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    Free Cybersmart hosting

  2. T

    Web Hosting Discussion Forum

    Hi all, Just thought that I will invite you all to have a look at my new web host discussion board, where you can discuss everything that is web hosting related, tutorials, advertise your hosting, recruit, and so on. Very excited as it is brand new! So please show some support and join. :)...
  3. S

    WebAfrica - New ADSL packages only on 1st March 2010!

    I just received the following email from WebAfrica: The price of hosting has come down tremendously, or rather, the usage allowances have shot through the roof. But not for resellers, they have to wait till 1 March 2010. That sucks. And unfortunately, we have to wait till 1 March 2010 for...
  4. M

    Where is Jason from Elitehost?

    Hi I am sort of new to this forum. I always use the forum for valuable info but only joined today. Sadly my first post is a "whine"...:( Research through this forum led me to choose elitehost as my service provider a few months ago and I was extremely impressed with the service up until...
  5. M

    Anyone seen this? Looks damn good for the price. Anybody using their services?
  6. C

    Webhosting suggestions

    Hi everyone After nearly 3 years with Webafrica this year have been sheer torture and I made the call to move elsewhere. I need some serious suggestions where I can move my 80 plus domains too. I am looking for a hosting company that can accommodate both Windows and PHP hosting. Any...
  7. G

    Cheap Webhosting - Anyone?

    I'm looking for cheap webhosting plans, that should contain: Space: +- 100mb php: yes mysql: yes (a small DB like 5mb will be fine) domain: .com domain (like: email: at least 1 email address with my domain ( ftp: yes popups: NO!!! Can anyone suggest a...
  8. LazyLion

    Quickshare Disables Uploads due to bandwidth costs! awww man. Every single option we have had in South Africa for file hosting have all closed because of bandwidth costs!
  9. S

    Starting a forum

  10. M

    Database Hosting

    I need to host a SQL server database. At the moment, I am using a hosting provider which gives me 100MB disk space, but my database is growing at a fairly rapid rate. At the moment the database size is 80MB so I'm starting to pay overrages on at my hosting provider.
  11. LazyLion

    Google hosts Free Web App to Access BitTorrent Trackers You can get the tracker software which is featured in the Google App Engine from here... :D
  12. LazyLion

    Do You Think Bandwidth Grows on Trees?

    The high costs of running sites like YouTube! Can you imagine what they would be paying in South Africa??? :D
  13. C

    Best Linux hosting provider

    Not sure if this is the right forum, feel free to correct me if not ;) I'm looking for a Linux hosting provider for my website. I signed up with Axxess recently because they were the cheapest whilst offering MySQL, but I'm not at all impressed with the features and speed (I take it to be...
  14. G

    Who offers free local web hosting?

    Are there any local web hosts willing to offer free linux hosting with PHP and MYSQL? I have a couple of sites that I would like to host locally, but the prices are still too high for me. I am willing to place a small button or banner on every page on each of my sites in exchange for free local...
  15. M

    Best webhosting company?

    What would be the best web host to go through if I want +- 20Gb or more space? Would Afrihost be a good option? Does anyone here have any experience with them?
  16. T

    WTF? Is MyBB being hosted on International??

    Just noticed ('cos I'm using routesentry) all the trafiic I'm doing on the MyBB site is going over my Int. account? It's never done this before that I've noticed, is it something wrong with Route Sentry?
  17. rpm

    NeoHost ready for business

    NeoHost ready for business