1. Jan

    Telkom launches data bundles for 8 chat apps

    Telkom launches new WhatsApp bundles Telkom has launched new chat data bundles that can be used on eight messaging apps — WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, WeChat, Viber, Line, Threema, and Facebook Messenger.
  2. J

    Line launches cryptocurrency venture fund

    Line launches cryptocurrency venture fund Instant messenger company Line announced that its subsidiary Unblock Corporation has established Unblock Ventures. It is a corporate cryptocurrency venture fund and has a capital commitment of $10 million by LVC Corporation – another company in the...
  3. J

    How to cancel Telkom lines or services

    I have recently been involved in assisting clients with cancelling their Telkom services. As recent articles ahve highlighted Telkom is swamped with cancellation requests As of Jun 2018 Cancellations are now initiated on line or through 10210 10210 cancellation tries hard to push the...
  4. M

    RSAWeb vs VOX (Milnerton)

    Hello FrogFootFibre has installed the fibre infrastructure in the Milnerton area (to be up and running by the 27th of this month). I am trying t determine what the best ISP would be and want to get your opinion/experience. So far we are looking at an uncapped 100Mbps line from either RSAWeb...
  5. B

    Technician says that I can't upgrade to higher speed but website and router says so ?

    Good day , We recently upgraded from 4mbps to 10mbps after viewing on their coverage website that we can get 10mbps and it already shows on our account that we are registered as 10mbps so our account is no problem. We already waited a week and still no speed upgrade and when we phoned telkom...
  6. F

    Is it possible to split a line's connection between connected users?

    Hi So just as the title says I just recently upgraded to a 4mb line.. So Whenever my Brother uses the internet and starts streaming he uses the whole line speed.. So it makes it next to impossible to access the internet. So my question it possible to split the connection between...
  7. J

    8 'wrong' technicians, 4 months later and 1 broken Telkom landline

    The title may sound like a bad poem, however it's an ongoing every day struggle with Telkom. Today marks the day where Telkom messed up for eight consecutive times in a row. Your eighth technician is currently at my premises telling me that he cannot fix the line because, and I quote, "He only...
  8. M

    ADSL Line installation

    @TelkomSA I have requested the install of a landline at my home at the start of May. Since then a couple of technicians has been sent out to do the installation. Each time I have to arrange to leave work and go home just to be told a different excuse. Some in the form of they do not...
  9. T

    2nd Line Support Consultant

    The candidate will be required to fulfil and uphold the company values of personalised, high quality service by finding solutions to problems that users are experiencing. The candidate will become part of a young and dynamic team of technology enthusiasts. The candidate will be offered an...
  10. S

    Constantly degrading ADSL line - FIXED

    I am writing this post to help others that may experience the same issues like I have been having for the last couple of years. I have a TP-LINK router with an 8 Mb ADSL line at my home, +- 2.5km from the exchange. The router would show me the available line speed, and what my current speed...
  11. OnlyOneKenobi

    How long to activate phone line?

    Moving to a new house at the end of the month. The house does have a phone line, but I would assume I would need to (re)activate the line once we have moved in. Once that is done, I intend to apply for an ADSL line \ data combo - probably from Axxess. In 2016, how long does Telkom usually take...
  12. V

    Telkom only installing 2 Mbps lines?

    I have heard rumors that Telkom is only installing 2 Mbps lines, specifically in the Paulshof area. Can somebody confirm this rumor? As far as my understanding goes, line speed's limiting factors are most significantly impacted by copper quality and distance from exchange. How can they be...
  13. F

    Wierd 30s ADSL Sync Issue

    So for the past 3 months I have been having constant sync issues but lately it has taken a turn for the weird. At exactly 30 seconds after getting sync the router would lose sync. Only way to get it to sync again is turning it off for a hour or more. This is not bound to router or modulation...
  14. D

    Afrihost ADSL Line

    Hey guys, I was advised today by Telkom, after providing my line number, that my ADSL service is now active on the line. How long do you guys think it will be before Afrihost contacts me in order to ask me to connect my modem/router?
  15. D

    Checking line conversion status

    Hi Everyone, I had a telkom line installed and signed up for a Business uncapped package from Afrihost. I am aware that it takes between 14 - 28 days to convert the line to an adsl line and transfer to Afrihost. What I would like to know is, are there any ways to check the status/progress of...
  16. W

    Junior First Line Analyst, Cape Town - CTC R10,5k per month

    Needing a change? Looking to grow and work your way up in an internationally based company? My client is looking for individuals with a passion for what they do to start as junior first line analysts for their Bellville offices. Salary R10500 pm CTC, R1500 shift allowance for the months...
  17. N

    Someone else on my ADSL line!

    Hi there. I've got a bundle with afrihost (uncapped 1mb internet, they manage the telkom dsl line). Of course I also then have a voice line with Telkom. The voice line works fine. However, since registering with afrihost almost three months ago, my internet has never worked (!!). After...
  18. S

    Telkom won't give me a cable, any other suggestions?

    Hi All First some background, I moved into a new apartment about 8 months ago in Stellenbosch. I requested a line from telkom and after they sent a technician, they told me I needed a physical line to be installed (like dig a trench and put a line in). I included an image for an easy...
  19. E

    Can I switch between 2 ADSl ISP's on 1 ADSL line???

    Hey everyone, new here and have a question which needs to be answered. So here is how the story goes... We have finally made the decision to move to uncapped adsl. My parents are leaning towards the Mweb 4mbps standard uncapped account which includes adsl line rental for R449. This deal...
  20. S

    I need your help choosing

    Good... morning! So here's the deal. About a month ago I had a 2mbps Business Uncapped Bundle from Afrihost and it was great. I never has issues and my speed almost never dropped below 1.5mbps. I had to move to a new place where there was already internet so I then cancelled it. Now I'm...