rain 4g

  1. S

    I'm currently feeling like Rain is taking me for a ****.

    I got myself Rain 5G a couple of months ago (The R700.00 package) and it was good for about 4 months, But for the last 6 weeks, My connection is utter garbage with speeds so low that the Speedtest fails every time... I restarted the router last week Tuesday and I finally got my router connected...
  2. G

    HORRIBLE Customer Service

    I have sent numerous emails to rain support as I am not a client personally, however somehow one of the rain clients is using my card details and my account has been debited twice in the last 2 months! I need to remove my card details from the users account and no one is responding to any of the...
  3. H

    Rain 4G coverage in Reebok, WC?

    Hi! This is a long shot, but has anyone tried to use Rain 4G in Reebok in the Western Cape (close to Klein Brak, close-ish to Mosselbaai)? I'd like to take a trip there, but only if I can work during the day, for which I need the interwebs. I have a Rain 4G thingy that I can use if there is...
  4. N

    6 Days with no internet

    hi I have been with little or no internet and signal since Friday last week. At the best I have had use for a maximum of 10% for the period. In an effort to personally attend to the matter, when the self help option on the website did not work, today i switched my sim from the samsung tablet...
  5. 3

    In Need Of Rain Urgent Assistance

    I recently signed up for a rain sim card of which l have a software that automatically fills in my applications on my laptop and it put in the wrong ID number which l realized when RAM tried to deliver my card l have been trying to edit the ID section on my account but l cant so would like to...
  6. L

    Confirmation page issue

    Why am I getting kicked out of the payment confirmation page?
  7. R

    4G? I don't think so

    Not worth R10 a month, IMHO. Anyone out there getting at least 10mbps down on rain?
  8. SuicideSheepZ

    Slow RAIN Speeds

    Hi need assistance I'm currently working from home and my speed is terribly slow need fixing ASAP. NEED TO GET BACK TO MY WORK , the associated email with the account is <removed> Thanks
  9. M

    Help with rain sim swap

    Dear Rain South Africa I recently lost my sim card, I bought a new one, so i need help performing a sim swap. My contact are as follows: <removed> Kindest Regards, Motheo
  10. J

    Is Rain still operational

    I am quite frustrated with Rain and wondering if they are still out there. Of course COVID is probably to blame as it is for just about everything that does not work in SA.:eek: A month ago I got a SIM card from Clicks and it says that you can RICA via their website rain.co.za The website RICA...
  11. E

    If you have a slow speed Rain LTE 4G speed with no one on Rain' s side to help you. Just Like this comment.and h

    Rain speed 0 to 2 Mbs download for months now. Complains almost daily. Rain takes the money but won't help you. Like the government. Well geared to take the money but no service!
  12. H

    Is rain throttling my speed?

    Hi. I've been an avid user of the rain product for over six months now. Internet speed, for the most part, has been relatively decent, with rates averaging 15-25 MBs down and 8-14 MBs up. However, during the past month, the internet speeds have drastically dropped, making it very difficult, if...
  13. M

    Anyone using Huawei B818 with Rain?

    Hi there As the title says is there Anyone using the Huawei B818 with rain? I would to know a few things so i can decide to upgrade or not. 1. What is the experience since using it and does it give serious improvement to speed out of the box? 2. Does it do carrier aggregation on rain network...
  14. Lebogang95

    Advice Required: Worth using Rain 5G in non 5G area ?

    Hi guys. So I'm interested in getting rain's unlimited home 5G premium but when I check 5G coverage in my area there does not seem to be any. However, about 3-6 kilometers away, there is 5G coverage and when I do a Network operator search in my current location I can see 65573. According to...
  15. H

    No network coverage for weeks now

    can anyone please help me set up Rain SIM cards, I bought two SIM cards weeks back and both of them are not working. I’m even thinking of canceling the contract. How do I go about canceling it?
  16. S

    Unable To Activate My Simcard

    Hi @rain_mobile / @rain_networks .. I decided to buy a new sim card. But it gives an error on checkout stating unable to create new checkout / "an error occurred creating checkout" I've already logged 3 Rain Tickets with Support And Still No Response.. I've contacted y'all on Facebook...
  17. AdenZAR125

    Rain, rain, go away and don’t Come back...

    A place to vent out your frustrations about Rain:)
  18. cobusv

    Cant Order Sim

    @rain_mobile im unable to order from the website, keep getting this error what am i doing wrong?
  19. C

    RAIN 4G downgrade possible?

    We went with rain 4G unlimited, but were mostly disappointed by the unreliable und slow connection. Since we depend on a usable internet connection we had to go with a different solution. We do like the prospect of rain's service though, and as we trust them to improve their network with time...
  20. S

    Rain 4g

    Kindly assist I have a 4G unlimited rain WiFi, today around 12 it disconnected it self and I have rebutted my phone several times but still on Emergency call only. I have submitted a request to the network provider but they take very long to respond. Does anyone know what could be the...