1. Jan

    Companies that control South African telecoms - Competition Commission report

    These are the companies that control South Africa's Internet Vumatel has grown to become a dominant player in fibre-to-the-home, while Telkom's Openserve division continues to dominate when it comes to national long-distance fibre in South Africa. Vodacom and MTN remain the most dominant...
  2. Jan

    Fixed lines in South Africa declined, while mobile broadband surged - Stats SA

    Internet access surprise in South Africa Fewer South Africans had fixed-line Internet connections at home in 2020 than in 2019, but more accessed the Internet via a mobile device. That is according to Statistics South Africa's latest General Household Survey for 2020, which found around 1.5...
  3. Jan

    Uncapped FTTH price comparison

    Cheapest home fibre deals in South Africa South Africans can get an uncapped fibre package for as little as R297 per month, thanks to price cuts from fibre network operators and Internet service providers throughout 2021. Several fibre packages have download speeds ranging from 10Mbps to...
  4. Jan

    Telkom fixed-line free-fall continues

    Slow death of Telkom ADSL Telkom has released its financial results for the first half of its financial year, which showed its fixed broadband subscribers have declined by 11.8% since last year. From 1 April to 30 September 2021, fixed broadband subscribers on Openserve's copper and fibre...
  5. Jan

    Openserve increases fibre connections after cutting prices

    Openserve fibre connections surge after price cuts Telkom has published its interim results for the six months ended September 2021, revealing a big increase in fibre-to-the-home connections on its Openserve network. Telkom said that the number of homes connected with Openserve fibre increased...
  6. Jan

    Telkom and Openserve launch prepaid uncapped fibre vouchers

    Telkom launches uncapped prepaid fibre — starting at R99 for 3 days Telkom has launched uncapped prepaid fibre offerings starting from R99 for three days' worth of access.
  7. T

    Do any ISP's still provide capped data accounts without line rental?

    So I'm currently on an Openserve 40Mbit fibre line. In the past I used to have a backup 100GB Afrihost data account for the rare occurrence that Openserve shat the bed. Lately I'm been having issues with Openserve. At least once a week their DNS servers (I'm assuming) go to absolute ****, and...
  8. M

    Two Routers to one ONT box?

    Hi Guys/Gals This is my first post on mybroadband so please forgive any errors. I currently have a fibre connection with Afrihost running of Openserve. During my install I received one ONT box and the Huawei WS5200 router which included a UPS for loadshedding backups. This works fine. My...
  9. Hanno Labuschagne

    ADSL disconnection could happen from 1 October

    ADSL disconnection could happen from 1 October Openserve has informed Internet service providers (ISPs) of the potential termination of Resell DSL and Openserve Copper Connect (OCC) services within its existing and pre-order fibre footprints. As part of the notice, Openserve said it reserves...
  10. JordanAKAxblazii

    Frogfoot and Openserve fibre

    Do other network lay fibre down where there is already a fibre like Vumatel because Openserve and other isp have better prices than Vumatel Vodacom?
  11. Jan

    Fibre price comparison on 500Mbps+ uncapped packages

    High-end fibre price war in South Africa Openserve has launched a new 500Mbps Openserve Fibre Connect service at an affordable rate which is set to shake up the fibre market in South Africa. Many fibre network operators have been offering 500Mbps and 1Gbps fibre-to-the-home services, but...
  12. Jan

    Openserve fibre surpasses ADSL - Telkom quarterly trading update for 30 June 2021

    Telkom fibre overtakes ADSL Telkom has reached an inflection point where the number of homes connected with fibre surpassed the number of homes connected with copper. Tekom revealed this information in its trading update for the quarter ended 30 June 2021.
  13. Jan

    Mobile data growth - Telkom quarterly trading update at 30 June 2021

    Big Telkom Mobile data growth Telkom has issued its quarterly trading update for the April-June 2021 period, showing substantial growth in mobile customers and mobile data revenue. “Telkom published a solid set of results for the first quarter of the year in a challenging trading and economic...
  14. Z

    Openserve fibre with Home-Connect ISP: How to use with my own router if my own router does not support VPN

    My setup: I have 25mbps download / upload with Home Connect on Openserve fibre. I have a Hauwei B525 as the first modem/router and use Google Wifi routers for my mesh wifi. The problem with Google Wifi is that it does not have ability to configure a VPN which is required when using Home Connect...
  15. L

    OpenServe/Home Connect - L2TP connection drops after reboot

    The L2TP connection won’t reconnect after I reboot my router. Does anyone know why this happens/why I can't reconnect/what I can do to avoid this from happening in future?
  16. Jan

    Cheapest fibre network operators in South Africa

    Fibre price war — Cheapest network operators in South Africa A fibre-to-the-home price analysis revealed that Openserve and Frogfoot are the most affordable fibre network operators, while Metrofibre is the most expensive. This analysis followed price cuts by two of South Africa’s largest fibre...
  17. Jan

    Cheapest fibre deals by line speed in South Africa

    Cheapest fibre-to-the-home deals in South Africa South Africans can now get uncapped fibre packages starting from as little as R299 per month thanks to substantial price cuts in the past year. Openserve, Frogfoot, Vumatel, MetroFibre, Herotel, and Octotel were among the fibre network operator...
  18. J

    Openserve ONT

    I have bit the bullet and pre ordered openserve fibre and wanted to know what ont they install and what is the power rating. I have a backup battery for my adsl router and want to repurpose it for the fibre install. Also i am buying my own router so i need to decide which one is going to be more...
  19. fundutzi

    How to order Dark fibre?

    Dear All, It is my understanding one would rather order fibre using DFA as back end if this is available at an address. The address in question has access to: a. Openserve b. TTconnect c. Dark Fibre d. Vuma, maybe. Questions, please could you assist? 1. Is my understanding correct...
  20. Jan

    Fibre-to-the-home price comparison - Vumatel and Octotel join the price war

    Fibre price war — Vumatel and Octotel join the fight Fibre network operators and Internet service providers (ISPs) in South Africa have slashed the price of fibre-to-the-home products in recent months. Openserve started the price war in March when it upgraded speeds and cut prices on its fibre...