traffic fine

  1. Jamie McKane

    South African drivers could be "taxed" for each traffic fine

    South African drivers could be "taxed" for each traffic fine The Automobile Association (AA) has released a statement regarding the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Act's introduction of an Infringement Penalty Levy, arguing that this amounts to charging drivers a...
  2. riverdusty

    Traffic fine while Wheel Clamped

    Hi all I'm going in to contest a fine I received for parking my motorbike at century city. Century city saw fit to clamp my bike. No wheel clamping signs, bike not obstructing anything. I was arguing with them about the legality of the clamp and they were waiting for their supervisor when a...
  3. T

    Section 56 Fine issued by an officer in Rustenburg not showing up on any paymensystem

    Hi all As the title suggests I've procured a lovely section 56 fine for not stopping completely at a stop street in Rustenburg, and due to the potential criminal nature of this kind of fine I'd like to pay it as soon as possible. I have tried to pay it on FNB to no avail I've been to the...
  4. ToniO

    Keep getting traffic fines - NOT MINE - issued to my email address

    Hi Has anyone experienced this? I keep getting notifications of traffic fines and it is not my registration number, let alone my province. Someone owes thousands of rands and the notices are being sent to my address. When I reply I get Remote Server...
  5. C

    Traffic Fine Question

    Hi Guys, I received a traffic fine in the mail recently (beginning October) for a traffic violation that I allegedly committed. Something about not stopping fully at a stop street until it was safe to proceed driving. What boggles my mind is the fact that I received the fine in the mail. Nobody...
  6. E

    Number plate missing

    I have a company car that I am driving. It is not my company car, it is a pool car that I have been driving for the last year or so due to the distance I need to travel to get to work. I drove through a huge storm last night around 20:20pm, driving from JHB north to the Vaal. This morning...
  7. Wolvyreen

    Some advice needed. Exorbitant traffic fine!

    Hi All, Firstly, let me say upfront, I am probably guilty and probably AS guilty as 90% of other people here. Yesterday I was driving home and in my suburb, a very quite neighbourhood and they are busy building ALOT of houses in the area. I state this fact because there was no kids around or...
  8. B

    Western Cape Traffic Fines

    Do traffic fines from Cape Town need to be sent via registered mail? Drove there earlier in the year beginning of February with another person's car and that person got a final notice via normal post last week. The amount was tiny (R200) and it was another person's car, so I paid it via FNB...
  9. M

    Invalid Traffic fine - help!

    Hi All. I have just received a fine in the 'normal' post (not registered) for R200. The fine is for 'license disc not being on the left hand side' (it is, just at the top of the windscreen, not at the bottom) and 'not clearly visible' (it is - totally visible). On principle I have no desire...
  10. J

    possible scam sms from

    Just got an sms from, saying "A summons will be issues in 7 days for outstanding traffic infringements. Please call <snip>. If paid ignore" I do not know of any fines I have not paid, and I have not gotten a fine in a year or two. Is this a scam just so I would register on...
  11. QuintonB

    Traffic fines might come to you via email

    Traffic fines could be coming via email Draft legislation could pave the way for the state to e-mail road traffic fines to motorists
  12. C

    Discounted Traffic Fines

    Does anyone know how I'd go about getting a discount on my traffic fines? With the festive around the corner, I don't want to have any outstanding fines. I don't like the boys in brown