1. Kevin Lancaster

    OpenWeb slashes capped ADSL pricing

    OpenWeb slashes capped ADSL pricing Broadband prices are tumbling fast, and OpenWeb has now launched Capped Unshaped ADSL packages at prices never seen before.
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    OpenWeb uncapped ADSL sale launched

    Uncapped ADSL sale launched OpenWeb has launched a limited uncapped ADSL sale, with savings on a range of uncapped ADSL accounts.
  3. Web Telecom Services

    OpenWeb Network down?

    Hi Is anybody else experiencing terrible internet speeds on OpenWeb 10mbps home uncapped since about 12:30 this afternoon. Pings to local websites also have 75% timeout. Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=14ms TTL=52...
  4. P

    Openweb Capped

    Hi Guys, I am almost 2 years in the Republic and the only thing i miss about holland is the simple and fast internet. I think South-Africa is 15 years behind with the speed and the service. I now have a AXXESS 30G capped connection and from day one it works brilliant and i have no issues...
  5. W

    Afrihost/OpenWeb ADSL class-action lawsuit

    Hello all, Considering the abysmal performance many users have received from these ISPs(Afrihost / OpenWeb), as well as the utter nonsense and lies they've been trying to feed us when we complain, I am in the process of getting legal counsel wrt a class-action lawsuit against them. It...
  6. C

    Switched from MWEB to Openweb... PLEASE HELP

    Before reading, I would prefer this to all be my fault and I am missing a setting, all I want is a functional Internet. Not being able to use Google, Gmail and Whatsapp is not functional at all to me. Wish I had found this...
  7. J

    Openweb Titan uncapped account

    I got a 2mb uncapped Titan account from openweb a few months back. I used it mainly in the evenings and the service was ok. Movies buffered a few times but was acceptable. I hardly download anything but it was clear that this account was heavily throttled during the day. When the service started...
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    50Mbps bonded uncapped ADSL

    50Mbps bonded uncapped ADSL in the cloud Openweb has launched a bonded uncapped “ADSL in the cloud” service, offering speeds of up to 50Mbps
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Free mobile data with uncapped ADSL

    Free mobile data with premium uncapped ADSL OpenWeb announced that it is now offering up to 4GB free mobile data with its premium home uncapped ADSL packages
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    OpenWeb reveals gaming-focused uncapped ADSL

    OpenWeb reveals gaming-focused uncapped ADSL OpenWeb has launched a gaming and streaming focused uncapped ADSL package it calls Home Uncapped Plus
  11. QuintonB

    SA broadband in 2015, according to ISP CEOs

    Broadband in South Africa in 2015 Some of South Africa’s top ISP CEOs tell us what they are looking forward to from the broadband market in 2015
  12. QuintonB

    The best and worst of 2014, according to SA ISPs

    The best and worst of 2014: ISP CEOs Some of South Africa’s top ISP CEOs share their views on the best and worst broadband developments in South Africa this year
  13. J

    Mweb, WebAfrica, Cybersmart, OpenWeb, etc 10mbps home uncapped. Which is better?

    Hope this is in the right place and sorry if there are similar posts but I am wanting to get 10mbps home uncapped and only have around R800pm (including line) to spend. I have been with OpenWeb and it has been painful, YouTube videos just don't load at all, as if it has a block or something and...
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    December 2014 broadband deals

    December broadband deals Many Internet Service Providers are offering their subscribers free ADSL data and other deals this December
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    1TB of free after-hours ADSL data

    1TB of free after-hours ADSL data Openweb is offering its capped unshaped clients 1TB of free data which can be used between 00:00 and 06:00
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    New ADSL data packages launched

    New capped ADSL data packages launched Openweb has launched new capped, unshaped data packages offering a blend of anytime and after-hours data
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    Openweb launches hybrid capped-uncapped ADSL service

    Hybrid capped-uncapped ADSL accounts launched Openweb has launched a hybrid capped-uncapped ADSL service, offering capped unshaped bandwidth during the day, and uncapped bandwidth after hours
  18. X

    Trendnet trendnet tew-658brm and dropping internet speed

    Hey guys. I have a trendnet tew-658brm, a 4meg adsl line and both Mweb and Openweb (Gamer King?) as ISP's. My internet speed has been randomly dropping at times, I'm talking like 0.2 Mb/s download speed. At first it helped to reboot the router. But it has been happening more and more. It...
  19. jes

    New Openweb ADSL concerns, comments

    New Openweb ADSL concerns, comments Openweb founder Keoma Wright gives feedback on fresh concerns regarding the company and its ADSL products
  20. T

    Tired of Openweb, suggestion for new ISP ?

    Hi I am currently with Openweb, and not having the time of my life, to be honest. After quite a few support tickets being raised in the period I have been with them, the last one resulted in some snotty comment from one of their 'Client Care Specialists', I feel its time to look elsewhere...