bad service

  1. W

    Bad experience with DHL express

    On Tuesday morning, 24th of May, I requested a document to be picked up in Cape Town and delivered to Stellenbosch. I immediately made the payment and sent the receipt to DHL. The service required was not for express but simply pick-up and drop-off, I was told the document would be...
  2. B

    Cell C Direct not answering their phones for ex potential customer

    I am really frustrated because of the service not recieved from Cell C. 13 May 2011 - I have applied for the Laptop deal that cell c is currently running. 19 May 2011 - a few days after my application was approved I called Cell C Direct asking when the laptop will be delivered. I was...
  3. G

    Is it just me or does Neotel try and rip everybody off? Hi, I have been a long time Neotel customer, one of the initial subscribers early on. I even wrote this howto, http:// in 2008 that was them shamelessly copied to the Neotel website with NO...
  4. G

    Am I being unreasonable?

    Lately every business I deal with has been very lax in getting back to me or giving me any feedback on anything I have to do with them. Electricians don't phone back, my estate agent ignores my sms's and doesn't phone back, the lawyers I deal with forget appointments and don't phone back. And...
  5. jes

    Autopage Cellular's poor customer service upsets Ben Kelly

    Autopage Cellular's poor customer service upsets Ben Kelly Disclaimer: The opinions and views expressed in the blog solely reflect the position of the columnist. They do not represent the position of MyBroadband and thus we are not responsible for any issues associated with them.
  6. I

    HelloPeter Should be shut down!

    Please note the following is only my opinion and anyone is welcome to comment on that. I also stand to be corrected on any incorrect facts I may mention. The reason for this thread is not to start an argument with anyone. I honestly think hellopeter should be shut down. I work as the...
  7. C

    Companies with BAD Service..

    Had Bad service from a company lately? Lets get their names out their. Mine is Virgin Atlantic. Recently flew back to the UK with them and the service was non-existent. Asked for boiling water for my 16 month old's bottle 4 times in the space of 1 hour. The flight attendant kept saying...
  8. L

    Beware of Cybersmart !

    I have been with cybersmart since 2005 and am disgusted at how they treat their clients. Since they have started renaming all their packages, one was forced to select a package from the choices currently shown on their homepage. I opted to choose the Weekender Basic package, after this...
  9. R

    I thought it was just me!!!

    Nice to see others complaining as well. I thought they took it personal when they stopped responding to me I have had no luck with them responding, so I might as well post the last letter to them here. Oh,and they have a little survey on their site asking "How do you rate our new site?" - the...
  10. Y


    Hello All, More and more often lately Neotel's Dataflex service is down for international sites and in some cases consumers are reporting no connection at all. In the Highveld area in Centurion this has become an almost daily occurrence and everyone I have spoken with that has a Neotel...
  11. W

    Debonairs... Horrible

    On Friday I went to Debonairs and ordered two pizza's. The customer service was terrible, the dude didn't want to help me... douche. He told me I had to wait 20 minutes, so I did. But he only gave me my pizza's after an hour!! When I got home I thought I'll enjoy the yummy pizza, but just my...
  12. xrapidx

    Some more bad service : Honda Tygerberg

    Although some on the forum might think this isn't bad - I do - so lets leave it at that :D Three weeks ago I phoned Honda Tygerberg to ask them if they'd be able to repair water in my S2000s headlight, I think one of the seals might need replacing, they said they'd need to see the vehicle - I...
  13. xrapidx

    MTN/Hellopeter - Finally moved to the right category

    I see hellopeter have finally done the right thing and moved MTN to the correct category, a company that doesn't give a damn. I see they're up to 6,200 complaints, thats 700 more than when I last posted on their complaints ratio...
  14. xrapidx

    MTN are seriously stooping to new lows.

    MTN are absolutely shocking, I don't think I have come across a company in South Africa with less respect for their clients - fortunately my contract is almost up - and once it is, anything they try debit from my account will be reversed, and they can recover it in court. If you have a look at...
  15. medicnick83

    LAWYERS and such needed for mission!!!

    I would like to openly request help from anyone who knows anyone who is a lawyer, especially if you know your law with regards to anything related to TELECOMMUNICATION and CONTRACTS taken out with say NEOTEL. I'm starting this thread in all seriousness now and I would really appreciate it if...
  16. xrapidx

    MTN Cancelled!

    I am finally within the last 90 days of my contract - and have called 808, and then the Cancellation department, I plan on porting to Vodacom, and have made it clear that this is my notice to them, they have said notice is not necessary when porting. Anyone know whether this is some sort of...
  17. I

    Bad Warranty Service

    Hi all, I am disgusted by the service I've received and currently receiving from the repairs department of Vodacom Tygervalley. I have brought in my phone to Vodacom because I have had a software issue with it. My phone could not function without, obviously a firmware upgrade. I've...
  18. Rouxenator

    ABSA Rewards SUX - You spend and get P'ed off !!

    It has now been 55 days since I ordered my wife's Xmas gift via the ABSA rewards loyalty program. Seems that after years of swiping I built up enough points for a pretty decent Philips micro hifi with DVD/DivX support and a 50W sub. On the 4th of December I redeemed my point for this item...
  19. Lycanthrope

    Trading Trouble

    On Monday the 19th January my brand new 320GB Seagate 7200.11 Barracuda arrived. This was before I knew of the "potential" problem with them. So, I decided to try sell it off (originally for R450). On Wednesday evening I spoke with a sole-trader I met on MyBB who deals with local computer...
  20. B

    Rant Section?

    Every day there are at least 5 new RANT threads in off topic? Is that enough to warrant a sub forum?