 'drivers' ? The zip file contains an...
  15. D

    Get louder output from sound card

    Hi, My PC has the following specs and am wondering wat i can do to get a louder output. The funny thing is that my PC at work when im listening to my music on headphones its like crazy loud and most of the time is at about 20% yet at home get the same loudness at 100%. The difference here is...
  16. T

    Potholes in JHB

    Hi all, i have been thinking, since there are so many potholes appearing on our roads, and everyones frustration with JRA. Lets take the initiative to mark these potholes with plastic 2L cool drink bottles filled with water. using the green ones like sprite, mountain dew, 7up, are more visible...
  17. LazyLion

    Drive without a licence, says judge Every now and then, common sense comes in like a breath of fresh air. If you get pulled over and you can prove you have applied for a license you should be allowed to go. But if you cannot prove that you have...
  18. LazyLion

    Windows 7 and ATI drivers - ATI's financial motive?

    Is there a financial motive behind ATI's decision to not support any legacy video cards below DirectX 10? Having installed numerous Windows 7 systems now I am finding that ATI support for legacy cards is a nightmare. many cards simply will not work at all except with Windows 7 "Standard VGA...
  19. S

    Need Ethernet drivers for old Mecer PC

    Hi. I just formatted an old Pentium 4 PC, and did a clean installation of Windows XP Pro with SP3. The PC is a Mecer desktop machine. I now need drivers for the Ethernet Controller, as windows did not pick it up and install it automatically, and I don't have any driver disks either. In the...
  20. Pooky

    Windows 7 and Drivers

    I have just installed Windows 7 and it seems that everything is running smoothly and working... Does this mean I don't need to install drivers?