1. D

    hdmi ports not reading

    after some thunderstorms, i got stuck with this prob. all worked fine, until power tripped. thereafter, my hdpvr 2p no longer transmmitted to my sony klv46v550a lcd tv. my ps3 also didnt transmit to my lcd. all connected via hdmi. my tv has 4 hdmi ports, and not one of them wants to recieve...
  2. M

    HD PVR with two HD TV's with two HDMI cables

    Hi I have a SD dualview PVR - both Tv's are full HD I want to upgrade to HD PVR, but I can't work out how I can get two full HD feeds to the two Tv's. I intend to run two HDMI cables - one to each TV. Is there a decoder that will do this? Thanks Mike
  3. M

    On board HDMI audio output?

    So my current mobo and PSU decided to take a trip to the next life which leaves me in the bitter-sweet position of a forced upgrade. I'm currently looking at this mobo: DH55MC With this CPU: Clarkedale i3 540 Since the PC is used exclusively for media, I'm planning on running the...
  4. B

    Ps3 HDMI to LCD Need Sound

    I bought an Acer 24" G245H Full HD LCD for my pc , this model is the one without the integrated speakers. My Ps3 is connected to the screen through HDMI . Since the screen has no speakers I get perfect video but no sound for my ps3. What kind of connector/converter will I need to get sound...
  5. RazedInBlack

    Audiophiles: Need Your Input, Please!

    Dudes like Dolby and such . . . Is this a good entry level amp? PIONEER 5.1 CHANNEL HDMI AV RECEIVERS - VSX519 http://www.cybertheater.com/pioneer-vsx-519-v-k-receiver-review-tiny-but-mighty/ Price: R 3,088.26 incl. vat...
  6. L

    Xbox 360 - HDMI issues using a 720p TV

    I have an LG 32" HD ready TV which at first had no signal when trying to connect using the HDMI cable I got with it. I managed somehow to reset using the RT + Y reset and it worked stellar for about 3 months. I moved house twice and when I set up all AV atuff again for the second time the...
  7. T

    I-Sonic E8HD vs M8HD

    I-sonic's E8HD and M8HD products look really interesting, and I have seen them favourably compared to the mede8er. Does anyone have good/bad experiences to relate with regards to these products? Also, can anyone with an E8HD confirm whether or not it supports digital audio over HDMI?
  8. I

    Repairing a PS3 struck my lightning

  9. P

    Scart to Component on SD PVR

    I recently upgraded my home theatre setup and ran into problems when trying to take my SD PVR picture through SCART instead of the normal analogue video out. A bit more detail on my setup (audio is sorted so I'm ignoring audio on the summary): Amp --Two component inputs (DVD and PVR)...
  10. D

    What hardware do I need to get PC to TV

    Hi, I bought a Graphics card (9400GT 512MB) sometime ago and figured if I bought a HDMI cable would be able to connect my PC to my TV. The problem is that my TV (CRT) does not have an HDMI port but everything is connected through my hometheatre which has 4 HDMI ports and there is a TV out cable...
  11. S

    Need a laptop with Win 7 Pro 64bit + HDMI + 3G

    Hi... I'm looking to purchase a laptop that comes pre-installed with Windows 7 64bit (or at least the option to install/convert/upgrade to it for free). The laptop also needs to have an integrated 3G modem, and an HDMI port. Please help! Would it be easier to just buy Windows 7 64 bit retail...
  12. LazyLion

    Monster HDMI Cable

    So, I had to pay an additional R1700 for the 4 meter HDMI cable over and above the R5999 for the LG 32 inch full HD LCD Screen. Did I get ripped off on the cable? Why are these things so damn expensive? :wtf:
  13. D

    Question regarding HDMI and switches (long question)

    Here's the situation. I've been using my Samsung 2333SW Full HD LCD screen via DVI to my PC for the past month or so. The other day I connected a Xbox via HDMI-DVI cable to it and therefor had to use the VGA port for my PC and OMG does it look crappy. I guess since I've been using DVI the whole...
  14. S

    PS3 Slim + HDMI-CEC

    Wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the DSTV, TV and Multimedia section, but... I was under the impression that my newly bought PS3 Slim only supported Bravia Sync. But last night I decided to give Samsung Anynet on my B530 a go... It works! 1) In PS3's XMB, go to Settings ->...
  15. S

    How best to get into HDMI with my 2494HS?

    Hi, please excuse the noobness :p :D Got a 2494HS and a Geforce 8800GTS 320mb. Are there converter cables that can be used to make use of HDMI? I've been googling, but to doff to make sense of anything that's being thrown at me. Anyone care to give some advice and explanation please...
  16. soldierboi

    HDMI Cabling?

    What is the difference between all the different HDMI cables? I walked into HiFi corp and there I was stuck with 8 variants ranging from R199 to R1,899. Can you please help clear up the smog in my head at the moment. I have PS3, Sony DVD with Built in Digital Amp for the surround sound and...
  17. jabezz

    PC with (VGA/HDMI) to TV with (s-video)

    I'm looking at buying a new laptop. However the laptop only comes with a VGA and a HDMI port. It supports full HD. The problem comes in where my TV doesn't support HD and only has a s-video port. Now I daily connect pc-to-tv, so it is kinda important to me that the two can link up...
  18. R

    Question About HDMI AUDIO on ATI Radeon 4670 And Sony Bravia LCD and amp

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me with this. I have an ATI Radeon graphics card (4670) the one with the build in hdmi audio connection. When I first got it, I spend weeks trying to get the HD audio sound and I finaly got it. I used: Ati HDMI audio driver (not the Realtek ones) Realtek 97...
  19. S

    VGA + audio to HDMI

  20. Bona Botse

    hdmi, component and composite cables

    does anyone know where to get 10 metre long hdmi, component and composite cables? in joburg. tia