1. D

    Supersonic and Vumatel

    I've been without internet for the 3rd day now on Home-Connect. Tuesday night my internet got disconnected unexpectedly. I logged a ticket and never got a reply. I called them the next morning and they logged another ticket. After several calls, I found out that my connection got transferred by...
  2. Jan

    Supersonic Unlimited Air Fibre hands-on tested

    Supersonic Unlimited Air Fibre tested — Impressive results Early tests of Supersonic's Unlimited Air Fibre product have shown impressive speeds and latency, indicating the company might have strong grounds for its claims that it offers "fibre-like" connectivity. Supersonic launched the new...
  3. Jan

    Chip shortage delays Unlimited Air Fibre rollout in South Africa

    Unlimited Air Fibre rollout in South Africa delayed by chip shortage Over 25,000 people have signed up for Supersonic's Unlimited Air Fibre service since it was first announced in February, but the company has only been able to connect fewer than 100 subscribers due to the global chip shortage...
  4. Hanno Labuschagne

    Supersonic reveals its Air Fibre rollout plans and coverage areas

    Supersonic reveals its Air Fibre rollout plans and coverage areas Supersonic will roll out its Unlimited Air Fibre service in most of South Africa’s major cities – including Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, and Durban - from May 2021. This is word from Supersonic CEO Calvin Collett who was...
  5. N

    Supersonic fibre down for more than 24 hours

    The supersonic fibre has now been down in my suburb for more than 24 hours. The call centre initially said there was no issue, during first hour of the issue. Then they started saying that there is an issue in our suburb, but they don't know what. I kept having to phone them, no one contacted...
  6. Joseph matane

    Supersonic Air Fibre Speed tests and service reviews

    Guy's upload your Air Fibre Speed tests screenshot here don't forget to mention your neighborhood name.
  7. Hanno Labuschagne

    Huge demand for Supersonic Air Fibre

    Huge demand for Supersonic Air Fibre Supersonic has seen significant demand for its Unlimited Air Fibre wireless product, which was announced at the start of February 2021. The ISP last month revealed it was launching the service to offer fibre-like uncapped wireless Internet in areas without...
  8. J

    Supersonic to launch Unlimited Air Fibre

    Supersonic to launch Unlimited AirFibre South African ISP Supersonic is launching a new wireless uncapped Internet service called Unlimited Air Fibre, with packages starting from R399 per month. The company has been targeting users on Facebook with ads for the service and gauging interest in...
  9. J

    Supersonic extends Black Friday deals

    Supersonic extends Black Friday deals Supersonic has announced it has extended its Home Uncapped Broadband Black Friday deals until 18 December 2020.
  10. J

    Anyone Having Latency and Speed Problems with International Servers on Supersonic (Warning: Do not sign up with them)

    I'm currently getting around 350ms to EU servers when I normally get around 150-190. Often it jumps to 210ms or so and I have to do a full reset of the router. I've complained about this in the past with Supersonic, but they are beyond useless as far as I'm concerned (Only reason I haven't left...
  11. J

    Supersonic offers free uncapped LTE while you wait for fibre

    Supersonic offers free uncapped LTE while you wait for fibre Supersonic has launched a new special offer which will provide new fibre customers with free uncapped LTE while they wait for their fibre to be installed. This offer will be available from 1 December 2020 until 31 January 2021 and...
  12. J

    Supersonic Black Friday deals unveiled

    Supersonic Black Friday deals unveiled Supersonic will offer two Black Friday deals on its Home Broadband Fixed-LTE products this year. These packages run on MTN's network and provide LTE/4G connectivity to a fixed address - such as a home or office.
  13. Savy561

    Does SuperSonic provide static ip's by default?

    So I have had fibre for almost 2 years now with supersonic as my ISP and vumatel as the FNO and one thing I have noticed from pretty much my first month of having fibre is that my public IP address has NEVER changed no matter what, I can reboot the cpe, router and so on but for the past almost 2...
  14. J

    Terrible Service from Supersonic Fibre and Extremely Slow International Connection.

    I am with Supersonic Fibre, and for months on end, I have been dealing with terrible connection speeds for international traffic, packet loss, and overall unstable connection. I have a 50/50 line and I am paying R995 per month. I chose them because they scored high on the MyBroadband customer...
  15. MDKza

    Midstream Fibre

    Hello, Can anyone explain the fibre situation in Midstream? Probably going to move there soon.
  16. YourKaptain

    MTN Supersonic Home Broadband LTE Top-Up Bundles

    Hi there, If anybody is with Supersonic on one of their Home Broadband LTE Products, can you kindly share the details of their Top-Up Bundles (Bundle Sizes and Pricing)? I'd like to compare their Top-Up Bundles' Sizes and Pricing to that of Afrihost's MTN Pure LTE. Thanks.
  17. old

    Octotel Fibre - Surrey Estate, Cape Town

    Surrey Estate, Cape Town Trenching - DONE [February 2020] Fibre inserted into subsurface fibre ducting conduits - DONE [April 2020] Question: When is Surrey Estate and surrounding areas GO LIVE?
  18. M


    Hi all, So I am using MTN's Supersonic LTE which is the best LTE coverage so far since I used to get max 1.5mbps download speed with Telkom's LTE using Vox lol... So I have been researching signal indicators after finding these 4 abbreviations on my device information page... So from what I...
  19. J

    Supersonic launches new fixed-LTE and Voice packages

    Supersonic launches new fixed-LTE and Voice packages Smartphone sales plummeted by 38% year-on-year in February 2020 due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, according to research from Strategy Analytics. Executive Director of the company Neil Mawston said that this was the biggest drop in...
  20. JRJakkals

    MTN Fixed LTE upload speed terrible

    Hi Everybody So got the MTN Fixed LTE from SuperSonic and my download speed is 18-20Mbps and Upload speed 0.80-1Mbps (terrible) I am in the Irene, Centurion area. Does anybody experience the same problem