1. M

    Axxess - OpenServe Capped Account Experiences

    Hi all. I am brand new here. I've searched and searched but couldn't find a thread so I'm starting one. To summarise: Network Provider : OpenServe (meh) (only available one, vumatel and seacom are on the planned coverage map) ISP: Axxess (more meh) Router : Netgear D6400 FTTH...
  2. Olddude

    Telkom Fibre / ISP - DNS problems

    I have and had problems with Fibre - Openserve + Telkom as ISP at both my houses (just moved last month and Telkom/Openserve installed Fibre) in Pretoria. Both houses are within 5km With both installations I get (got) continual messages "This site can’t be reached - www.XXXX.yyy Server DNS...
  3. Marz

    Openserve CrystalWeb packet loss

    I must admit I feel happy in that I have had the privileged of experiencing multiple fibre service providers. Traditionally I was using MTN as an ISP before I had to move rather urgently at the beginning of this year. Wonderfull line to use and the only thing I could fault them on was their...
  4. W

    Openserve Future Fibre

    Does anyone understand how future fibre works? Openserve contacted me more than two years ago and asked me as trustee of our complex if I would allow them to install fibre to which I agreed. Just before that I applied for ADSL with telkom but they cancelled the installation due to fibre being...
  5. J

    OpenServe Fibre with WebAfrica is really crap!

    We live in an area where Telkom told us we are too far from the exchange to get ADSL faster than 2mb/s. We have had the adsl for two years and after an initial bumpy start (we had OpenServe come out about 5 times in a two week period) our ADSL worked very well for a 2mb line. We were very happy...
  6. D

    My experience so far with getting fiber with afrihost/Openserve

    So i've had an interesting few weeks. Ordered a package with afrihost, i know everyone is saying stay away but I've used them before and had good service. Anyways lets get to the point. Ordered the package, next day router gets to my place, following day open serve phones to say they want...
  7. Newsfeed

    Major cable theft destroys connectivity in Cape Town airport area

    Major cable theft destroys connectivity in Cape Town airport area Openserve has reported a major incident of cable theft in the Bishop Lavis area.
  8. F

    OpenServe Coverage Map

    Hi all, I've seen some posts online about this, but no details on how to proceed. OpenServe installed fiber in my Estate and I received confirmation from the PM that testing is successful and project is complete. The only step that has to take place now is the loading of the site to the...
  9. K

    [Openserve] Fibre in - but no GPON equipment at Exchange????

    :mad: I need to rant! After waiting for months for fibre, since ADSL is almost non-existent in Rooihuiskraal, Centurion, my complex finally went dark purple about three weeks ago. My application was first, as the technician who installed the indoor fibre and ONT device said he wasn't even...
  10. Jamie McKane

    Why Openserve's fibre map says you have coverage, and your ISP says you don't

    Why Openserve's fibre map says you have coverage, and your ISP says you don't MyBroadband has received several complaints from people regarding the accuracy of Openserve's fibre coverage map.
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Truly impressive fibre-to-the-home installation from Openserve

    Truly impressive fibre-to-the-home installation from Openserve We recently ordered an Openserve fibre-to-the-home service through Afrihost, and in less than a week the connection was installed and active.
  12. Henrico101

    Openserve Fiber

    So, hey! Hi! Hello! I'm new to the forums, amazing place this - some of the things people write here is pretty amazing :crylaugh: I have a question that has probably been answered, but I am unable to find it, maybe I'm just a bit to n00b for this forum: Openserve was at my house about 3...
  13. R

    When we getting fibre in Sunward Park?

    Fibre was installed in my street in June 2016 but still not available to order in Sunward Park.What is the holdup,how long does this process take?
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    Openserve cuts wholesale ADSL and fibre-to-the-home prices

    Openserve cuts wholesale ADSL and fibre-to-the-home prices Openserve has announced price reductions for its IP Connect (IPC) product, which is used by Internet service providers for ADSL, VDSL, and fibre-to-the-home products.
  15. P

    Web Africa + OpenServe = Stay Away

    Just a friendly note to anyone who might be interested in fibre from Web Africa and Open Serve. Just stay away. Ive been having high latency. Unstable Internet, where it will disconnect for 5 seconds and then i have to restart everything to get it back up. This has been going on since the...
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    Openserve fibre line porting being upgraded to work more like ADSL

    Openserve fibre line porting being upgraded to work more like ADSL Openserve does not currently handle fibre line migrations the same way it does its DSL service, MyBroadband has learned.
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    How often Openserve updates its FTTH map

    How often Openserve updates its FTTH map Openserve said it updates its fibre coverage map whenever there is new address data available.
  18. N

    Higher latency on Fibre than DSL while gaming

    Hi all, Telkom activated my 10 meg uncapped fibre package today and I was excited to experience lower latency but have been very disappointed. I would like to get some feedback on others experiences and recommendations with latency on Overwatch or CS:GO. My average ms playing Overwatch was...
  19. Anthro

    Anthro's Experience - OpenServe + Afrihost Fibre

    Kudo's to OpenserveZA .. ordered fibre last week.. They called me just now - installing TOMORROW !!! 159535031 **IBIWISI But still. ? Unlke WebAfrica, these guys actionally ran with the ball and placed my order FAST
  20. F

    VUMATEL from 'Interest' to 'Connected'? - and their prices...

    Vumatel says they are keen to lay cable in our area next to Openserve. Openserve is 90% done as far as I can tell, they are just having some issues with some overhead cables, (apparently). They have been working in the area for 3 or 4 months now, so I have to assume they are almost done...