1. J

    Best Brand for Interior/Exterior Painting

    Hi All, I am hoping to get some great tried and tested information, which in my opinion is the BEST! No one trying to palm off their products. So here goes.... What is the best paint brand for exterior walls? Which is the worst paint brand that i need to avoid like a pandemic? I am looking at a...
  2. P

    How many litres of paint do I need to respray my VW Microbus?

    Hi Guys I need your help, how many litres of paint do I need for a complete respray of my Volkawagen Microbus 2.3? And what other materials will I need? Thank you
  3. H

    Paint for a projector screen

    Hi I am looking at buying paint to paint a screen for my projector but I am unable to find any store in South Africa that is selling something like that. Are anybody aware where I can such paint in South Africa without importing it? If not is there any paint mixes that you can recommend for...
  4. B

    White Car Touch-Up Paint Pen

    Hi everyone I would like to find out where I can buy a White Car Touch-Up Paint Pen? My car has a few scratches that I would like to repair, but I don't know where to buy this. Also if you know what the general price for these are that would be great? Thank you! Kind Regards
  5. B

    Painting suspended / drop ceiling

    Hi guys, I need to have the ceiling of a retail store painted, the style of the suspended ceiling makes the space look like an office. Initially I was going to buy a 20l bucket of White Plascon PVA paint and go crazy on the ceiling but after a few google searches and youtube videos it seems one...
  6. Newsfeed

    We won’t kill Paint – Microsoft

    We won’t kill Paint – Microsoft Microsoft will not kill Paint, and has promised the app is only moving to the Windows Store – where it will be available for free.
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    5 new awesome features in Windows 10 Paint 3D

    5 new awesome features in Windows 10 Paint 3D Microsoft recently announced the Windows 10 Creators Update, which includes a new feature-packed 3D Paint application.
  8. S

    Interior Wall Paint

    Hi All Any ideas on what paint to use for Interior House. Looking for high Sheen. I see that Plascon double velvet and Dulux Luxurious silk are like R1600 /20l. What option do i have, can i paint the 1st coat a cheaper one and then the expensive?
  9. J

    Painter needed - Cape Town

    Im looking to get my 2 bedroom flat painted. So I need the services of a painter, your typical one man operation. Does anyone have any reliable, reputable contacts or suggestions? Im based in the southern suburbs.
  10. D

    Need a 2008 Citi Golf Bonnet (Cape Town) - SO HARD TO FIND!!!!

    I have a 2008 Citi Sport 1.4i, I bought it from a private seller who of course didnt disclose many things. But I had the bonnet resprayed because the it had been in a minor bumper bash which had dented the bonnet and chipped the paint. But the original owners did a quick aesthetic job and the...
  11. C

    Paint for a white picket fence?

    Hi everyone! So... I've got a task of epic proportions ahead. I bought plain (unpainted) pine picket fencing, which I want to install myself. I want to paint it white (of course :D ). Problem is, what type of paint do you use? Do you treat it with something before you paint it...
  12. C

    Digital Paint colour matching in Cape Town?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a place that can do electronic/ digital house paint matching. I had contractors paint my house but they mixed the paint them self. I have the paint but want to find out its exact colour code so I can get it made up again from any other place. Most of the places just...

    Where to reglaze car for super cheap?

    I sold the fsking code 3 Terios at a massive loss, now I'm going to buy a 1998 Ford Fiesta. Car runs very well. The only thing that bothers me on the car is the paint. The paint itself is intact but the "glaze" or whatever you call it that goes over the paint is chipping off everywhere and it...
  14. M

    Octopus uses paint pot lid to build a Dulux new home

  15. Rouxenator

    How often do you see a car that looks like yours ?

    I was quite surprised this morning when I saw another car that looks just like mine. I did see another one during the December holidays but it had an EC plate and since then I have not seen it again. Today I saw one with a CA plate so now I feel slightly less unique. As they say, your car is an...
  16. T

    Kia Picanto Door Respray costs ?

    Hi, My girlfriend scratched the door on her Kia Picanto 2008. The whole door would probably need respraying. There is a very slight dent in it that would need to come out as well. Does anyone have any idea as to the approximate cost of this ? Am I looking at R1000-R2000 or what range is...
  17. S

    Xbox Mod & Paint - How much would you pay?

    YOU DONT HAVE TO SAY THE MOST YOU WOULD PAY BUT SAY WHAT WOULD BE REASONABLE and NOT just the cheapest! Hi guys, I am gonna mod my xbox soon. With a window, mutli-color paint job, window, LED Fans and my controllers. If all goes to plan and it turns out how I am expecting I will do it...
  18. M

    Can elephants really paint?

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