1. NeonNinja

    Can this be done? Laptop to laptop HDMI?

    Okay I'm gonna fetch a buddy's laptop who's screen don't work. Can I use my HDMI cable so thhat I can view his screen on my functional laptop?
  2. T

    Active HDMI to D-Sub cables

    I'm looking for Active HDMI to D-Sub (15 Pin VGA) Cables. Our offices have older LCD screens that only have D-SUB, and the new all-in-one Acer PCs only have HDMI Out. No D-SUB or DVI. Apparently it has to be an Active HDMI to D-SUB Cable in order to work. Anyone know of any SA online shops...
  3. J

    Samsung 46" ES8000 + DSTV + Samsung 7.1 Receiver - How to Connect?

    Hi All, So I have purchased the Samsung 46" ES8000 and the 7.1 Samsung Receiver. I have done the following connection. HDMI from DSTV HD PVR to Samsung Receiver, HDMI from Receiver to Samsung TV(ES8000) the system settings have Anynet+ on, which means that any of the remotes can...
  4. T

    Secondary Screen VGA (Analogy) vs HDMI (Digital) Issue

    Secondary Screen VGA (Analogue) vs HDMI (Digital) Issue I have a laptop with 1680 by 1050 resolution that has a VGA (analogue) and HDMI (digital) output. (AT Mobility Radeon HD 3650) that I use with a secondary monitor BenQ G2420HD 24 inch Widescreen LCD Monitor , 1920x1080. My problem is that...
  5. O

    UG802 Mini PC - 20 units available. Linux Ubuntu in development for this device

    http://www.bidorbuy.co.za/item/78807610/Android_4_0_Mini_PC_3x_faster_than_MK802_Dual_core_1_2GHz_processor_Local_Stock_20_available.html Linaro & Ubuntu builds in development for this device. Jellybean around the corner.
  6. B

    Hdmi via cat5e

    Hey anybody ever use these or anything like this http://www.aavara.com/en/products/hdmi.php?id=13. Im wondering how much bandwidth does it consume on your network overall if your streaming video the whole time? Or is there anything similar anyone can advise I use.The setup is 3 Tv's that...
  7. O

    UG802 Android dual core 1.6GHz mini PC - MK802 killer- First stock available NOW

    This device has introduced last week. It is the first dual core mini PC under 100USD. Price for the mk802 is R 850 with free shipping via China post. (R 975 with DHL) or dual core UG802 model for R 950 via China post (R1075 with DHL) China post takes around 30days, DHL takes 10 or less...
  8. M

    quality of SD channels on HDMI connected to HIsense LED

    I would like to ask before a make a wrong decision. Is there any major difference when you view SD channels on HD Pvr HDMI connected to HIsense LED 32 compared to Standard decoder Via RCA (yellow,red white) connected to an LCD/LED please assist with advise
  9. T

    No sound over HDMI

    I want to connect my Laptop (Lenovo Y570) to my Sony Amp (STR-DA2400ES) using the HDMI port on my Laptop. I use a PC monitor as a "TV" which is connected using the HDMI OUT of the amp and a DVI-plug to convert HDMI signal to DVI. Before I bought a new HDMI cable solely for this purpose, I...
  10. R

    HDMI cable picture quality is worse than my coax (DSTV to my TV) !

    I have a 32EH5000 Samsung in the bedroom that was fed from my DSTV (via a DVR Recorder) by a coax cable. I have just bought an (admittedly a cheapish - R300) HDMI cable, and the picture quality is now worse. There is a LOT of digital noise on the screen that the Digital Noise Reduction...
  11. C

    Good and cheap HDMI Cables?

    Hi Guys, I'm kinda new to this whole forum thing. I need a new HDMI cable for my DSTV HD PVR and Xbox, I've been reading the Cnet article on how HDMI cables shouldn't be expensive. Where is the best place to buy them online? I've read good things about http://www.hdcabling.co.za but there...
  12. K

    mini display port (active) to HDMI adapter

    Want to find out if anyone knows where I can find a mini display port (active) to HDMI adapter preferably around the Durban area? These adapters are so dang hard to find!!!!! TIA!! I've tried PC Zone, Incredible Connections, Kay Makan, Govan Mani, Matrix Computers, Computer World...
  13. P

    HDMI computer screen for DSTV?

    A computer dealer suggested to me that a computer screen with HDMI in should work for DSTV HD. That seems to me a little too easy an option. Is there some catch? Has anyone tried this? It makes logical sense since the PVR / STB contain receivers and HDMI in to a TV screen works for using the...
  14. C

    HP Laptop - DisplayPort to HDMI with audio

    Can someone help me out? I have a HP6550b which comes with a DisplayPort output. I want to connect it to my LCD TV. I am aware that I will need a DisplayPort to HDMI converter or some type of cable. However, I am not sure what to get. Would audio also be channelled through this...
  15. N

    Intel Wireless Display Technology WiDi

    The more recent intel chipsets allow you to wirelessly connect your tv/display to your laptop using Intel WiDi technology. Sounds pretty useful for me. You just need a compatible laptop and a receiver that plugs into the hdmi port of your TV. You're looking at about $130 in the US. I don't see...
  16. S

    Home Theater Desktop

    Hi Guys, Have decided to build a home theater desktop which will be in my lounge, a couple of concerns please advise: 1. Would prefer an AMD chip but not sure on which, 2. 8gig of RAM overkill? (will mostly be watching -+10gig mkv video files. 3. The board has to have HDMi out, and can...
  17. N

    How to connect dstv & home theatre at a time to samsung UA40D5003BRXXA

    Hi guys, I recently bought Samsung 40 inch led TV which got 1 HDMI, 1 USB and 1 RCA cable port(5 ports only). So I can connect to DSTV with RCA cables. I want to buy Home theater system, but before buying it, I checked the sound options in TV settings. I cant see Home theater in the sound...
  18. S

    Can you recommend a projector for business use?

    Hi. I need to replace the current projector at our workplace. What are your recommendations, and what price range should I be looking at? My budget is R5000. I would preferable like something with a good resolution - minimum is 1024x768. Would prefer higher if within budget. Needs to be...
  19. jes

    Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cables are unlicensed

    Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cables are unlicensed HDMI Org has confirmed that HDMI to Mini DisplayPort cables are unlicensed and shouldn’t be sold, with a rumoured recall on the horizon.
  20. G

    Sony Bravia Sync issues

    Hi all I'm new to the forum so please excuse me if this has been posted before... I've just bought a new Sony soundbar, the CT350, and have a Sony Bravia 46EX500 LCD. I also have the black HD PVR, and a simple LG DVD player with HMDI up-scaling. The PVR and DVD player run into the...