rain 4g

  1. P

    Rain SIM card

    Iv stopped using the rain SIM card last year February cause I could pay today a year n few months thy deducted my money when I log in shows my account is in arrears what arrears cause the was no data provided that’s y I could not use the sim card
  2. B

    Need help with payment date

    Rain reff:7641401
  3. A

    Rain throttling speeds unnecessarily

    So there aren't that many people using in my area, so there's no point in throttling the speeds and displeasing their customers. I switched from the off-peak unlimited to the 24/7 unlimited deal, and I am so frustrated with the slow speeds i'm getting. I would understand why they would throttle...
  4. G

    Rain LTE bands

    Hi all, So I have been messing around with Rain's LTE for a bit now, and I am stuck with them on getting some basic help on which bands to use. Thus far my experience has been that Band B3, seems to perform the best in terms of both upload and download speeds. Band B38, has a much better...
  5. S

    Ive just activated and RICA my rain SIM but now it's not working ,they say my device is currently unavailable

    I've just activated and RICA my rain SIM but it's not working ,they say my device is currently offline
  6. B

    Rain and their DIRTY Tactics!

    Rain wants your money at ALL COSTS Even at the inconvenience of their customers ... For the past 8 months rain has been implementing dirty tactics to extract more money from us. Firstly they removed the option to deactivate your plan on your own using the website or app and forced customers...
  7. JAGG3R

    Rain 0/mbps upload speed!

    Good day to everyone! I use to have alot of trouble with rain speeds but since rain sent me one of their outside antenna routers (b2338-168) it has been fairly good for me for months! Since last friday night i just got disconnected from everything and rain just cannot find a problem to my...
  8. J

    Alternatives to FreeMe 20gb

    Hi all I got the FreeMe 20gb when it was on the "big deal" back in April 2019, and it is now coming to the end of the 24 months. I have subsequently learned that the 20gb option is gone, and replaced with a 28gb which is a higher price, but lower value in terms of the gb/minutes received. I am...
  9. T

    Sim swap

    I had put in a order for a sim swap cause I have lost the sim I was using, I received the new sim on Monday afternoon and it’s not connecting it’s telling me no service and when I check on my rain it’s says the sim has not yet been delivered thought I received the sim on Monday from Ram please...
  10. J

    Rain is not working

    Good day my rain is not working and I would like to know why. I did make the payment for this month my next payment is 1 April so I did pay. And on my bank statement it shows it's payed. It can't be my phone because my phone is 4G/5G. It can't be that i used my limit if I am using the unlimited...
  11. T

    Why can't I remove my banking details from rain.

    I've been using the month to month 4g package. I canceled in Feb. 1st of March I was still debited. On the site it shows next payment date 1st April. I have been trying to get hold of them. How do I remove my banking details. I was under the impression. That you pay for the month ahead. Reading...
  12. Web Or What

    Possible solution to slow Rain 4G LTE speeds

    For this method, we're going to use the LTEview app (by @ProAsm) to switch from Rains default band B3 to B38. You require these in order for the band switch to work. 1. A compatible Huawei router (Supports TDD B38 or B41 2500/2600Mhz). Huawei routers that will work (Not all are listed)...
  13. J

    RAIN has throttled my internet

    My RAIN network speed has significantly decreased recently. I just did a rain speed test, The download speed varies from 10 Mbps to 6Mbps. At the beginning of the month, my average speed is around 5 Mbps, but the actual download speed that I can use now is around 1 Mbps only. Did RAIN really...
  14. B

    Device is currently offline

    Need some help fixing the problem with rain stating the device is currently offline. my modem is working fine but I haven't had internet access for about a day now and I'm not getting any feed back from online support any Idea on how to resolve this issue ?
  15. M

    HUAWEI B535 RAIN network HELP

    Just got my Huawei B535 router and RAIN Sim, speeds are around 1-7mbps. I am running an ethernet Cat6 cable from the router to my system. I think my router is set on 1800mhz, is there any adjustments I can do for this router to increase speeds or move it to 2600mhz? I have full signal at all...
  16. L

    payment issues

    I have opened a profile and loaded a banking details for payment, which payment was made and refunded. Now I want to make another payment on another profile with the same banking details, but I keeps on declining. I have send various e-mails to Rain and every time the e-mails come back as...
  17. K

    Shitty Service, and unreasonable charge

    So all of the sudden you guys charge me for my day time usage and billed it to my off peak usage data when I was using my phone within the time period of 11pm -6pm , and now I am unable to use my data for anything without being told I have used up all my allocated data. Still no response...
  18. Web Or What

    Possible Slow 4G LTE fix

    With a compatible router, external antennas, and a tower that broadcasts the B38 band, you can get the "Up to 10Mbps" speeds. Rain operates on B3 and B38. B3 is the default and is always congested, which is why most users get terrible speeds. B38 is less congested, however does not...
  19. K

    My rain upload speed is non existant

    Like the title says for the past 3 days my internet has been giving me issues today I don't have upload speeds
  20. S

    I'm currently feeling like Rain is taking me for a ****.

    I got myself Rain 5G a couple of months ago (The R700.00 package) and it was good for about 4 months, But for the last 6 weeks, My connection is utter garbage with speeds so low that the Speedtest fails every time... I restarted the router last week Tuesday and I finally got my router connected...