1. J

    How do I deal with second hand iPhone under MTN warranty?

    Hi, Im looking for some advice, I have a 4s which I bought second hand, its warranty expires in September and the wifi chip is broken, the hardware is broken. Would MTN accept if I brought it in for warranty repair/replacement as the second hand owner? Thanks,
  2. P

    Western Digital Hard drive replacement?? (Warranty)

    Good day!! I'm hoping someone can give me advice here, have a Gigabyte laptop from a friend, the unit is pretty messed up. Bad shape, broken casing etc. The hard drive broke before the laptop got dropped and mangled, and im trying to get it replaced on warranty. I checked on WD's site and...
  3. Rouxenator

    Warranty question

    Just confirming, in order for your vehicle warranty to stay valid you just need to have it serviced when required at a reputable garage that can prove they did everything required for the given service? It does not have to be a dealership workshop? I think recently on Fifth Gear they actually...

    Seagate Warrenty on OEM HDDs

    I have a failing 500GB SATAIII HDD at home. Upon checking it's warranty info online I am greeted with a message stating the HDD is OEM and I have to contact the supplier. Now I bought this via someone, so I don't know who the supplier is. What options do I have? It's a brand new HDD, hardly used.
  5. R

    Mecer laptops - no OS installed

    Hi I am interested in purchasing new laptops and I see that Mecer can be ordered sans OS. This is ideal as I don't have to pay for Windows and then format the drive to install Linux, as per usual. A Mecer WW650EU will cost R7,994 with i7 Quad 2.4Ghz IB CPU, 16GB DDR3 1600 and a 1TB Tosh...
  6. D

    MSI: Laptop Warranty, Support in South Africa and the MSI GE60 Notebook

    I'm looking at purchasing the MSI GE60 notebook: http://www.laptopdirect.co.za/laptop_specifications.php?laptop=70112 I have a couple of concerns/questions if anyone can help: 1) Warranty/Repairs: where do I take the notebook if there is a problem with it? I cant find any info regarding an MSI...
  7. M

    Vehicle breakdown within warranty period. What's our rights?

    My colleagues 2012 Polo Bluemotion just didn't want to start yesterday here at the office. He as about 17000km on the vehicle so it's fairly new. Only about 4 to 5 months old. VW came and picked up his vehicle and took it to the nearest dealership. He is now stranded without any vehicle and...
  8. R

    Nokia 920, Cell C, and warranty

    Hi Forum/ Cell C rep I would Like to buy the Nokia 920 on contract. Currently only Vodacom (in stock) and MTN (Getting it soon) have it. 1) Is Cell C planning to sell it (get it)? 2) When will Cell C be getting it? (Nokia seem to prefer networks that have LTE installed, there might...
  9. A

    How to find out Seagate Hard Drive supplier?

    Hi guys, I'm the proud owner of a Seagate 2TB hard drive which is busy failing. It's failed the Seatools Short DST and Long Generic tests, and it has a valid error code. The hard drive is still under warranty, until sometime next year. The problem is that I can't remember where I...
  10. A

    iPhone 4s International Warranty valid in RSA?

    I brought an unlocked, contract free, iPhone 4s from Vodafone in New Zealand. The other night while charging the phone freaked out and started repeatedly vibrating and has since not been able to charge or sync. I must have tried to hard reset the phone over a hundred times, all to no avail...
  11. K

    PostmanPot FTW !

    Hey Hey Just a big up and thanks to mybb's very own PostmanPot !! Thanks dude for going out of your way and that extra mile to sort out a warranty issue with hard drives... and saving me R1200.00 in the process... AND charging nothing more than covering petrol costs. I hit a brick wall...
  12. F

    Broken Contract Phone

    Hello My Brother has a MTN contract via Nashua. He upgraded April/May 2011 and took a Sony Ericsson x10 mini. The phone gradually started giving problems with charging: it will charge for a while then stop and continue without you ever touching the phone. We took the phone in for...
  13. J

    Apple could face fine and ban from Italian lawmakers

    Apple threatened with a ban over warranty dispute Apple fails to comply with Italian consumer code
  14. jes

    Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X warranties in South Africa

    Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X warranties in South Africa Some users have reported problems with their new Samsung and HTC smartphones – here are your repair options in SA
  15. QuintonB

    Samsung extends warranty on some of its products

    Samsung displays, cameras, aircons get extended warranty Samsung SA has extended the warranties on some of its products
  16. NomNom

    Acer Laptop Warranty Extension?

    Is it possible to get a warranty extension for a Acer Aspire AS5750? If so how much?
  17. T

    Phone Purchasing Dilemma

    Hi Guys, I am in serious need of a new phone. Mine is broken and I have R1000 to spend on a 'new' one. I would like to go the Android route. I have found a second hand LG Optimus One, going for R1000 with some heavy scratches on the body and 3 months Vodacom warranty remaining...
  18. D

    MTN + your HTC Warranty = pointless

    So, After paying in R1700 for a HTC Desire HD on contract in December, my phone went faulty in March. It took 4 months to repair, and when I received it back the GPS was broken. I took it back a week later and was told it was was not fixable and I would receive a new phone. A few weeks later...
  19. M

    Rust on new stainless steel fridge.. CPA?

    Hi everyone I bought a stainless steel bosch fridge from Tafelberg 6 weeks ago. RRP was R10200 - i got it for R6999. I've just noticed small rust spots on the fridge door. I called them and logged a service call. Still waiting to hear back from them. Has anyone had a similar...
  20. S

    Can you recommend a projector for business use?

    Hi. I need to replace the current projector at our workplace. What are your recommendations, and what price range should I be looking at? My budget is R5000. I would preferable like something with a good resolution - minimum is 1024x768. Would prefer higher if within budget. Needs to be...