1. jes

    Openweb addresses concerns: ADSL duplicate accounts, shaping, throttling

    Openweb ADSL duplicate accounts, shaping, throttling explained Openweb comments on accusations of ADSL account sharing, shaping, and throttling, and false company information
  2. QuintonB

    New Home uncapped ADSL products from OpenWeb

    New Home Uncapped ADSL products launched OpenWeb has unveiled a new range of Home Uncapped ADSL products, which include ‘Game Booster’ and ‘Skype Booster’ add-ons
  3. jes

    Get your ADSL at 2008 prices

    Get your ADSL at 2008 prices Vodacom is selling ADSL data products at prices last seen five years ago
  4. jes

    Uncapped ADSL prices compared

    Uncapped ADSL prices compared Uncapped ADSL service prices are constantly shifting – here is the latest comparison to help you find the cheapest deal
  5. V

    What was your experience regarding Afrihost's capped accounts?

    I have a OpenWeb Titan Uncapped 2Mbps account. Initially I quite liked it, but the problem I have with it is it's shaping/contention ratio. During night time I can easily do work requiring internet access, but during the day the account is shaped quite badly. I am therefore looking for a quality...
  6. W

    OpenWeb troubles

    Good day, I have joined this forum with one specific purpose, to share my troubles with OpenWeb company, specifically the fight to overrun their "1 calendar month" cancellation policy. I suffered neglect from this company, had to stop my bank order for this contract, and now had to apply for...
  7. Y

    ADSL Advice - Which one to choose?

    Hi all, I'm living in Wendywood with a 10MB line and looking for the quickest uncapped ISP to sign up with, that doesn't break the bank. My needs include the following: - Watch Youtube videos/stream from iTunes, without pausing to buffer. - Browse websites with ease - Unshaped Any...
  8. A

    Neither OW or Afrihost seems to know what is the problem. Anybody else care to try?

    Hi all Ok so I had a February straight out of broadband hell. Decided to upgrade my OW account beginning Feb to 2mb uncapped GOLD, after telkom upgrade my line to 2mb. I was happy for about a day and a half. Full speed downloads (http and torrent, but mainly http) Youtube streaming seemed...
  9. Jan

    Biggest bandwidth hogs on South African ADSL

    Biggest ADSL bandwidth hogs in SA The latest ISP statistics show that South Africa’s top ADSL users consume the same as hundreds of low-end consumers.
  10. Jan

    Top ADSL ISP in South Africa – MyBroadband survey

    Top ADSL ISP in South Africa – survey The latest MyBroadband survey reveals which ADSL service provider received the best ratings from customers.
  11. jes

    Telkom ADSL IPC price cuts simply not enough, say ISPs

    Telkom ADSL IPC price cuts simply not enough, say ISPs South Africa’s largest ISPs are not entirely happy with Telkom’s latest wholesale ADSL price cuts
  12. adam_g

    Selling Openweb Account

    Hi All i would like to sell my Openweb 4Mbps account. My family decided to move to Afrihost business uncapped as we work from home and therefore we dont need this 4meg account anymore. Price: R200 Type: Openweb standard uncapped Valid from: 1st Feb - 28th Feb Reason for selling: Moving to...
  13. jes

    OpenWeb Titan uncapped ADSL service launched

    OpenWeb Titan uncapped ADSL service launched OpenWeb has launched its new Titan uncapped ADSL service, offering free access to new subscribers in January
  14. V

    Afrihost Uncapped vs OpenWeb Gamers King

    So, I'm curious. Currently on Afrihost 1Mbps Uncapped. Haven't really had any problems with them, only some exchange problems sorted through Telkom, although for some reason video streaming doesn't look prioritised. Example: On AH uncapped account trying to stream video is impossible without...
  15. jes

    SuperSport-Mweb streaming conspiracy?

    SuperSport-Mweb streaming conspiracy? If you’re struggling to stream the game, ask your ISP what’s going on, SuperSport has advised
  16. jes

    Openweb introduces very cheap capped ADSL accounts

    Openweb introduces very cheap capped ADSL accounts OpenWeb has launched their new range of “Freedom Capped Unshaped” accounts, with prices dipping below R4 per GB
  17. jes

    ADSL IPC cuts leave ISPs disappointed

    ADSL IPC cuts leave ISPs disappointed Telkom’s recently announced wholesale price cuts are not enough, according to Internet service providers
  18. jes

    New Telkom ADSL speeds and prices: ISPs respond

    New Telkom ADSL speeds and prices Telkom is increasing the speed of its Resell ADSL products free of charge, which means some consumers will save money on their ADSL bill
  19. K

    Afrihost Uncapped vs Openweb Gold Orange Uncapped vs Telkom Uncapped

    Hi, Im moving from Mwb for obvious reasons - they have screwed loyal customers over - and have choices to make. Im currently on a 1Mb Telkom line(R150 dsl + R170 for voice) with mwb as my isp @ R199 = R560 p/m incl vat Ive read that IS(Afrihost) should be better in Jhb, where I currently...
  20. jes

    Uncapped vs Capped ADSL

    Uncapped vs Capped ADSL Do capped ADSL accounts offer better performance? ISPs explain what the difference is between their capped and uncapped ADSL products