1. rpm

    Telkom's 10 Mbps ADSL preparation starts

    Telkom 10 Mbps ADSL preparation Telkom systems get upgraded to start reflecting 10 Mbps ADSL speeds; but company remains mum on planned upgrades
  2. rpm

    Cybersmart DSL384, 10GB data, free weekend browsing: R299

    DSL384, 10GB data, free weekend browsing: R299 Cybersmart makes entry level broadband more affordable with its latest bundled ADSL offerings
  3. V

    What is your average and peak monthly ADSL Data Usage?

    In the light of a lot of people complaining about 200GB or 100's of GB's not being enough, I was wondering: What is your average monthly and highest ever data usage and how much do you expect to use now on the uncapped solutions if no softcap was applied (not what is theoretically possible)...
  4. rpm

    Telkom uncapped ADSL offering in the pipeline

    Telkom planning uncapped ADSL offering Telkom reveals that an uncapped ADSL service aimed at the consumer market is in development
  5. R

    Download iAtkos v7 locally

    Does anyone know if iAtkos v7 is hosted locally for download as my cap won't allow me to complete the download. Please PM me the link if you have any.
  6. W

    Telsum strikes again!

    From the website's T&C's. So when you aren't capped, you will be billed! Am I mistaken? Has this been the case for a while now, or what?
  7. S

    Cmon Iburst

    100 days are over and still not an inkling of change at Iburst. Is there any chance we can find out when to expect changes or is this just a case of hoping we will forget and live with it. Shaun we all love you but ultimately I am feeling let down by the product here!!!:mad:
  8. mercurial

    The hat that wakes up sleepy drivers

  9. A

    Telkom SA Local Cap/Usage - Question!!

    Hello everyone,:) Scenario: I am using Telkom as my ISP. I bought a 1 gig account with them (I get capped after i use the 1 gig) which is fine because i mostly use local sites. I realize that Telkom can charge me R15 for every gig i go over (for local usage) so here is the question...
  10. K

    Cheaper 3G Prices - Rep?

    it's R989 for 5GB...I mean seriously now, look at your pricing :eek: After your 5GB you get NO free local like Telkom does, but are greeted with R2 a MB prices :eek: - so if you just go 50MB over, it pushes your total up to R1000 a month! Please note that these prices are calculated...
  11. D

    ADSL Cap

    Hi guys, sorry for the newbie question but just got my ADSL line from Telkom working today and wanna know if they'll renew my cap on the 1st august or a month from today (26 august)? Another question is where can one check how big your cap is? I know you can go to to check...
  12. A

    Telkom Internet

    Hi Guys, Im new here but have been brwosing this site for a while, A have a problem, i can't open any international sites, ive only used 300mb and im with TelkomInternet. I get 2gb a month so this is weird, can only open local sites. Regards, Aider
  13. I

    Local websites

    Kindly post all local websites that can be accessed when you cap has run out. To start off i'll post the first few:
  14. Raiders

    Why the CAP?

    Just a bit of a rant, if you will about CAP. iBurst, to my knowledge is the only ISP that has a solution in place for users that wish to not have a "CAP Problem" By this I am referring to the part where once you CAP they only drop your speed. I know of a number of households, preferring this...
  15. T

    ADSL - Share Cap Between Computers On My Home Network

    Next year I'm moving in to a house with four of my mates, and we want to get a 3gb ADSL account to share between us. I currently have a Netgear Router DG834GT available to me to use, or I could purchase a new one, or any (cheap) hardware necessary. Okay sharing the connection is simple enough...
  16. Z

    Telkom "Blended" Cap increase to 5GB

    Hi people I checked my bandwith usage today and noticed the following: Dear subscriber A friendly notification that according to our records your online usage as at [2008-10-11 23:59:59] reflected the following: Username: onlinexxxxxxxx @ ADSL bandwidth usage...
  17. rpm

    ISP lets ADSL cap grow

    ISP lets ADSL cap grow
  18. F

    New ISP stats tracking

    I use Imaginet for my international cap and between yesterday and today I've noticed the following changes: 1. They no longer use the "5.01am 22Aug to 5.20am 24Aug" and "xxx download xxx upload xxx total" 2. They now use "1Aug xxx up xxx down xxx total" 3. If I go over my cap in a single...
  19. E

    Internet CAP stolen

    Hi, i recently found data being uploaded without my permission to an unknown user. That person/virus/spyware has uploaded about 2 gigs. Has anyone had a similar experience or know what the problem could be? Thanx.
  20. H

    IS Semi-shaped resellers

    Who sells semi-shaped packages that gives you local access after you have reached your cap? Looked at openweb but they work on "pay now and activate later" and axxess does not offer after cap "local only" Thanks guys