1. S

    Decent iPod extracting software

  2. N

    Top 5 tools to increase productivity on you Mac

    1. Quicksilver 2. Fluid 3. Automator 4. TextExpander 5. KeyCue (Shortcut Keys) Let me know what you guys use. I know there may be hundreds, but you were only allowed to choose 5, what would they be ?
  3. T

    Decent Freeware or Open Source software for web design? Must be non technical.

    A friend of mine is setting up a business website, but needs some free or open source web design s/w, must be allowed to use for a business site obviously. He needs to build the site off-line and then upload it later. So far he's tried Komposer, and it's not really gelling well with him...
  4. S

    Local downloads for software e.g. Eclipse?

    Apart from and all the other university/ISP ftp sites, are there any software download sites accessible on local bandwidth? Linux distros, Open Office and MySQL are well covered, but I can't find Java runtimes or SDK, or Eclipse. And what about all the fine windows freeware and...
  5. T

    Software for sale only in specific regions?

    I'm thinking about buying some software from overseas, possibly to resell. A thought occured to me, the way you see something like "only intended for sale in the US and Canda" for example on some software boxes. Is this a huge legal thing? I don't want to get into trouble or anything of...
  6. P

    Blog Software

    What is your favourite/the best blog software, and why?
  7. DJ...

    Your ultimate PVR functionality

    What functionality would your ultimate PVR have? Like automatic downloads of latest blockbusters for PAY PER VIEW? Recurring episode recording regardless of the channel? Network connection to log in and set recording schedule from outside of the house? PC connection for storage? Wireless signal...
  8. T

    Bandwidth Monitoring software

    I'm looking for bandwidth monitoring software that can tell me what has been downloaded as well as how much. Is there any products out there that does this?
  9. Stokstert

    Gizmo's Tech Alert List of Free Software

    The format of the Tech Alert list of good free software, including the publication of the "46 Best-ever Freeware", has changed to include a wider selection. Here is a short extract of the author: Users' reactions to the demonstration version of our new wiki style "Best-ever Freeware" site...
  10. rpm

    Software piracy exposed

    Software piracy exposed
  11. M

    Software sites

    Please post software sites here.
  12. rpm

    Update your mobile software over the Internet