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    Local VPS Hosting

    Can anyone recommend a local VPS host. Preferably linux. Thanks.
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    Cheap VPS to bypass Shaping

    hi someone posted this and i have been trying to look for this but haven't had any luck looking for a VPS that can supply this CELERON 1.2GHZ 2 GB RAM 500 GB HARDDRIVE 100 mbit uncapped PREMIUM for 20 Pounds per month. or if you use anything cheaper that would be great. thanks
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    Pastel Hosting

    We would like to Host our Pastel Express either on: 1) A dedicated Server (Costly tho?) 2) VPS Server - need to be windows though and haven't found many options in SA that offer Windows VPS - will US Windows VPS hosting work well enough and how the heck does one get the media to them to load...