1. S

    Telkom Router Troubles

    I have a Telkom Mega W100 router. Used to work nicely. So on Tuesday, my dsl line dies (found out why and fixed - some dumb Telkom a$$ :mad: decided to suspend the line for no reason). So its turned back on - DSL and internet light is green - which means its working. But now my wireless light...
  2. M

    help me to wireless

    please help/advise. I have a desktop PC with an ADSL non-wifi modem, my bro upstairs got his PC connected but doesnt have internet. We recently got a PS3.I am looking at buying a laptop in the near future, so my questions are: 1). what hardware do I need, my modem is currently connected to...
  3. r00igev@@r

    The iBurst Flea Market

    I created a group for buying and selling modems second hand http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/group.php?groupid=132
  4. fastesthamster

    Kindle 2 Wireless

    In case anyone else experiences the same issue I did. My Kindle's wireless wouldn't connect (for >1day). It told me to try again and restart if there is still an issue. None of that worked. I contacted Kindle support, and they gave the following advice: From the list, I selected MTN 3G...
  5. M


    Hi Guys I just bought the above modem router. Setting it up is ok until the part where I have to insert my adsl user details. It simply does not connect to my settings. I then retry with my old telkom mega 105wr and connection is immediate(almost). Any advice much appreciated.
  6. M

    Code 47 Windows

    I am having a problem when I 'safely remove' either a memory stick or hard drive that my Intel wireless card also disables. This is highly annoying as you then have to restart the PC to get connectivity again. The only way around it I have found so far is to just remove the card or hard drive...
  7. A

    What would it take?

    this is a two fold question. 1.) What would it take for a company to get your business? 2.) what do you feel will be required for a provider to be able to provide decent connections (where do you think the current providers are going wrong)
  8. T

    Wireless connect

    Howzit guys, hope you can help me. I have an Apple Macbook laptop with which I connect by wireless to my home Telkom Mega 100WR ADSL router no problem. However, if I try to connect to the same model router at my bf's house, the router allows me to connect to it with username and password...
  9. LandyMan

    Netgear DGN2000 - Wireless issues

    Morning all, So I installed my DGN2000 on my new ADSL line ... all good and extremely easy to get going (via the LAN ports :)). I am having major issues with the wireless connections to the unit. My notebook will connect (about 6 meters away from the router), stay connected for about a...
  10. I

    Citius. Altius. Fortius.

    Swifter. Higher. Stronger. That's what I'm looking for in my quest to get a new ADSL wireless router. Long story short, I need some advice and recommendations on ADSL wireless routers with a strong signal strength and decent range. I do not necessarily require Wireless N capability. It should...
  11. N

    Western Cape Uncapped?

    Does anyone know of a good uncapped internet service in the Western Cape? Particularly in the West Coast area. We don't have ADSL availability here, so I'm looking for wi-fi or wireless.
  12. Budza

    Cheapest Wireless Desktop (CPT)

    WANTED: Cheap Wireless Desktop (CPT) My logitech 110 wireless desktop has just packed up. Keyboard still works, but mouse doesn't. Laser comes on etc, but mouse doesn't move on the screen. I have tried the receiver in another PC, and problem persists. Damn thing cost me ~R400... :mad...
  13. S

    Please suggest a ADSL/HSDPA/Neotel all in one modem/router

    Hi there, I am planning on getting a wireless modem/router that can do the following: 1. is ADSL2+ ready 2. allow me to connect to HSDPA/HSUPA using a USB modem 3. Allow me to receive Neotel signal as well [this is so that I could use all networks as the need arises] 4. Wireless with...
  14. Rouxenator

    Amobia listens to customers.

    After reading the article about ADSL price drops I wrote a mail to my Amobia (my WISP) and they actually responded. I wrote : They actually responded and gave me 1GB extra on my monthy cap for September : I hope their prices drop soon, but in the meantime it is nice to have an ISP...
  15. E


    Hi there, I have a Telkom ADSL as well as their Dobroadband 2 GB capped package which incl. the landline rent amounts to R407 per month. I saw an add for a local isp in the area (Strand Gordonsbay) called RS unwired. they advertise uncapped wireless internet for for the following rates...
  16. S

    iPhone 3G WiFi problems after 3.0 - anyone else?

    Hi all, My iPhone 3G's (8GB) WiFi is dead. It's completely DEAD :erm: It doesn't pick up ANY networks (the "updating" icon spins continuously) and if I try enter a network manually if fails when I tap JOIN saying "Could not scan for wireless networks". It used to work perfectly but...
  17. J

    Interesting idea to "share" uncapped accounts...

    Just thought of something, would like to hear your inputs on this. I don't know much about the implementation of something like this, so please advise accordingly if you spot a mistake. Uncapped accounts usually only support 1 connection at a time. Suppose the following: 5 or 10 people got...
  18. S

    Using an old router as a booster?

    I would like to use my old telkom premium combo wireless router as a booster for my current wireless network so that the dodgy signal in parts of my house can be improved. How do i go about setting this up?
  19. M

    Network Printer Setup

    Here's the deal. My PC runs Linux Mint Gloria and it connects perfectly well to a USB printer. I also have a netbook running Linpus Linux Lite and I want to connect the netbook to the printer over the wireless network. Do I need to create some sort of workgroup on my mint pc for the netbook to...
  20. C

    Research Help

    Hey Guys and Gals Doing a research project for my IS course at UCT and wondering if anyone could help me with any leads. How does Neotel prevent unauthorised access of data transmitted wirelessly? Also the prevention of people accessing other's accounts and using their cap? Secondly...