1. A

    OpenServe Cancelling My Line Without Consent - Help!

    I've been without internet access since the morning of Friday 24 June. My ISP is Afrihost. I have a DSL line (no fibre in the area yet). After spinning the wheel to find out why my connection wasn't working (Billing? Nope, up to date. Router reconfiguration? Nope, tried that multiple times, no...
  2. Jan

    Fibre network operators say they are ready for stage 6 power cuts

    Good news for fibre connections during Eskom’s Stage 6 power cuts South Africa’s fibre network operators have told MyBroadband that they have sufficient backup power to keep their networks online during stage 6 load-shedding. Eskom announced stage 6 power cuts on Tuesday afternoon after...
  3. Jan

    Frogfoot and MetroFibre taking the fibre fight to Openserve and Vumatel

    South African fibre war — Frogfoot and MetroFibre taking on big guns Frogfoot and MetroFibre are taking on Vumatel and Openserve with their rapid fibre rollouts across the country. Frogfoot currently has 334,114 homes passed and 127,416 connected, and MetroFibre passes 350,000 with 95,000...
  4. Jan

    Vumatel vs Openserve - R18.5 billion market cap vs R44 billion valuation

    David versus Goliath — A tale of two telecommunications companies On Tuesday, 14 June 2022, Telkom released its annual financial results for the year ended 31 March 2022, revealing a company struggling to grow. Revenue was down 1.1% to R42.8 billion, and earnings before interest, taxes...
  5. Jan

    Telkom expects to announce hyperscaler partnership in 3-6 months

    Telkom in major data centre play Telkom is potentially looking at announcing a partnership with a hyperscale computing provider soon, CEO Serame Taukobong has told MyBroadband. Hyperscalers include players such as Alibaba, Huawei, Oracle, Facebook, Amazon Web Services, SAP, Microsoft, and Google.
  6. Jan

    Telkom ADSL customers drop below 200,000

    ADSL on its last legs in South Africa Telkom's latest annual results revealed it lost almost 130,000 DSL customers in the past year, dragging down the operator's overall fixed broadband base. Although Telkom does not provide specific numbers for its DSL customers, this figure can be calculated...
  7. Jan

    Telkom fixed lines sink below 1 million subscribers

    Telkom's fixed-line disaster Telkom has released its annual results for the financial year ended 31 March 2022, revealing that its fixed-access line subscribers have dropped below one million. The operator's fixed-line subscribers declined by 22.4%, from 1.284 million in March 2021 to 997,000...
  8. Jan

    Telkom re-focuses on fibre

    Telkom's impressive fibre drive Telkom's annual results reveal that Openserve's fibre infrastructure passed 839,691 homes with 389,109 homes connected on 31 March 2022. It is a substantial increase from a year ago when Openserve passed 549,957 homes with fibre and had 281,065 connections.
  9. Jan

    We tested Herotel's claim that it has the best fibre prices in South Africa

    Best fibre prices in South Africa — Herotel's bold claims tested Herotel claims to offer the best fibre prices in South Africa, but several Internet service providers are cheaper, a MyBroadband analysis has found. Laying claim to offering the best or cheapest fibre prices is a fraught exercise.
  10. G

    Moving from Vumatel to Openserver - B number missing

    Good day All, I am facing an issue I'm sure many people have faced before. Let me set the scene. We are moving to our new home at the end of May. We currently have Afrihost fibre running on Vumatel infrastructure. Our new home only has Openserve available, which means that we will need the B...
  11. Jan

    Telkom's slow-roll ADSL switch-off

    Telkom's plan to switch off ADSL Telkom has plans to migrate all of its copper-based services to fibre over time but will continue to sell its DSL services for the foreseeable future. This is according to a Telkom spokesperson who also told MyBroadband that the company would not disconnect DSL...
  12. E

    Openserve Pretoria Outage

    Anyone have feedback on the Pretoria outage? Internet has been offline since 25 April afternoon hours. Openserve Outage | Pretoria 14:35, 25 APR 2022 MEDIUM IMPACT Openserve has informed us of a network outage affecting Pretoria, affected clients will experience no connectivity. Openserve...
  13. Jan

    MetroFibre increases speeds - FTTH price comparison

    Fibre price war in South Africa — MetroFibre throws down the gauntlet Comparing the latest fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) prices in South Africa from major fibre network operators (FNOs) shows that Vumatel is the most expensive for almost every speed. MetroFibre announced this week that it was...
  14. Jan

    Fibre price war - before and after the Covid-19 lockdown

    Fibre war in South Africa — with prices dropping below R400 Fibre-to-the-home in South Africa is cheaper than ever before, with 25Mbps packages starting for as little as R399 per month. South Africa's home fibre market saw the beginning of a real price war when the country locked down for the...
  15. Jan

    Openserve Prepaid Connect - Web Connect, but with 7-day prepaid bundles

    Openserve launches 20Mbps prepaid fibre with 7-day bundles Telkom's wholesale fibre network division Openserve is launching a new prepaid fibre offer on its cheaper Web Connect product, letting customers pay for a connection upfront as and when they need it. Openserve said the service would...
  16. Jan

    How much money network operators make in South Africa

    How much money South Africa's cellphone networks make South Africa's mobile network operators generate around 74% more revenue than fixed-line service providers, and data services dominate other products, the State of the ICT Sector report reveals. The Independent Communications Authority of...
  17. Jan

    Upgrading to 500 Mbps Openserve fibre on Afrihost Client Zone tested

    I upgraded to 500 Mbps Openserve fibre through Afrihost — and it is great I upgraded from 200 Mbps to 500 Mbps Openserve fibre using Afrihost’s easy-to-use client zone and must now figure out what to do with the extra bandwidth. Openserve launched its new 500 Mbps fibre-to-the-home service in...
  18. Jan

    Openserve on 1Gbps fibre - We'll launch it if we launch it

    1Gbps fibre in South Africa — two major networks are lagging behind While other major fibre networks in South Africa reach speeds of up to 1Gbps, MetroFibre and Openserve only offer download speeds of up to 500Mbps and 300Mbps, respectively. Afrihost sells Vumatel's, Frogfoot's, and Octotel's...
  19. Anthro

    Who's the quickest to get me connected - existing OpenServe infrastructure

    ISP's what do you need to get me connected ASAP ? Below an image of the ONT device's current state. It cycles through what seems to be a self-test and then the Optical LED goes from RED to GREEN, and the LAN port(s) shut off (tried all 4)
  20. J

    Openserve Fibre Connect/Web Connect/Prepaid Connect Uncapped

    What is the differentiating factor(s) for a house to qualify for either fibre option. I know that it can depend on target market, area, budget, etc (similar to vuma reach and vuma core). The reason I ask this is because in my area our house has been listed as being Fibre Connect compatible. Now...