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  1. B

    3X Qualified / Capable (Will be tested) - FTTH & Design/Planning Fibre Technicians Needed

    Good day We require 3X Qualified or Advanced Skillset FTTH and Network Design, Layout, Rollout, etc for KwaZulu-Natal. Maintenance contracts are also in place. Vehicle use. A few perks - depending on skillset. Great working environment! Salary Above Average, depending on skillsets. Work is...
  2. Joseph matane

    Supersonic Air Fibre Speed tests and service reviews

    Guy's upload your Air Fibre Speed tests screenshot here don't forget to mention your neighborhood name.
  3. BevanBester

    Who is your Internet Fibre Service Provider?

    Who do you rely on for your Internet Fibre Service Provider in 2021? Please take a few moments to tell us at HB IT Solutions who you trust in providing your home with reliable Fibre internet services. You can also run an add-free Speed Test from our website by clicking 'here'.
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  5. E

    New Fibre ISP called "Connekt".

    After months of seeing the streets of my neighbourhood dug up and filled in fibre cables we were eventually approached by someone at the gate. He was from this company called "Connekt" with a brochure, looking for signatures to generate interest for implementing fibre in the area. I've tried to...
  6. D

    T-Connect Fibre Offerings - Be Warned!!!

    I have been trying for the past 3 months, to get fibre at my new home in RandPark Ridge. I went with Telkom, as they have been my provider for the past 5 years and thought that this would be a quick and painless experience. Unfortunately, it has turned out to be an absolute mission, being sent...
  7. C

    Plumbago Estate Fibre - Openserve Help

    Hi Hope there is someone that can help me? All the complexes/estates around our estate has fibre installed except for our estate. In January a project manager from Openserve confirmed that our fibre will be installed end of May 2017. Since he confirmed it we can't get hold of this person any...
  8. STSolutions

    FTTH Body Corporate / Homeowners' Association

    If you are interested in fibre in your complex, you can send me an email, please include your COMPLEX NAME & ADDRESS and I can assist you with the fibre installation process from there. We are partnered with SADV & DFA
  9. G

    Fibre takeup in South Africa?

    With the availability of fibre in various neighborhoods, including at the doors of many secure residential complexes in South Africa - does anybody get a sense if there is significant takeup of fibre or are we still in a wait-and-see mode with a few contracts being signed? Thanks
  10. P

    When will fibre be available to start using in Glen Marais in Kempton Park

    Does anyone know of timelines or at least estimates of when fibre will be ready to start using in Glen Marais in Kempton Park as really eager to start using it for improved speeds especially for Cloud Backups? There's lots of ISPs with good options available but pretty useless if you don't...
  11. C

    Fibre data usage per month

    Hello Everyone I thought it would be a good idea to do a thread like this one Please state the following below: Fibre provider: Fiberhoods Fibre isp: cool ideas Fibre connection speed: 100mb Down 75mb Up. Usage per month: 2TB +- Cost for your package per month: R1999
  12. G

    123NET FTTH Sign-Ups needed for Kuils River area (Amandelrug, Rouxville, Hasendal)

    *FTTH for Kuils River area (Amandelrug, Rouxville, Hasendal) EDIT: 123Net Has sort of quit on this whole FTTH project in SA. So according to that, this tread would no longer be usefull. Since then I have moved on to THIS thread, feel free to check out how Telkom has started installing Fibre in...
  13. B

    Vodacom Broadband Connect Fibre- Observatory Home Connect

    Has anyone had experience of Vodacom Fibre to the Home ? Is it stable ? Does it get congested ? Would you change from Telkom adsl to Vodacom Fibre ?:erm:
  14. J

    When will other areas get fibre?

    Hi guys, so I currently live in carletonville, Gauteng, it's about 70KM from Johannesburg. I just would like to know when my area will get fibre? Smaller areas want fibre too you know ;) Telkom says my area can support up to 2mbps but some people have 10mbps lines and it works fine, i have...
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    Neotel vs Vodacom: Fibre broadband prices

    Fibre broadband prices: Neotel vs Vodacom Vodacom and Neotel recently unveiled their latest fibre-to-the-business prices – here is how they compare
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    Low-income families to receive fibre broadband

    Low-income families to receive fibre broadband About 8,000 low-income families in Singapore will be offered high-speed internet access at subsidized rates as part of a new government scheme
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    XDSL improves fibre broadband service

    XDSL improves fibre broadband service XDSL has upgraded all its fibre broadband customers to dedicated, 1:1 Internet access
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    Internet Solutions 100Mbps fibre broadband prices unveiled

    Internet Solutions 100Mbps fibre broadband prices unveiled Internet Solutions has announced that 50 sites across Gauteng will benefit from its “Superfast Broadband” services
  19. QuintonB

    Fibre to the home is finally here

    Finally, fibre to the home Mobile operators look set to deliver on what Telkom should’ve/would’ve/could’ve for years.