1. Kevin Lancaster

    Line looks to take on WhatsApp and We Chat

    Google-beater launching messaging app South Korean tech billionaire Lee Hae-jin looks to take on WhatsApp and WeChat with Line
  2. jes

    8 WhatsApp replacements

    8 WhatsApp alternatives Have a principle objection to Facebook? Or perhaps the campaign against third-party WhatsApp APIs is getting you down?
  3. Jan

    Viber acquisition talks denied

    Viber sale talks denied The CEO of Viber has denied that it is in talks with an Asian instant messaging company about an acquisition.
  4. Georgios

    adsl line installation

    Hi all, I I live in bushwillow Park Estate and I would like an adsl line installation to my house. Telkom arrived today and informed me that I need somebody to come and install the line from the man hole to my house. Telkom don't do it. The technician that I get an electrician or a handyman...
  5. J

    49db line attenuation

    is a line attenuation of 49db downstream the problem of my often disconnects? I had ongoing problem and it got worse when line was sync at 4mbps, it will drop connection often. I had phone call from a Telkom Engineer today giving me below info regarding my problem: Direct quoted from out...
  6. M

    Whatsapp or similar on ipad?

    I'm looking for a way to easily share photos and videos from my android devices to my in-laws' ipads (they have data contracts on the ipads, not on their phones). Whatsapp only officially supports the iphone not the ipad. Can anyone recommend an IM client (with photo and video sharing) that...
  7. jes

    Messaging apps upend rivals with marketing might

    Messaging apps upend rivals with marketing might In the battle to become the global messaging app of choice, China’s WeChat and Japan-based Line have brought out some large marketing guns
  8. G

    Anyone in Blanco (044 870) having ADSL issues?

    Hi As by the title of this thread if you are having ADSL issues please let me know, because I have been having issues where by my internet goes of, but the modem still stays synced with the exchange. I have used 3 types of modems and all the same problem. Telkom says there is nothing wrong...
  9. K

    telkom adsl line problem

    I have a 1m/bit line from telkom.i am only getting 64k/bit speeds.(the line was 384k/bit but was so slow i didnt notice the upgrade).I now checked with the adslcheck website and it is supposed to be 1m/bit.I dont think the problem is with the router.I called telkom but this did not help.I think...
  10. G

    ADSL in Sherwood, Durban

    Rose Avenue, Sherwood, Durban. 031 209 . . . Syncing at dial up yet it is a 1 meg line. Line hosted with ISAT and ADSL via Afrihost. Logged multiple calls but Telkom has not fixed it yet, been over a month.
  11. M

    Some basics questions around ADSL - exceptions vs what you get

    I'm recently new to the work of ADSL at home, although I'm somewhat of a nerd. I had these high expectations of silkysmooth streaming and enough bandwidth to host my own portfolio of cyber services, but alas I was hit with cold hard reality. Question 1: my adsl line seems to disconnect every...
  12. J

    Dead Telkom Line after Migration to ADSL

    Hi There, We had our line reconnected on the 6th of February, and I called Telkom yesterday to convert my "analogue" line to "ADSL", but once I got home from work my actual Telkom phone had no dialling tone (which it did before the request). Do Telkom lines "die" during the migration...
  13. T

    Moving my Telkom line

    Morning guys, I am moving out of my place at the end of February, but I don't want to go through the whole waiting 3-4 weeks for Telkom to setup a new line for me. I currently have an uncapped bundle with Afrihost. So my question is, when should I notify telkom to move my line? Does...
  14. W

    WA lets you manage your line?

    Hey guys Just saw this post on WebAfrica forums. Has anyone else used this new tool? From what they saying you are able to manage your own line?
  15. M

    Getting Telkom to install a phone line to my house

    I have a problem. I live in Ebotse Estate, and do not have access to any decent internet. At the moment I am stuck with slow 3g (MTN), and I really need ADSL to do any gaming etc. I have phoned telkom once and they said they wouldn't install a line to my house, but I am frustrated and desperate...
  16. B

    ADSL line rental

    I am in the market for ADSL. MWeb has the all-inclisve offer of Data & ADSL line rental I dont need a landline/telephone. Would I have to pay monthly for a landline, or will it be possible to only have the ADSL data line installed?
  17. J

    What to do about a "flapping line"?

    Hi everyone Ok so we recently got Telkom adsl line after months of using 3G. We thought it would be faster and more reliable. But now we're finding that the line drops maybe 10-12 times a day for about 10mins at a time. Telkom has called it a "flapping line". Has anyone experienced this...
  18. A

    An Arial on Telehone Pole

    Hi would just like to check if this is normal... I have a 4mb adsl line, the other day i took a walk down on our road and noticed that there is an aerial, wich looks like some radio antenna mounted at the top of the Telkom telephone pole right, the line runs in the backyard of the properties so...
  19. S

    Telkom Line Hunting - How does it work?

    Hey fellow MyBB'ers I've been assigned to sort out the PBX, telephone lines, hunting facilities, and advertised telephone numbers for one of our clients. One thing I'm not fully understanding is how Telkom Line Hunting works. I've read the Telkom website, and understand the basics. What I...
  20. F

    ADSL Line drop

    Hi there, So i've been having this problem with my ADSL line now for about a year. I'm with Mweb's 4096 Uncapped, but manage my Telkom line myself. I've called Telkom & Mweb quite a few times already but no one can assist me. Today I realised that the line seems to drop everytime I upload...