1. Jan

    MetroFibre increases speeds - FTTH price comparison

    Fibre price war in South Africa — MetroFibre throws down the gauntlet Comparing the latest fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) prices in South Africa from major fibre network operators (FNOs) shows that Vumatel is the most expensive for almost every speed. MetroFibre announced this week that it was...
  2. Jan

    Fibre price war - before and after the Covid-19 lockdown

    Fibre war in South Africa — with prices dropping below R400 Fibre-to-the-home in South Africa is cheaper than ever before, with 25Mbps packages starting for as little as R399 per month. South Africa's home fibre market saw the beginning of a real price war when the country locked down for the...
  3. Jan

    Openserve Prepaid Connect - Web Connect, but with 7-day prepaid bundles

    Openserve launches 20Mbps prepaid fibre with 7-day bundles Telkom's wholesale fibre network division Openserve is launching a new prepaid fibre offer on its cheaper Web Connect product, letting customers pay for a connection upfront as and when they need it. Openserve said the service would...
  4. Jan

    How much money network operators make in South Africa

    How much money South Africa's cellphone networks make South Africa's mobile network operators generate around 74% more revenue than fixed-line service providers, and data services dominate other products, the State of the ICT Sector report reveals. The Independent Communications Authority of...
  5. Jan

    Upgrading to 500 Mbps Openserve fibre on Afrihost Client Zone tested

    I upgraded to 500 Mbps Openserve fibre through Afrihost — and it is great I upgraded from 200 Mbps to 500 Mbps Openserve fibre using Afrihost’s easy-to-use client zone and must now figure out what to do with the extra bandwidth. Openserve launched its new 500 Mbps fibre-to-the-home service in...
  6. Jan

    Openserve on 1Gbps fibre - We'll launch it if we launch it

    1Gbps fibre in South Africa — two major networks are lagging behind While other major fibre networks in South Africa reach speeds of up to 1Gbps, MetroFibre and Openserve only offer download speeds of up to 500Mbps and 300Mbps, respectively. Afrihost sells Vumatel's, Frogfoot's, and Octotel's...
  7. Anthro

    Who's the quickest to get me connected - existing OpenServe infrastructure

    ISP's what do you need to get me connected ASAP ? Below an image of the ONT device's current state. It cycles through what seems to be a self-test and then the Optical LED goes from RED to GREEN, and the LAN port(s) shut off (tried all 4)
  8. J

    Openserve Fibre Connect/Web Connect/Prepaid Connect Uncapped

    What is the differentiating factor(s) for a house to qualify for either fibre option. I know that it can depend on target market, area, budget, etc (similar to vuma reach and vuma core). The reason I ask this is because in my area our house has been listed as being Fibre Connect compatible. Now...
  9. Anthro

    Identify the device - OpenServe or Frogfoot.

    Or is it not that simple ? Moving house, RSAWEB is current ISP, but they are slow to come to the table with the change documents Need to know who to mention as the FNO with new order application Current house has Frogfoot as FNO, new house is in same area, but you can't just 'migrate' you have...
  10. Jan

    Openserve gunning for Vumatel's home fibre crown

    Openserve gunning for Vumatel's home fibre crown Telkom's wholesale fixed-line division Openserve saw sustained growth in the past year, according to its latest trading update for the quarter ended 31 December 2021. The total number of homes passed with Openserve fibre reached 801,084, 65.5%...
  11. J

    Can anyone vouch for Cybersmart

    Does anyone have expirience with Cybersmart's fibre offerings, specifically on Openserve? How is their general customer support and uptime? Ignoring the usual names (Afrihost, CISP, Websquad) as alternatives.
  12. Jan

    Afrihost fibre price hikes announced

    Afrihost hikes fibre prices Afrihost has started informing subscribers that they will be paying more for their fibre connections from 1 March 2022. Customers on all major fibre network operators (FNOs) will see a price increase, except for MetroFibre Networx.
  13. BamboozledAttorney

    ISP prices are up?

    Clearly there is a price increase on Afrihost's website. Current: End of December 2021: From the looks of it, even Openserve as an FNO got a price increase. Current: From last year: Same with Frogfoot: Current: From last year: Anyone knows if other ISPs are going to do an increase?
  14. Jan

    DFA business fibre vs regular Openserve FTTx - the winner is clear

    Openserve versus DFA — the winner is clear A real-world comparison between Openserve and DFA’s fibre offerings in similar office parks revealed that Openserve’s offerings are far superior in nearly all respects. To get fibre at your office depends on which fibre network operators have...
  15. Jan

    South Africa's biggest data users of 2021

    The Petabyte squad — South Africa’s biggest data hogs in 2021 At least three fibre-to-the-home users in South Africa consumed more than 1 petabyte (1,000TB) of data during 2021, according to major fibre Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the country. Point Topic's Broadband Tariff Benchmark...
  16. cavedog

    How many FNO's are you covered by?

    I see that at a family member's place in Richards Bay, Frogfoot first rolled out in 2019 and went live beginning of 2020. Shortly followed by Vodacom Fibre. Looks like Openserve wants a piece of the pie now 2021. They are using existing copper ducts pulling fibre and installing bb's I feel...
  17. Jan

    Fibre price comparison - 4Mbps to 50Mbps for less than R500

    Fibre for less than R500 — from 4Mbps to 50Mbps South Africans looking for an affordable fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) package will find a wide range of products to choose from for less than R500 per month. The prices of fibre packages are not primarily determined by the Internet Service Providers...
  18. ShadowR

    Openserve 500Mbps speedtest (different ISPs)

    Hi peeps. So I have picked up something interesting on my 500Mbps Openserve line. I am currently with Vox and getting the below speed. Vox Telecom Afrihost I have raised this with Vox who will be investigating after a port reset did not resolve the issue. Something interesting to note is...
  19. Jan

    Cheap fibre war in South Africa - Vuma Reach, Openserve Web Connect, and Frogfoot Air

    Fibre war in South Africa — with prices starting at less than R300 per month South Africans in select neighbourhoods have the option to get a cost-effective uncapped fibre-to-the-home package from as little as R297 per month. Three of South Africa's biggest fibre network operators offer...
  20. Jan

    Companies that control South African telecoms - Competition Commission report

    These are the companies that control South Africa's Internet Vumatel has grown to become a dominant player in fibre-to-the-home, while Telkom's Openserve division continues to dominate when it comes to national long-distance fibre in South Africa. Vodacom and MTN remain the most dominant...