1. QuintonB

    Kalahari is gone and isn't coming back

    Kalahari down for good So long, and thanks for all the deals
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Takealot and Kalahari merger – the details

    Takealot and Kalahari merger – all the details Takealot has detailed what will happen once Kalahari closes, and the two online retailers merge.
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Kalahari closing down soon

    Kalahari closing down soon The full merger between online retailers Kalahari and Takelot looks set to take place soon, after which Kalahari will close its doors.
  4. R

    Far Cry 4 Kyrat Edition - Collectors Edition! [S]

    Item name: Far Cry 4 Kyrat Edition [PC DVD-ROM] Age and condition: New, Still Sealed! Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Don't need it. Price: R850 [Bought from Kalahari for R1466!] Negotiable: No Location: Cape Town Shipping or collection: Both [Buyers Account] Link...
  5. R

    Kalahari.com Voucher codes?

    Anybody know of any Kalahari voucher codes?
  6. Rouxenator

    Gobii IIP, Dual SIM, 4GB, 4" IPS WVGA, 8MP Camera, GPS, Wi-Fi

    Item name (be very descriptive): Gobii IIP Smartphone, Dual SIM, 4GB, 4" IPS WVGA, 8MP Camera, GPS, Wi-Fi, Android 4.2.2 Age and condition: 2 months Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes (from Kalahari) Reason for selling: Bought it, used it for a day, got bored with it. Price: R775...
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Say goodbye to Karl Ahari and his magic

    Say goodbye to Karl Ahari Takealot has confirmed that Kalahari’s street magician will be given the boot, along with other details about the merger between the two online retailers
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Kalahari, Takealot merger is a go

    Kalahari, Takealot merger approved The Competition Commission of South Africa has approved a merger deal between online retailers Kalahari and Takealot
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Kalahari and Uber bring Christmas shopping to you

    Kalahari UberSleigh brings Christmas shopping to you Kalahari and Uber have teamed up to offer Capetonians a service that brings Christmas shopping to them
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    Kalahari support site hacked

    Kalahari support site hacked SEO spammers have injected links into some of the pages on Kalahari’s support website
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Gadget prices in SA: online versus traditional retailers

    Gadget prices in SA: online versus physical shops MyBroadband takes a look at how online stores and “brick and mortar” shops compare with regards to gadget prices
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    PlayStation 4 for R5,599 – limited offer

    PlayStation 4 for R5,599 – limited offer The PlayStation 4 is going for cheap at Kalahari, for a limited time only
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    Takealot says customers are top priority

    You are our number one priority: Takealot Takealot has sent an e-mail to customers to reassure them following the announcement of its planned merger with Kalahari
  14. S

    Fifa 15 - What Would YOU Do ?!

    So I bought FIFA 15 on the morning of release on Friday from Karl Ahari. Since I'm close to the warehouse, I called and asked if I could pop over by later the afternoon to collect. Cust Service said yes. I arrive at the warehouse about half hour before closing. They tell me its not ready...
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    SA iPhone 6 pre-order prices

    iPhone 6 pre-order prices in South Africa The iPhone 6 will officially start to ship on 19 September 2014, and South Africans can already purchase the latest Apple devices on pre-order
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    Tablet prices: FNB vs cash

    Tablet prices: FNB vs cash Here is how much you will win or lose when you purchase your tablet via FNB instead of buying it cash
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    Great tech deals this weekend - 29 August 2014

    Great tech deals this weekend You can save money this weekend on a wide range of technology products, including televisions, gaming gear, and other gadgets
  18. Jan

    Crazy tech specials, birthday sales this weekend (15 August 2014)

    Crazy specials, birthday sales, and other tech deals This weekend consumers can enjoy “crazy specials” on computer monitors, as well as many other tech gadgets.
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    Great tech and gadget deals - 25 July 2014

    Great deals on tech products and gadgets South Africans can save a lot of money on tech deals from Makro, Dion Wired, Incredible Connection, and other retailers this weekend
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    SA's best and worst online stores

    Best and worst online shops in South Africa Columinate has released a new report which ranks online retailers on their overall customer satisfaction levels