1. E

    Esquire Hard disk, Memory, Motherboard specials for this week

    Hi All As promised , here is the pricing on the Seagate and Samsung Hard disk drives as well as host of other components These are by far the best pricing around for this week. Click on the link below to view http://www.esquire.co.za/specials/Monday_Special_main.html Have a great...
  2. K

    Seagate Warranty Cape Town

    Hey All... I know this has probably been covered here multiple times to date... but, once again... anyone know who can help with a Seagate drive warranty thing in Cape Town. I have a 500GB Seagate 7200.12 purchased from Digital Addiction that has gone wonky... and am waiting on Digital...
  3. A

    Android warranty

    Hey all.. The miniUSB port on my Desire has passed on, have tried just about every solution I could find on XDAforums, with no luck. So I am sitting here with a rooted/CM7 HTC Desire that I cannot flash with a stock ROM or unroot... The device is still on warranty, still new, is it...
  4. G

    Breakdown insurance - any good ones?

    Okay, so I want to get a nice, relatively high-performance car but my inner miser is preventing me from spending too much. All of the options I've been looking at are juuuuust out of warranty and I don't want to take the chance of buy a car, loving it for 3 months and then having to fork out...
  5. LazyLion

    Does smoking void your Mac's warranty?

    http://www.itwire.com/content/view/29521/53/ The Blog Link... http://consumerist.com/5408885/smoking-near-apple-computers-creates-biohazard-voids-warranty
  6. S

    Warranties for overseas laptops

  7. Voodoo

    Telkom Netgear DG834GU Warranty?

    Got myself one of these today.:D A rude lady at the Telkom shop "informed" me that it has a 1 year warranty. BUT... it clearly states on the box that it has a 2 year warranty. Is this false advertising? Does a product's box also fall within the realm of advertising? Can the ASA help with...
  8. PseudZ

    Graphics Card Warranty

    I came home this evening to find my screen full of big black and white dots. So I restarted and many words in the post screen display were scrambled, example "success" being "suceqq". So I guessed it's most probably my nVidia 8500GT, not the best card I know. So I took it out and switched to...
  9. D

    So.... I decided to read my Xbox 360 warranty manual

    Well since I'm one of those lucky buggers who never had any Xbox failures (2 consoles) I was still curious and decided to go read the warranty guide anyway. Interesting indeed...here's some quotes. Xbox 360 - Volume 2 - Warranty Extract from page 3 Extract from page 4 So...
  10. W

    PC Vendor Warranties

    I'm not as clued up about PC vendor warranties as I'd like to be. My hard drive has been replaced two times in less than a year by the PC vendor I bought it from. I was told I have a 5 year warranty on the HDD when I initially purchased it but the PC vendor has shortened their warranty...
  11. I

    Bad Warranty Service

    Hi all, I am disgusted by the service I've received and currently receiving from the repairs department of Vodacom Tygervalley. I have brought in my phone to Vodacom because I have had a software issue with it. My phone could not function without, obviously a firmware upgrade. I've...
  12. squirrel

    Purchasing laptop in America - international warranty?

    Hi, I'm planning on purchasing a laptop in the USA. Can anyone recommend a brand (and specific line) who offer international warranties covered in South Africa?
  13. P

    Original Packaging for Warranty

    Hi guys. I want to know how important is having the original packaging with regards to your warranty? I am in the process of buying a second hand PS3, but the seller might not have the original packaging. He does however have the proof of purchase slip from the store that he bought it from...
  14. C

    Excellent Service from the iStore at the V&A Waterfront!

    A while back I bought an iPod Touch from iGear.co.za. After three weeks the home button stopped working. I sent it back to iGear, and after almost two months (!) I got my replacement. Lo and behold, this one was borked as well (unresponsive touch screen). This time I decided to do the...