1. D

    Line & ISP ADSL speed slow???

    Does anyone else feel like since mid-month seacom issue their adsl has not returned to usual speed? On a 4mb adsl line with afrihost and for example when trying to pull a file off i get about 6 - 8kb download and the download times out before its done. plus many sites are seriously...
  2. T

    A Bit confused about upload speed | Line or ISP?

    Hi Guys A Bit confused about something. Im trying to upload videos to facebook (anything between 7 and 30 megs), so not really large at all. I get an upload speed of anything between 0.5k/s up to 1k/s. I am on an uncapped 4meg mweb account. I've done a speedtest on
  3. Scooby_Doo

    New Development and Telkom

    Hey all, I am looking at moving into a flat in a new development, however as far as i know the developer did not wire the place for Telkom lines, what would the procedure be for getting a line from Telkom in a situation like this?
  4. T

    Telkom ADSL Line Move

    Hi, Does anyone know how long it takes Telkom to move an ADSL line from one address to another? I'm planning on moving in the next few months and will need my line moved as well. I hardly believe anything Telkom tells me, so if anyone's been through this experience it'll help. Thanks.
  5. R

    Moving - Cancel ADSL and transfer line?

    I currently have a regular phone line, no closer packages or anything plus 384k adsl. No ADSL contract or anything, just month-to-month. I'm moving to a new place and want to take my phone number with me. What's the best process for me to follow so that I can avoid any installation...
  6. R

    VOX or TC ADSL line bonders

    is anyone running these products? can you confirm if the device runs an IPSEC or L2TP tunnel to the ISP's hosting centre, and breakout to the internet from there? if so, does it mean you cannot use it to create VPN tunnels to other offices?, as there is too much overhead?
  7. Rouxenator

    VAG stepping over the line

  8. G

    4mb question

    Hey guys. I'm relatively new to the forums. but been reading it for a while. I was wondering, I currently have a 384 line and if my father starts going on Skype my ping on bf2142 shoots up to 500ms. i was wondering if a 4mb line would improve this. or just so that i ping 100ms or so while he...
  9. X

    The Beginning of Forever

    2008-10-02 - ordered adsl line and account from cybersmart. 2008-10-09 - no ports available. 2008-10-14 - Telkom is currently upgrading the exchange. 2008-10-15 - Telkom expects upgrade to be completed in December THE GREAT WAIT CONTINUES 2009-04-01 - Telkom goes bankrupt due to complete...
  10. X

    Is this for real?????

    Hi guys, I did an ADSL availibility check and here are the results: Adsl Support The exchange supports ADSL. Your exchange supports ADSL, but due to infrastructure related issues we cannot accommodate you at this time. Should you wish to register your details in order be contacted when...