1. PseudZ

    Vumatel Installation Query

    Regarding the installation by the Vumatel contractors, what is the scope of the install? Do they just install the CPE box and that's it or will they install the CPE box in one location and router in another location if required? I have a pc in one bedroom at the back of the house and I'd prefer...
  2. M

    "Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)" is missing in my Afrihost cPanel

    Trying to upload install SSL, but the option is just not there. I can upload the cert and key, but not the CA bundle. Any idea what's going on here?
  3. T

    How to install a freestanding electric oven

    Up front, sorry if this is a dof question but not had to deal with this problem before. What’s the procedure in SA for buying a new freestanding electric stove and swapping out an old one? Does the switchover have to be done by an electrician? There is an existing connection socket (old one is...
  4. J

    Will Vumatel install in a complex if Open Serve already did?

    I live in a complex and have OS fibre. According to the Vumatel coverage map they are also now in the area. Would they install into a complex that already has Open Serve?
  5. J

    Fibre Specials - Vumatel Infrastructure

    Morning All, Happy Monday! So Vuma is done in my area and I can now proceed with my install / picking an ISP. I am hoping to get an ISP that is offering the free install (R1790 / activation). Has anyone see any specials out there at the moment? I dont mind a contract if the deal is good...
  6. J

    Afrihost fibre install help....

    Hi guys I urgently need help. I signed up for afrihost fibre in december and finally had an install done today. The fibre converter box shows fibre is active, I then plug an ethernet cable from the box to the wan port of my Netgear DGND4000. The WAN port does not light up at all and neither...
  7. D

    Issues with Installing XP on system with a GA-H110M-S2PH DDR3 MOBO

    Good Day all. My client has software (made by VW and Audi) that only runs on XP (for a dynamometer for vehicle diagnostics and testing) and his old "dyno PC" crashed out hard and he ordered a new one from us, problem is the only system we were able to get him was the one posted below. Now the...
  8. A

    Windows 10 Dell Tablet - Surely not END of days?

    Dell Venue 8 PRO with Windows 10 (Home). Can't remember where I started going wrong after bungling the configuration after an otherwise successful re-installation. Inexperienced doesn't tell half the story... :whistle: But needless to say I went into some Dell options on the log-in screen and...
  9. M

    Help to plug in Explora - multi use dwelling

    Hey folks, I've just moved in to a newly renovated apartment and want to plug in DSTV Explora. But I'm not sure what existing cables coming out of the wall go where and or whether I need the DSTV Switch (which doesnt come with the Explora anymore). So basically there are 3 coax cables coming...
  10. A

    Copper entry point not found? (fibre install related)

    This may seem like an odd thread heading but it's entirely relevant. Today telkom fibre installers arrived at my house and were unable to pinpoint the entry of the copper into my house. We know where the single telephone access point is (inside the house) but outside the boundary walls of the...
  11. T

    2nd Line Support Consultant

    The candidate will be required to fulfil and uphold the company values of personalised, high quality service by finding solutions to problems that users are experiencing. The candidate will become part of a young and dynamic team of technology enthusiasts. The candidate will be offered an...
  12. S

    Telkom won't give me a cable, any other suggestions?

    Hi All First some background, I moved into a new apartment about 8 months ago in Stellenbosch. I requested a line from telkom and after they sent a technician, they told me I needed a physical line to be installed (like dig a trench and put a line in). I included an image for an easy...
  13. G

    Pastel Evvolution Single user Install

    Looking at running pastel evolution, I contacted sage and tried to by the product, I was contacted by one of their partners and quoted 35000(labour) for an install. Thought that was a little crazy.. Anyone know if it can be installed ones self ?
  14. S

    New Telkom line + ADSL - Durbanville Area

    Hi Guys, Moved into a new place a while ago and I am busy getting the ADSL sorted out. Just wanted to know if anyone have recently installed a new line in the area (actually Sonstraal Heights) and how long did it take. According to Telkom Direct it can take anything up to 2 weeks. I just...
  15. akescpt

    dstv forum attachment

    hi! i was wondering if someone can assist. i registered on the dstv forum last night. they have an DIY installation document but i cant access the pdf at the moment: you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have...
  16. R

    DSTV blaster needed possibly?

    Hey Guys, I have all my dstv pvr equipment downstairs at TV1. Upstairs in the one bedroom i have TV2, a cable runs from TV2 down to TV1 , and there is an eye at TV2 to change the channel. I have now got a new tv in a new room upstairs and want to view dstv. What must I do? I hope i dont...
  17. A

    3g Modem - No device found

    Hi All Not sure if this is the correct place to post HELP questions, but here it goes. I’m having trouble with my K3765 modem. The thing is the first time you connect it it works like a charm, but once removed and I try using it again it doesn’t. It seem like each time it is trying to install...
  18. D

    Port Elizabeth DStv installers

    Looking for an accredited DStv installer in PE which has a good track record and doesn't charge the earth. We are building on and I want them to extend the cable to the new lounge and upgrade my single-view so I can connect a HD PVR in the near future (but for now want to keep using my old...
  19. S

    I need a linux-based firewall installed for a client

    Hey guys I have a client that needs a Firewall to be installed for their company network. They were previously using iShield, which was installed on a dedicated Linux box, and was charged for on a monthly basis (i.e. a monthly subscription). This has now become too expensive - and the...
  20. P

    Installing Windows 7 - Which Drive?

    I currently have 3 internal hard drives and one external. I'm in the process of backing up all the things I need on my external drive so I can re-install Windows. These are the three other drives: - Seagate 120GB ST3120827AS link - Seagate 160GB ST3160811AS link - Western...