1. J

    Wanting to make a music video

    What is a good free app, preferably mobile, to use which allows me to use only one song through different merged videos in timeline? So the music of the first video is carried all the way through till the end of the project, but the video of the first segment blends with the second, third...
  2. Bhoza

    USB files getting corrupted how to solve

    Good day, I have a problem with media I have sent to my USB stick it just keeps getting corrupted . Detailed break down is as follows I'm using a laptop with windows 8. Sending the media to an 8 gig USB stick, using DVD to play the media sow I convert all the media(videos) to MPG format. After...
  3. RedViking

    Short Films

    Have you seen some good short films. Usually 5 - 10 minutes long films. It doesn't have to be animations, but those are the ones I enjoy:
  4. Rouxenator

    Best tool to record HDMI output

    There is a streaming site using JWplayer and try as I may I cannot seem to download the stream. It uses DASH which sends out bursts of 3 seconds clips before starting a new stream, so you can't save it like you would on most other site. I decided that capturing is the best way and have looked at...
  5. Newsfeed

    Flixxo – The blockchain-powered BitTorrent video platform

    Flixxo – The blockchain-powered BitTorrent video platform The creator of Popcorn Time, Federico Abad, is part of a new team launching a video platform built on BitTorrent and blockchain technology, reported TorrentFreak.
  6. D

    My brand new JVC lt-55n776 smart TV firmware hangs

    Hi, My brand new JVC lt-55n776 smart TV firmware hangs. Is there any firmware/software I can download to fix this problem. By using the remote form the homepage to different options it start hanging and reboot by itself back to the home page. Help will be much appreciate. Deon Gouws
  7. F

    How do you get a cinematography/photography job?

    There are a few people here on the forum that are into photography so I thought you would know where to get some work experience, mainly working with video, but stills would also be great. I'm a beginner, so something to get my foot in the door. I'm looking at getting a normal office job to get...
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Anonymous supports #SaveSA protests – Video

    Anonymous supports #SaveSA protests – Video A video on YouTube from a channel claiming affiliation to the hacker group Anonymous has pledged its support for the “Save South Africa” protests taking place today.
  9. OnlyOneKenobi

    Where to get a Tripod mount adapter for Smartphone in South Africa?

    I've been looking for an adapter to mount my iPhone 6S on Velbron Tripod that I typically use with camcorders and point and shoot \ ultra zoom \ dslr cameras. Obviously the shoe that comes with the tripod fits just about every normal camera and camcorder, but it seems most tech and photography...
  10. O

    Soli from Google

    Hey everyone, quite mesmerised, have a look at the video playing in the background of the header and see how he changes his time on his watch. Don't click on Play Video yet.
  11. B

    Advice for first time YouTube video recording for eCommerce site

    Hi All, I'm in the process of starting a small eCommerce site, the site will sell some technical products which will require some instructional YouTube videos. Obviously I'd like the instructional videos to looks as professional as possible. What I'd like to know is what camera should I...
  12. Rouxenator

    Cool Car Videos

    See a nice video about cars you want to share? An awesome bit of dashcam footage? Maybe an insane drag strip video? Cool review featuring automotive legends? Clips of crazy stunts? All of that goes here. To start, how cool is this VS video?
  13. R

    Video Library Management on Windows 7

    Hi Guys and Gal I've got a fairly large video library of series and movies and its becoming more and more of a problem to remember which particular episode of a series I stopped at or which movies I've watched. Does any one know how to possibly "mark as watched" on Windows 7? I know the...
  14. S

    Please help me sort out 15 years worth of photos!

    I have around 200GB+ worth of photos and videos, mostly of family, holidays, weddings, friends, work trips, fishing trips, hiking trips and much more, taken over the last 15 years since my first camera-phone, my trusty old Nokia 7210 (yes the picture quality was horrible, but there are memories...
  15. A

    How to stabilise a .mov video taken with a camera

    I took a video (*.mov) with my Nikon Coolpix P520 of a Gymogene building a nest in a tree. It was an opportunist video and I had no time to haul out my tripod to stabilise the camera. The result is that there was some movement of the hand-held camera, and I would like to try to stabilise the...
  16. Moby Grape

    Official alternatives to Multichoice in SA

    OK, so we all know quite well what Multichoice offers, but I realised there are official SA based alternatives that I know little about. I'd like to get as much input as possible to make my own decision about alternatives - I'll post the feedback here in the OP. I don't want this to be a...
  17. C

    Need alternatives for HDMI cable problem

    I need to run a 15M HDMI cable through a wall that has a PVC pipe. But the pipe is not big enough for the standard HDMI connector to fit through. So I have a couple of options 1. HDMI over eithernet - (This is just to expensive +- R3.5 k for the sender and receiver) 2. Run an HDMI to...
  18. jes

    Videos may make up 84 percent of internet traffic by 2018: Cisco

    Videos may make up 84 percent of internet traffic by 2018: Cisco Video consumption of the World Cup alone will generate nearly as much Internet traffic as occurred in all of Australia in 2013
  19. C

    SA Film / Advert entry makes top 25 in International Doritos Contest - Please support

    A South African entry has made the top 25 for the first time in the international Doritos "Crash the Superbowl" 2013 film contest: Two PE filmmakers, Brett Gieseke and Kevin Meiring, using only a Canon 5D DSLR and a makeshift green screen - conceptualised...
  20. U

    Vhs-Dvd No Sound On Dvd Playback (Tv)

    Hi there I have used Roxio 2012 to create a DVD for DVD PAL Playback. I selected the option DVD in the movie creator, and then inserted various movie files into my project, with menus. (files inserted are mpeg2 format which have been captured from VHS) Once the movie project is...