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    Azure Credits for Open Source Projects Microsoft are offering one year's Azure credits to Open Source projects. Any projects with an OSI approved license are eligible to apply.
  2. I

    Your Favourite Open Source Software?

    What are your favourite Free/Libre/Open Source applications or projects? Reply below and I will add anything I deem worthy to this post for quick reference (until I get bored, die or find someone better to do it :) ) EDIT: The list has has exceeded the character limit for a single post on this...
  3. K

    Junior Systems Administrator

    Junior Systems Administrator - R8,000.00 - R15,000.00 per month. This is an entry level position for someone who is looking to start in the Tech Industry and is serious about creating a career in Tech with a passion for the industry. We are not concerned with your experience but only with your...
  4. Z

    Open Source DIY TV Box on

    Good day all, Pre-order Gadget of the day Pre-order Open Source TV Box Was $119.99 or more, now from $49.99. Coupon: Flash Sale Link: Do note that there is limited stock daily. First 5 daily at 11:00...
  5. M

    Black Friday 50% off traning courses

    Jumping Bean is going to be offering Black Friday Specials on training. See the countdown page for details:
  6. B

    OpenSource ADSL in South Africa

    One of my projects for this year is to launch a new consumer ISP service in South Africa with an OpenSource ideology. What I mean by this is it'll be community supported and driven. Our focus, offer the most competitive consumer adsl service in the country with the best connectivity. How...
  7. T

    Open-source router seeks funding

    Not sure if this sort of thing is allowed. If not, sorry. Linky link An Australian company wants to make an open-source router that's more secure and transparent than what's generally available. Seems like a good idea if you handle sensitive data (especially in the light of NSA malware and...
  8. S

    Barebone Laptops

    Hello people, Does anyone here know where I can purchase a new laptop without any os installed on it as I would like to install and use Ubuntu. Thanks in advance. Cheers:)
  9. G

    Software Advice - Order Tracking website

    Hi guys I am looking for some software advice. I was to replicate the process of using an online shop with my customers from an order tracking point of view. The problem is I sell a service not a product. so there are no stock levels It I want to have a portal that allows my customer to...
  10. S

    Open Source Accounting Software

    Hi, Does anyone know of some good open source accounting software? I have played around with a few different ones but am looking for something in line with Pastel but open source. I tried turbocad but it is a bit difficult. Any assistance will do. Thanks guys and girls
  11. timhaak

    Software Freedom Day Gauteng Talk Topics

    Here are the talks for software freedom day gauteng For the list with times Talk Times Also come and join the rest of us only 34 spaces left Alfresco and Liferay Using ubuntu linux in embedded applications with and without a GUI Smart cities Exploring open data...
  12. timhaak

    Software Freedom Day Gauteng Talks and Sign up

    Hi All Here are the talks for software freedom day. If anyone is keen to do at talk please email tim @ haak dot co dot uk me and we'll make a plan. As space is limited and filling up quickly please remember to sign up. e-Breadboard: open source decision intelligence Connecting to the...
  13. Nod

    Forrester: Hire software developers who take part in open source projects

    Source: more at the link
  14. M

    Bitcoin Open Source ATM

    Not sure where to put this, so here we go: It seems that opinions differ on the usability, but like stated: Interesting.
  15. Nod

    FlightGear 2.6.0 Released

  16. J

    Joomla! 2.5.0 released

    The Joomla! project announced the release of Joomla! 2.5.0 This is is the 3rd in a new series of 6-month releases, and as a Long Term Support (LTS) release, it will be supported for at least 18 months. See for more details and to download this release.
  17. O

    Determining what was used to build a website - is there an application, what else?

    Hi All, We have software that is used to take the content of a traditional website from that site, format it for use on all mobile phones with the help of a designer it must be said, and then we publish it to our own hosting platform. Easy with a static site, also easy if we know what the...
  18. tsume

    Websites to search for open source application

    I'm looking for a list of websites where open source software (or links) are provided, I've tried but it didn't have what I was specifically looking for.
  19. jes

    An open source app store is in the works

    An open source app store is in the works Linux vendors look to improve user experience with a common Linux app store.
  20. jes

    LibreOffice is gaining ground

    LibreOffice is gaining ground offshoot starts to show signs it will in time become the preferred office suite for Linux users.