1. J

    Shaping or some other problem on Openserve (specifically Durban & surrounding areas)?

    I don't know where else to complain about this, my ISP (WebAfrica) is useless when I ask them to talk to Openserve considering I get the whole package through WebAfrica, I have zero communication channel with Openserve because they do not offer any support for end-customers, only ISPs. This is...
  2. G

    Kudos to Afrihost and Openserve in Irene

    The Openserve fibre coverage map indicated that we have fibre available on 1 April (it was not an april fools joke). I put in an order on 2 April with Afrihost for 20mbps uncapped fibre. On Friday morning I got a call from Openserve informing me that they were coming to install my fibre. I...
  3. Psyndrome

    Telkom / Openserve Fibre Technician Trainer

    Urgently looking for Fibre Technician who has / is working on the Telkom / Openserve network. To provide a days training to a team of 5 from reading orders to splicing and ONT installations. If training goes well, looking to bring onboard on an ongoing basis. Will pay substantially.
  4. C

    Locations of Openserve edge service routers

    Hi guys Does anyone have list of locations for Openserve's edge service routers? For example, esdw-ip-esr-3 is in Port Elizabeth. I suspect wblv-ip-esr-3 is in Durbanville and tprn-ip-esr-2 is probably somewhere around Roodepoort. I'm working on a location project for which this data...
  5. J

    Fibre line installed but no ONT Device - What now?

    Hi All, So I applied for Fibre from Afrihost using Openserve, got my router delivered and a few weeks later an OpenServe technician arrived onsite to perform the Fibre installation. So all that went well except that the OpenServe was requiring an "order" number from Afrihost to complete...
  6. M

    Openserve Fibre - Speed Upgrade

    Typically how long does it take to upgrade Openserve fibre line speed? The fibre line is active, installed and in use. I requested an upgrade from 40M to 100M a week ago.
  7. J

    Cool Ideas and OpenServe fibre feedback please

    Good morning Can anyone with fibre accounts with Cool Ideas on the OpenServe infrastructure provide some feedback please. Speed test results would be great too. Regards Johan
  8. S

    Openserve max Fibre speed 100mb/s

    Hi ladies and gents. Do any of you have any contacts with Openserve. I am curious as to why they have such basic speed packages to choose from. Also they are all a ratio of 2:1 Currently on a 100mb/50mb line and when i sent a query to Openserve on why they don't offer fibre speeds above...
  9. C

    Using Google wifi for fibre

    I recently applied for a fiber line through Telkom, unfortunately our estate has signed an exclusive deal with them which means I'm stuck with them for the foreseeable future, and opted for the month to month package that does not include the free wifi router. My question is do all packages...
  10. C

    Plumbago Estate Fibre - Openserve Help

    Hi Hope there is someone that can help me? All the complexes/estates around our estate has fibre installed except for our estate. In January a project manager from Openserve confirmed that our fibre will be installed end of May 2017. Since he confirmed it we can't get hold of this person any...
  11. G

    WebAfrica - Up to 6 months to pick up online order

    Hi, Is it true that WebAfrica will only "pick up your online order" within 6 months? I got the following reply to an email that I sent to a WebAfrica sales agent: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank...
  12. Newsfeed

    Management changes at Openserve

    Management changes at Openserve Openserve chief sales and marketing officer Prenesh Padayachee has left the company to pursue other interests.
  13. M

    Axxess - OpenServe Capped Account Experiences

    Hi all. I am brand new here. I've searched and searched but couldn't find a thread so I'm starting one. To summarise: Network Provider : OpenServe (meh) (only available one, vumatel and seacom are on the planned coverage map) ISP: Axxess (more meh) Router : Netgear D6400 FTTH...
  14. O

    Telkom Fibre / ISP - DNS problems

    I have and had problems with Fibre - Openserve + Telkom as ISP at both my houses (just moved last month and Telkom/Openserve installed Fibre) in Pretoria. Both houses are within 5km With both installations I get (got) continual messages "This site can’t be reached - www.XXXX.yyy Server DNS...
  15. M

    Openserve CrystalWeb packet loss

    I must admit I feel happy in that I have had the privileged of experiencing multiple fibre service providers. Traditionally I was using MTN as an ISP before I had to move rather urgently at the beginning of this year. Wonderfull line to use and the only thing I could fault them on was their...
  16. W

    Openserve Future Fibre

    Does anyone understand how future fibre works? Openserve contacted me more than two years ago and asked me as trustee of our complex if I would allow them to install fibre to which I agreed. Just before that I applied for ADSL with telkom but they cancelled the installation due to fibre being...
  17. J

    OpenServe Fibre with WebAfrica is really crap!

    We live in an area where Telkom told us we are too far from the exchange to get ADSL faster than 2mb/s. We have had the adsl for two years and after an initial bumpy start (we had OpenServe come out about 5 times in a two week period) our ADSL worked very well for a 2mb line. We were very happy...
  18. D

    My experience so far with getting fiber with afrihost/Openserve

    So i've had an interesting few weeks. Ordered a package with afrihost, i know everyone is saying stay away but I've used them before and had good service. Anyways lets get to the point. Ordered the package, next day router gets to my place, following day open serve phones to say they want...
  19. Newsfeed

    Major cable theft destroys connectivity in Cape Town airport area

    Major cable theft destroys connectivity in Cape Town airport area Openserve has reported a major incident of cable theft in the Bishop Lavis area.
  20. F

    OpenServe Coverage Map

    Hi all, I've seen some posts online about this, but no details on how to proceed. OpenServe installed fiber in my Estate and I received confirmation from the PM that testing is successful and project is complete. The only step that has to take place now is the loading of the site to the...