bad service

  1. D

    WebAfrica - Please HELP, this is becoming ridiculous !!!

    Re: Ticket Nr. 1594938 I’ve been struggling with this ONE issue for more than a week now! Please assign your tickets to a single person and have them resolve this. Every bloody person in the call centre has responded to this ticket now, each one on its own and each one with totally...
  2. xrapidx

    R21,700 - thats what I paid not to bank with ABSA anymore. (good riddance)

    I "was" with ABSA Private Bank - their service has been so shocking over the years, and due to current markets, I've been unable to get a bond at a another bank for a similiar interest rate. Every single request I sent to ABSA Private Bank they stuffed up, even the most simple of requests...
  3. O

    Ueseless Cell C doing their best to piss off new clients

    So I decided to switch to cell c on the back of their new promotional offer. I went to PEP and bought a sim. Took my ID and proof of residence and did the whole Rica thing. Bought R150 airtime and replaced the sim in my phone. Sim Card Registration failure - That's the message it displays...
  4. F

    MTN - Possible breach of contract, what are my options???

    Hi, I have a contract with MTN that is about 14 months old. For the first 6 months i used the included 75mb data bundle i got free with my contract but thereafter I got a 8ta sim and used it as it is a lot cheaper than MTN. Every month i get "packet switched data calls" on my invoice...
  5. M

    OpenWeb ADSL Feedback Thread

    Hey Friends, Please post your feedback into this thread regarding the OpenWeb ADSL products :)
  6. B

    Bad speeds in Port Elizabeth

    For the last 2 weeks we cannot use 8ta in my office. We are 2 people in the same office using 8ta and our speed is the same. CR@P. down. 1.06 up 0.03 96 ping. Been like this for 2 weeks. My speed test at home is great. so no problem with my modem or laptop. My friend phoned last week...
  7. L


    I'm telling my story here as Kyocera will be causing the downfall of my business. I wanted everyone to know what pirates they are and to do their utmost to avoid doing any business with them. Harsh words, i know. But read below and judge for yourselves if my rage, frustration and despair...
  8. S Offers 99.9% downtime Hosting- I have Prove

    If you are planning for hosting with do your home work first. They have bad ever service I experience in my life time. My blog went Down for 7 days after I transferred it to
  9. D

    Worst service ever

    Yeah talking about Mayfair gearbox in Jhb. Everyone that reads this just do yourselves a favour and stay away from this piece of ****-crap company!
  10. L


    I've submitted the same at as well as The reason i'm doing it here as well is: 1) Everyone should know about this. 2) Hellopeter has a limit on the amount of letters used and I couldn't post the whole thing. 3) getclosure said MTN might contact me...
  11. MalicE

    ISP "support" - just because they said so, doesn't make it true...

    I joined Afrihost to fulfill my hosting needs as we started our company late last year. It was just basic hosting, that R9 p/m deal, no site, goe our 2 free domains, and I was as happy as a pup with two tails. Then we wanted to upgrade.... we needed a windows server with a MS SQL database, asp...
  12. glopher

    Crossed lines on Vodacom

    This is becoming a serious irritation now. Is anyone experiencing something similar to this? Here’s what’s happening: Sometime in August, while on a call to my girlfriend, I was suddenly connected to another person. We spoke briefly, even laughed about how ridiculous Vodacom is, and then hung...
  13. K

    My Experience with the Worst Cellphone operator in South Africa [RESOLVED]

    In my experience with CellC I have learned that CellC is all talk, they promise you everything and then falter on the delivery. My experience with CellC began in January 2011 when after hearing about the seemingly incredible CellC internet deal I went to enquire about it at Rustenburg CellC...
  14. B

    Cell C Direct not answering their phones for ex potential customer

    I am really frustrated because of the service not recieved from Cell C. 13 May 2011 - I have applied for the Laptop deal that cell c is currently running. 19 May 2011 - a few days after my application was approved I called Cell C Direct asking when the laptop will be delivered. I was...
  15. G

    Is it just me or does Neotel try and rip everybody off? Hi, I have been a long time Neotel customer, one of the initial subscribers early on. I even wrote this howto, http:// in 2008 that was them shamelessly copied to the Neotel website with NO...
  16. jes

    Autopage Cellular's poor customer service upsets Ben Kelly

    Autopage Cellular's poor customer service upsets Ben Kelly Disclaimer: The opinions and views expressed in the blog solely reflect the position of the columnist. They do not represent the position of MyBroadband and thus we are not responsible for any issues associated with them.
  17. L

    Beware of Cybersmart !

    I have been with cybersmart since 2005 and am disgusted at how they treat their clients. Since they have started renaming all their packages, one was forced to select a package from the choices currently shown on their homepage. I opted to choose the Weekender Basic package, after this...
  18. R

    I thought it was just me!!!

    Nice to see others complaining as well. I thought they took it personal when they stopped responding to me I have had no luck with them responding, so I might as well post the last letter to them here. Oh,and they have a little survey on their site asking "How do you rate our new site?" - the...
  19. Y


    Hello All, More and more often lately Neotel's Dataflex service is down for international sites and in some cases consumers are reporting no connection at all. In the Highveld area in Centurion this has become an almost daily occurrence and everyone I have spoken with that has a Neotel...
  20. xrapidx

    MTN/Hellopeter - Finally moved to the right category

    I see hellopeter have finally done the right thing and moved MTN to the correct category, a company that doesn't give a damn. I see they're up to 6,200 complaints, thats 700 more than when I last posted on their complaints ratio...