1. Mist4h20

    "Power of Woolies water" - Video gets stores attention.

    Full story here Any thoughts or input on this video? I can't help but think if the roles were reversed there would be some dramatic uproar? Or not? Opinions and views welcome. Side note - I have nothing against them, I enjoyed the video, just interested in opinions :)
  2. R

    Shopping APIs

    Do you guys and girls know of any API's from retailers such as Woolworths, Pick 'n Pay, Checkers, etc? Do these API's even exist or will we have to scrap the pricing from the websites of these retailers ourselves?
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Woolworths launches free Wi-Fi in South African stores

    Woolworths launches free Wi-Fi in South African stores Woolworths has launched free Wi-Fi in 85 stores across South Africa, with additional connections set to launch by early 2018.
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Watch out for this Woolworths WhatsApp scam

    Watch out for this Woolworths WhatsApp scam Legitimate SMS marketing can be annoying, but fake campaigns designed to trick consumers are much worse.
  5. Z

    The Loyalty Card Revenge

    Are you tired of being asked if you have a store's Loyalty Card at the checkout? If you've chosen to have one I'd expect, except on the odd occasions when it slipped your mind, you'd be eagerly presenting the card to the checkout assistant. No reminder necessary. On the other hand, if you've...
  6. schumi

    ‘Spies infiltrated BDS campaign’

    More at:http://sbeta.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/western-cape/spies-infiltrated-bds-campaign-1955960
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    SA's best and worst online stores

    Best and worst online shops in South Africa Columinate has released a new report which ranks online retailers on their overall customer satisfaction levels
  8. jes

    Vodacom and MTN reputations take a big knock in 2014

    Vodacom, MTN reputations take massive knock Reputation Institute’s latest survey shows that Vodacom and MTN’s reputations are taking a massive beating
  9. jes

    Free WiFi Internet access in SA

    Free WiFi Internet access in SA Free WiFi Internet access in South Africa is growing at a steady rate, with close to 1,000 free hotspots in operation
  10. jes

    South Africa's online retail explosion

    South Africa's online retail explosion Zando boasts 200,000 unique visitors a month and growth that outpaces traditional retialers
  11. QuintonB

    SA's most reputable telecoms company revealed

    Telecoms company with best reputation revealed 2012 RepTrak Pulse survey reveals that South African companies a taking a beating when it comes to their reputations
  12. L

    ASA Rules in Favour of Frankie's

    http://www.moneyweb.co.za/mw/view/mw/en/page292520?oid=560966&sn=2009+Detail&pid=287226 Nice victory for the small guy.
  13. FNfal

    WOOLWORTHS sell by date

    On many occasions i have been to woolworths to buy food and found food with sell by dates of the same day i am shopping Eg. today is 26/09/11 and the sell by date of the food is 26/09/11 surely the food should have been removed from the shelf peoples thoughts and comments please and any...
  14. L

    Bones in Boerewors

    I found some last night in a pack from Woolworths. Fairly big pieces too, with sharp edges. Slightly bigger than the W on the till receipt. Anyone else finding these? Last time I found something similar was also Woolworths in their specialist in-store butchery and they came back saying it was...
  15. U

    Woolworths Store Card hassles

    I have been wondering if I have been the only one experiencing these problems. I signed up for a Woolworths Store card in feb, and since then, not ONCE when the card is swiped does it get accepted. Every single time the machine fails to read the card. This is then followed by the cashier...
  16. B

    Woolworths Credit Card - FICA requirements

    I applied for a credit card with Woolworths in around November 2010. I expected great service that Woolworths is “known” for, however I didn’t know what an effort it would be to deal with you. When collecting the card the copy of my proof of address was not sufficient – it had to be a true...
  17. T

    Worm in Woolies chicken

    Hi Guys ... I bought a pack of chicken this morning from the Woolies in Woodmead (18 skinless chicken breast fillets) (Mass 2.014 kg R140.95). I was extremely horrified to find a live and kicking worm in the chcken ... WTF ???? I am very very disappointed in the Woolworths brand as I...
  18. Z

    Size does matter!!

    As with most important things in life, size does matter. http://mybroadband.co.za/photos/show...hp?photo=17855
  19. F

    The angry Woolworths customer part 2

    As promised I wrote a follow up letter to Woolworths after I had a rant online. They resolved the issue to a certain degree. See the follow up letter here. Feel free to nitpick spelling and grammar as that seems to have been the biggest contribution others has made.
  20. NeonNinja

    Woolworths, Airtime Online

    Why does Woolworths offer airtime purchases online, of they're gonna take another week to deliver. Isn't online airtime purchasing about hastiness? Don't see the point of ordering online and wait some couple of days to receive my airtime voucher. Is there logic in this or is this for some...